MARATHON! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Soap + Training Wheels

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to all 13 songs from her 2015 album “Cry Baby”.

Today’s reaction: Double Feature! Track 06: Soap and Track 07: Training Wheels

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Can you do reactions on portals Melanie Martinez pls


Oh my gosh! Ya’ll just saw your take on these! Wow so so off!
Soap is about Saying I LOVE YOU TOO SOON! both videos are about vulnerability and opening yourself up to a person not knowing how they feel about you! If those feelings will be returned. Training Wheels .. Her eyes are huge, because the eyes are windows into the soul and heart. Being vulnerable and all in.. completely open! No training wheels means she is all I and giving herself to him! And in the end.. he leaves her ! Disappeared ghosted her! And her big eyes close because she is crushed and hurt. And closing herself off! These are beautiful and sad songs.
Your take about her “setting him up! Made me scream! She is up to something? Really? Sigh? So sad! You have a jaded mind ., I think that is why you totally missed the mark on this!
Tired of being careful tiptoe trying to keep the water warm! Means she is going out of her way walking on eggshells with this person.. hopefully not to do anything that will make him run!
Let me under your skin…. Open yourself to me!

It’s not like I’m asking to be your wife, She just wants to ride her bike with him .. be with him, It doesn’t have to end in marriage.. but give me a chance.


Soap: Treating the word "love" as a cuss word, she's trying to protect the relationship normal and comfortable but she accidentally says the word love and she feels as though she has to was her mouth out with soap

Training Wheels: Taking the next step in the relationship, they've been careful and had training wheels on to be safe but now she wants to "Take them off" and take the "next step", but when she finally teaches him how to take that next step, he abandons her and leaves her alone


Soap is about saying that you love someone when you don't want to and the training wheels are about how a one-sided relationship with same guy who mistreated her and call her dumb and stupid and made her feel like she had to do everything in the relationship.


“I love everything you do when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do”- to me this means that even when we’re like arguing about something that I did or telling me something I did wrong I still love you when you do that bc at least you cared enough to tell me about it or be upset about it


Soap is about being afraid of alienating someone you have feelings for by telling them your feelings. Like "I'm tired of being careful / gentle / trying to keep the water warm / let me under your skin" she's tired of walking on eggshells to not accidentally let him know she has feelings for him and wants him to like her back. "I never should have said that word, "love" / threw a toaster in the bathtub" she's afraid that by letting some of her feelings slip she made him uncomfortable and ruined their friendship or that it's "too soon" and she ruined all chances with him.

And Training Wheels is about stepping out of your comfort zone for a relationship with someone who is scared to step out of his comfort zone because he had been hurt in relationships before and is scared of being hurt again, telling him "hey I won't let you get hurt," just for him to not be ready to step out of his comfort zone for that yet, and so when he does it leads to problems that ruin the relationship.


When her eyes are big, it means she's in love.


training wheels is my favourite on the album. The meaning is so well thought out. It’s about a boy she likes who is clearly scared to step out of his comfort zone to let her in and ‘take off the training wheels’. because the last time he took them off he ‘fell off the bike’ aka he’s been hurt in a relationship before. She’s saying she’s tired of waiting for him even tho he knows how to ride a bike (be with her) he doesn’t need the training wheels (safety of the comfort zone) she’s doing everything she can like she’s promising she will be there to ‘catch him’ (comfort him) if he ‘falls off the bike’ (gets hurt)


Do the next album


i love how comfortable madison has gotten on camera i love her


You guys should do her K-12 album it’s amazing


My interpretation of "when you call me f*** dumb for the stupid shit i do" isn't a negative description of the relationship. I don't think he is actually calling her that but that he will call her out on doing bad/unsmart things. It's like when someone cares about you so they open up and be honest about you not doing something good. I think the training wheels is dating and the two wheeler is a relationship. He's acting scared to get serious with her meanwhile she wouldn't be the first girlfriend he's had.


So, uh, there's a roller-coaster coming.


Please react a million men for melanie martinez


Please react a million men for melanie martinez


can’t wait for the tag you’re it and pacify her reactions!


I personally prefer the original music video for soap, which you catch a glimpse of on the television set in this new version. Melanie didn't like it, so she made this new version but I love the 1st one. These are two of my favorite songs from her with Soap being my favorite! I can listen to it on repeat all the time XD


Training Wheels is a love song about finally opening up and being fully comfortable with your partner in your relationship. When she says "I love everything you do, when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do" she's expressing how she can be herself around him without fear of being judged or abandoned. The "training wheels" are a metaphor for Cry Baby's support and when she finally takes them off and he can ride the bike on his own, he leaves her


loving this marathon! dont really watch youtube anymore but I'll always come back to watch you guys 🙂


I love your videos, but please consider having the lyrics within reach.


Nice reaction once again! Please react to tag you're it/milk and cookies next!


Melanie Martinez wrote this song (Training Wheels) in 20 minutes only.


Please react to Silk Sonic's (Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak) album "An Evening With Silk Sonic." Three of the songs have music videos: Leave The Door Open, Skate, and Smokin Out the Window.


can’t wait for mrs potato head


The part with the rock and him forcing her is how her love really is and her helping the guy is what she wishes it was like


Her eyes getting big is a sign of her definitely in like her next puppy love; Infatuation for her first love who did not reciprocate the same way. She then went back to normal in the end when he just ghosted her, or reality hit her and she never was actually hanging with him to begin with after Soap. But she still always has feelings towards him, this connects to the next song I think in some way. Your daughter was spot on with most of the symbolisms and metaphors!


This is such a good series. I like how yinz did this. Makes me excited for the next day. Have a great & safe day everyone.


Soap is basically talking about regretting to tell someone you love them. The whole bathtub situation was a metaphor. Training wheels is about she wanting to take their relationship to the next level, by "removing the training wheels". Also her eyes goes bigger when she fell in love with the person, but then after she teaches him how to ride a bike without training wheels, or teaching him how to take a relationship more seriously, he's gone and her eyes goes back to normal. She's not in love anymore. 🚲


i’m glad to see you watching melanie again ! Training Wheels is a love song that shows Cry Baby in a relationship with her crush, Johnny, to the point where she wants to move onto the next stage. "Training wheels" is a metaphor for her wanting to get serious, insisting that she can help relinquish his fear of commitment. He can call her out on her flaws, yet it proves he's invested in a way that implies they're ready to move things further.


😊 Awww, You got this down packed. Great Job!


In my interpretation of Training Wheels, I always saw it as their relationship moving from a more innocent one to one that is more mature/complex/*sexual. Going from one where you're always trying to be safe/pleasant to one where you can still love each other even when you're calling out the negative aspects of your loved one and you might be temporarily hurt a little bit.

*The sex aspect comes through just based on "fully undressed" lyric and the old saying about someone being the 'town bicycle'. 🤷‍♀️


the soap song is about what happens when you tell someone you LOVE them. she's tired of keeping the water warm and just being friends. but once you tell someone you love them and they dont feel the same way, it makes you regret saying anything and thus wanting to wash your mouth out with soap for saying the "L" word. she fried him with the toaster as like a way to make him forget that she told him she loved him. even though she still has the pain and embarrassment of unrequited love, at least if heee forgets about it, he wont treat her different and they can continue being friends even though she's secretly hurting.


Yup your daughter's right on point you gotta keep her around


My favorite 2 tracks on the album


Dont know if you know already but the time stamps says milk and cookies instead of training wheels in the video.


please do more lana del rey reactions!


Haha love the intro 😂


I wish I could send you a super thanks!


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