MARATHON! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Sippy Cup

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to all 13 songs from her 2015 album “Cry Baby”.

Today’s reaction: Track 03: Sippy Cup

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Check out the entire Melanie Martinez MARATHON starting with "Cry Baby"
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there's a line in dollhouse where she sang "Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen" the mv is basically showing you what "goes down in the kitchen"


"good for her honestly" ICONIC


Bruh -_- just so you know at the end of the music video the mother did not kill her it was just drugs to make her go to sleep and forget about it (Crybaby)


I have to say you are raising an amazing human being! She is so smart and intuitive! She's a queen! Such a cool and chill girl also well spoken you should be so proud!


Dollhouse “one day they’ll see what goes down in the kitchen”
Sippy cup shows what happened in the kitchen. (This is a theory from fans not sure if this is 100% true)


The reason she’s an angel is bc it was her innocence that died after what happened that night


From dollhouse: "Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen"


this, pacify her, and training wheels are my fav!


Just so you know it wasn't posion it was sleeping medication so mealine would forget about it


The lyrics "he's still dead when you're done with the bottle" and "of course it's a corpse that you keep in the cradle" I take metaphorically. Usually when you have lost your love for someone we use the term of them "being dead"; "they are dead to me". It being a corpse that you keep there knowing that it isn't working out. A dead relationship that has been going on for way too long. A relationship that should have ended a long time ago.


Nice reaction as always! Please react to her "Tag you're it/milk and cookies double feature" next!🥰


I always love when people react to Melanie, so I hope u guys will also react to k-12 in the future. Love the reaction!


I really hope they do K-12 Album and After School EP after


I'm loving the marathon so far 🙂


Peroxide takes out blood.


Burst out laughing when she said "good for her honestly" 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Hello!!! I just found your channel and I have been watching all your Melanie Martinez and Doja cat reactions! 😀 cant wait to see the rest of crybaby+k12, and hopefully more Doja? "Rules" and "Streets" and "need to know" are my fav from her!

BUT. I have not seen anyone recommend one of my favorite artists, Marina and The diamonds. (Or now, just Marina) She does electropop and her music is really cool! she started making music in 2010. And shes really underrated imo.

There are sooo many songs I want to recommend from her. But I woulf start with "Oh no" and "Hollywood" for a start!! 😀 keep up the great work!!!!


Appreciate you both doing this marathon. I look forward to your videos each day! I hope you continue with her 2nd album K-12. Her EP After School is fun, not about the Crybaby character but it's a good listen too!


One of my favorite things about this video is that it is refenced in the last song of the second album. “If you cheat you will die” learned trauma passed down to the child from parent.


Having a video from yinz every day is absolutely amazing. This week has been great. Thank you. Hi everyone. Stay safe & have a fun week. ☺️


Cry Berry


Thank you so much for this Melanie run it is so appreciated. keep it going, keep it going . K through 12 movie next please


You being so shocked by the storyline was so funny but relatable. I was the same when I first saw it. Also it never fails to amuse me that men forget that women have been practicing washing blood out of all sorts of clothing since we were kids. It's why I never understand those movies where the woman gets caught for murder because the police found bloody clothes in the trash or something lol. But your daughter saying "Good for her" after seeing the mother kill them was honestly so funny. I didn't expect it.


YAAAAAAS i love your melanie's reactions! This is awesome
The next one is Alphabet boy


Michael I love your daughter so much😂😂😂😂😂 OMG she's hilarious like I could see her being one of my friends honestly!


Where is the other guy?


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