MARATHON! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Alphabet Boy

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to all 13 songs from her 2015 album “Cry Baby”.

Today’s reaction: Track 05: Alphabet Boy

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Check out the entire Melanie Martinez MARATHON starting with "Cry Baby"
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previously, carousel is about one sided love, it talks about Crybaby's childhood crush and how it feels like a carousel because they go round and round but she will never catch up because they're only going one direction
Alphabet Boy is about her next crush acting like he's smarter then her just because he knows a lot, aka mansplaining. She's saying that she doesn't care that he has a degree, it doesn't give him the right to treat he like a child
It also has Alliteration, first A's: Always Aiming paper Airplanes At me when you're Around; Then B's: you Build me up with Building Blocks just so you can knock me down; Then C's: you Can Crush my Candy Cane but you'll never catch me Cry; And finally D's: if you Dangle that Diploma and I Dead, you Don't be surprised; Same with the next verse


Around 4:04 then it goes into Alphabetical order.


Y’all are awesome!! Isn’t it crazy how when our kids grow up, we can talk to them like adults and not have to explain things…even though we did actually love that part of parenting. Keep up the great work!


I love that the first part of the song, and after the first chorus the sentences are: first sentence lots of A, second sentence lots of B, third sentence lots of C, and fourth sentence lots of D. I feel like she is showing that she really knows her ABC's.


My favorite thing about Melanie is how she can do these childlike themes but the lyrics are soooo relatable as an adult. I love how this song can be immature but she's being mature by standing up for herself!


i love melanie, i’ve been a big fan of her since middle school, i have even been to two of her concerts. i love how creative mel is in all their concepts and albums. no one will ever top melanie in creativity for me 🫶🏻


please react to sub urban songs


Can you guys please react to her live performances?




I love this song. It sounds so innocent and childish, but there's so much RAGE there! It almost feels like she's saying "You think I'M stupid?? Let me give it to you in words you'll understand."


I read the comments and realized the song is about her ex trying to show her the “right” way to write songs and whatnot, but the song is genius with how she wrote it. And it’s almost like she manifested how much success she has gotten from it by her saying “I’m not a little kid now; watch me get big now”. Showing that she got so much success from HER music and HER writing styles and lyrics. Melanie Martinez is amazing!


Im here to fill out a form for your daughter’s number sir🫡


I saw this when it has 666 views and I couldn’t help laughing because that’s just so perfect for a Crybaby reaction 🤣🤣🤣

I’m loving this and I love that you brought in your daughter for another perspective! Keep up the great reactions!




Oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting a video on Saturday. YAY....Thank yinz so much. Yinz just made my Saturday. I hope yinz all have the best day ever! 🤗


she’s a lyrical genius


I love these reactions❤🎉


Were lee


Oh and have you heard of Lindsey Stirling? Their music videos are wonderful, if you can listen to them and react to them it would be amazing, personally one of my favorites for Stirling is The Anrena, please. 😊♥️


Writing this just to drive home the point that you will be reacting toMelanie Martinez K through 12 the movie ,thank you very much


Thanks for the reactions, please keep watching Melanie Martinez's videos or songs and Selena Gomez's if you can, Thank you.♥️


New day , new Melanie, so happy happy happy!!


Can't wait for more MELANIE!!!!😭🔥


I look to the future videos! It gets even crazier surprisingly


This song is inspired by Melanie's ex, who would often tell her that she wasn't writing songs "correctly". This is Melanie's and Cry Baby's break up song, while the previous "Carousel" was about her falling in love with a guy who didn't deserve it.


I'm loving the Melanie marathon! I don't know if you noticed, but she alphabetized the lyrics in order of alliteration. She uses the ABC's
and alliteration in the lyric: Apples aren't
always appropriate apologies
Butterscotch and bubblegum drops are
bittersweet to me
You call me a child while you keep counting all
your coins
But you're not my daddy and I'm not your dolly
And your dictionary's destroyed.

Perhaps you should take another look at the song and especially the lyrics again so you can truly discover her brilliance 😁
Wonderful reaction and looking forward to all of the future once.


When you guys are done reacting to the cry baby album I reallyyyy recommend reacting to her k-12 movie! It's the following album to crybaby but she turned into a movie. It's about crybaby school experience. It's Definitely one of my favorite projects from her! love ur videos, keep it up! <3 😀


what i love most abt this song is that the verses go ABCD like thats so brilliant. loved the reaction


hello, watching here in Brazil


Now, when I hear Alphabet Boy., I can't help but think ofcthe Supreme Court...
And the long history we deny of white males legislating their dominance... Using arbitrary things to divide andxstratify, but largely money, ownership and education. Yiy got a cool daughter sir, she is our future


Keep reacting, Thank you! Id suggest react to the whole k-12 album next!


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