MARATHON! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Mrs Potato Head

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to all 13 songs from her 2015 album “Cry Baby”.

Today’s reaction: Track 12: Mrs Potato Head

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Btw cry baby is not the is not the one who said no one will love u if ur unattractive it was that guy who said to that woman with the bangs (that is not cry baby by the way it is just an example type of video)


The start was crybaby but slightly older.. She took diet pills also Mrs patato head was not her. 😁


Please react to Ditto by newjeans


to sum up, crybaby was watching tv and saw all these ads and wanted to try all the products herself to be prettier, representing the influence of media and culture on our perception of ourselves and profiting off our insecurities. she went to the bathroom and did just that, came back and sat to watch a movie/novel, that's when we see the couple. basically all that was a fictional story that showed the truth about plastic surgery and the beauty industry along with everything that comes with it. i suggest paying attention to the lyrics, since it mentions important points about this topic.


melanie is like the perfect person to have the voice for women going through everything she writes about when the women cant speak up for themselves


You reacted to this video twice lmaoo


So if you didn't know the reason or I guess back story for the bunny is when Melanie was little she had a pet bunny and she eventually for whatever reason had to chose between keeping the bunny and having a puppy so she chose the puppy and gave the bunny her Nabors so she could still see it and a while later she found the head of the bunny in her yard


I hope you can do k-12 in the kovie reaction format for context💗✨️


I love how he always describes what’s going on in the video as if we can’t see it too 😂🥰


You guys should do Noah Cyrus




I know your daughter is only here temporarily but we want her to be here for K through 12


Thanks for going through all the songs, next K- 12


React to K-12 !!! please and thank you 😀


the girl was not melanie martinez. it was an actress. also please react to K-12


That woman was not Melanie martinez. She is just a actress <33


Advertisements are geared toward making you feel like you lack what they are trying to sell to you, so you buy it. If they are selling you diet pills they project an idealized image that you will supposedly look like when you buy their pills. If they are selling a car, yours isn't good enough its too old and doesn't have all these new features they are pushing. I literally stopped watching television because ads annoy me with how inferior they make you feel; I just watch stuff on my computer instead so I can skip or mute ads. Also, this is the first video that mostly features someone else other than Melanie herself. She is watching someone who is similar to herself but is played by Nora Zerouali Hall, who is a gorgeous Moroccan-American actress <3


Thank goodness yinz are here. This has been the only thing that has gotten me through the 1st week of homeschool.....Thank yinz so much. 🥰🤗


Were is lee


It's like that episode of The Twilight Zone, Eye Of The Beholder. The doctors are telling her she's disfigured and ugly, will never be pretty, etc. They do plastic surgery on her, and then at the end of the episode it finally shows the doctors and they all have pig faces.


To help connect the story, I think her struggle in the beginning with her appearance comes from boys not wanting her (Carousel, Soap, Pity Party, Pacify Her), no friends (Pity Party) and the fact that her dad cheated on her mom (Dollhouse & Sippy Cup). It's very common for women to have insecurities and think they need to do things to be more attractive but with Crybaby it's more than that.


Hey I've absolutely been loving your reactions, just fyi though, in the beginning Crybaby took a 'Dolly's Diet Pill'. And to my knowledge it wasn't Crybaby who went through the facelift/relationship, she was watching TV and after seeing the program decided that wasn't a path she wanted to go down. Can't wait to see the next episode of the marathon, keep up the good work! 🙂


Suggest stopping the video when commenting,you may be missing something and go back 5 seconds.This helps with the flow I’ve noticed other reactors doing it.This is very entertaining and thanks for your efforts


I love your videos I litterly watched all of them ❤️keep going you guys are litterly amazing. Best reaction channel ever 🙂


Cool dad to


Cool daughter


Watching this in school lmfao


“Mad hatter too!”
Can you please show me on the next video😮🎉


hi i love your videos


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