MARATHON! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Carousel

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to all 13 songs from her 2015 album “Cry Baby”.

Today’s reaction: Track 04: Carousel

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Check out the entire Melanie Martinez MARATHON starting with "Cry Baby"
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Shes chasing love and she's says she's always trying to catch up to it. Is what it's giving to me.


That dude is WacK! 😂😂😂


And she added a metaphor towards the end the pink stuff that came out from her mouth this was meant to mean 'Love Sick'


this song is about a guy leading her on so she’s like a horse on a carousel because it’s continuous so she won’t catch up to him and alphabet boy is about the guy who was leading her on


Crybaby: When she's emotional people would call her a "Crybaby" a lot
Dollhouse: People normally idolize celebertys as having the "Perfect" life but when something bad happens they just completily blame them
Carousel: One sided relationship -_-
Alphabet boy: is about her finishing things with him
Soap: Its about being worried to say "I like you" so it feels like washing her mouth out with soap
Training wheels: is about her wanting to get in a serious relationship with the guy
Pity party: None showed up to her party
Tag your it: Is about a kidnapper who's been watching her for awhile and see's her as the perfect victim too kidnap
Milk and cookies: She poisons her kidnapper
Pacify her: Is about her being in love with a guy who's not truly happy with his already girlfriend
Mrs. Photato head: Plastic surgery
Mad hatter: Execpting who you are "So what if my crazy? All the best people are"


Y’all should react to k-12 the film!! It has all of the songs from the album k-12 in it.


I think something that's interesting to point out is that it's heavily implied she's on some sort of drugs during this whole experience, which makes sense given everything that happens in Sippy Cup


i love that you're taking your time w melanie! and love that you brought your daughter as well! REALLY hoping you continue on melanie's other albums, and of course, in the correct order 😉


K -12 would be awesome.This is the theme song for American Horror Story season Freak Show


I suggest you guys watch/read an M/V explanation after watching and see how close ur guesses are(especially for k-12)


Please do more BEYONCE reactions after this marathon!😊😊


K312 movie next please


Thanks for continuing Melanie love waking up to her every day



I have a suggestion: listen to Bishop Briggs


please react to the bonus tracks of this album!!


You guys have to do k-12 album next!


In love with the idea of love is how I see it.

The horses never move from their spot on the carousel, so there is no way for her to reach or catch up to him when he's standing right in front of her.


The first 3 tracks are definitely the most cohesive so expect the story to take many different turns from this point and not follow one specific story. This song is about how she feels stuck in a relationship that's going nowhere and how it feels like she's just going around in circles on a carousel.


YAY...T.G.I.F.! Hi everyone. After watching this video, liking this video & sharing this video......Go out & enjoy this beautiful day!☀️Thank you for such an enjoyable week of great videos. Hi Perry! I don't want to leave you out.😊 Great video. Have a safe & fun weekend.




Cry Baby (the character) from here on experiences love in chaotic and toxic ways because of how her perception of love was growing up.


Can you please react to the k-12 movie it’s awesome ☺️


This song is her first time experiencing love. She still the Crybaby character she’s just growing/evolving experiencing different things in life or events as the videos go on




This song is from one of the seasons of American Horror Story


This song is about Crybabys first love interest. Its basically about her not being able to move or grow in the relationship because it feels like "love" takes you around in circles.


i honestly love your videoes sm, especially the melanie ones!! keep on with the great work<3




Im so early and i love ur videos!


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