MARATHON! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Tag You’re It and Milk and Cookies

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to all 13 songs from her 2015 album “Cry Baby”.

Today’s reaction: Double Feature! Track 09: Tag You’re It and Track 10: Milk and Cookies

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Check out the entire Melanie Martinez MARATHON starting with "Cry Baby"
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THE BIG BAD WOLF comes in all shapes and forms. even human 😨 it reminds me of one of the original stories of little red riding hood whitch i cant talk about but if you know you know 😮


The blue liquid was poison


The meaning of tag your it is kidn@ping


That one on the left doesn’t look like a old dude


😂i love this two songs, they have adorable or normal title but the songs itself quite dark


Also i like to think its placed after pity party because children who come from emotional negligent house holds are more likely to be targeted by predators as they crave affection attention and what they deem as love


For me the tag your it means you are the one ive selected


I dont think her giving him cookies was literally meant as backery. It probably refered to the predator taking her "cookie"


The "tag your it" lines is because her album is meant to have like childish themes with dark meanings in them that are real issues, tag your it is a innocent game, but in this case its referencing her running away from the kidnapper or trying to. I love her music for that a lot, just innocent themes like a carousel, training wheels and tag your it for real issues and dark themes like kidnapping and such.


The majority of stuffed animals used in these videos belong to Melanie Martinez.


Think of it as tag no tag backs so cry baby can tag her back cause we'll he is strong g and hiw is she gonna kidnap him that is literally impossible


Tag your it is about SA/Kidnapping & milk and cookies is part two of tag your it, showing what had happened after being kidnapped etc.

Lines that give it away are:

“Grabbed my hand, pushed me down”

“let me take you for a joyride, I’ve got some candy on the inside”

“If she screams, don't let her go.”

“Running through the parking lot, he chased me and he wouldn’t stop.”

“looking at me through your window, boy you had your eye out for a little”

“Little bit of poison in me. I can feel your skin in my teeth. I love it when I hear you breathing, I hope to god your never leaving”

Hope this made sense.


The parts where her head is in the glass is actually a reference to Beauty and the Beast. ( I think ). Also when crybaby was forced to have dinner with the abducter. Bc in Beauty and the Beast there was the glass rose and they were forced to have dinner together.


Milk and cookies is about The way that when someone is kidnapped becomes dependent on them but in reality they are terrified because they are not sure they are going to die in away this similar to sippy cup where she kills her innocent spread to grow more prepared to not cause this to happen again


Tag your it is meant as she is his now because he grabbed her it doesn't necessarily mean they are playing the game of tag. It's similar to how predators in the world chose there victim It's a game of tag.


Too many interruptions, you don't get to pick up the melody or lyrics to the song


I would like to mention that at the end of "Milk and Cookies," you hear a bit of "Tag You're It" within the melody which might reference that it's her turn to do something back, like with the game.


It's a timeline if u go in order u will see it
How she started and as she grows older the reason it's getting darker is because she's seeing the world for the cruel place it is that's why I'm the older videos it's still Bright because things were bad but she was very young and naive


Fun fact a line from milk and cookies is “Think twice when you grab the phone” is a reference to SCREAM as Melanie is about to kill him with the poison and he grabbed the phone


I love yours videos🥺💗


I literally been for that specific reaction ok now let’s watch


I'm a big Melanie fan
and it just creepily amuses me that the dad is so chill doin a lil dance
then I look at me shivering here of those lyrics even though i listened to these songs for hundreds of times😭


ok so tag you're it is about kidnapping, drugging and sexual assault. tag you're it is about her literally beating her trauma, or learning how to deal with it as you will see in mad hatter. the kidnapper does not see her drug him because he looked away when she put the poison in, hence her lyric "think twice before you grab the phone". You mentioned she uses nursery rhymes a lot and you are correct. Her character Is crybaby, who is literally depicted as a child growing up. And what do children listen and sing along to? nursery rhymes.


how’d you miss the lyrics “the shit behind the curtain that I’m sick of sugar coatin’, next time you’re alone, think twice when you grab the phone


I actually see "Tag You're It" as him tagging her (kidnapping her and taking control). "Milk and Cookies" is like her tagging him back (poisoning him, taking control and running away). I think that either Crybaby actually got kidnapped and broke free or it's a metaphor for her getting raped.


Literally just binge watched your Melanie reactions! We both had a marathon I guess haha


Coldplay - Gravity (Official Video) react please.


tag you're it is definitely the best song on crybaby let's not lie


I think "tag youre it" means he got too her but also like groping her.


Tag your it is a reference to also how she was just picked randomly without consent.


She has a movie called K-12. Y’all should definitely react to it! It’s about crybaby’s highschool years. You can watch it free on YouTube!


I have a theory about this. The cashier in "Tag, You're It" gave Crybaby the bottle cause she knew about the wolf and that she's Crybaby's guardian angel and called the wolf just before she poisoned the cookies


🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Yo...Yo...Yo" lol That has me laughing so hard. Thank you, I needed that today. Great videos every day. So glad to see yinz today.😊
Her singing the nursery rhythms makes me think of Korn - Shoots & Ladders


Your daughter was correct about him not seeing her put the poison in the cookies, plus if you go back to listen to the lyrics, as he picks up the phone it says "think twice when you grab the phone."


Another two of my favorites! I love that you said it's like a movie since her album after this K-12 (K through 12) actually is, and I'm so excited for it! She directed it and everything as well, just like she did with this concept album. The whole thing is free on her YouTube channel, and watching the movie gives amazing context to what the meanings of the songs are. So whenever you watch/ react it just watch the entire movie, and you can easier cut the songs in editing afterward (there is plenty of space, so you know when a song starts and ends easily).


If you are enjoying Cry Baby because it looks like a movie I can't wait to see yalls reaction to K-12


Been waiting for this one!!! Love your videos! Love your insight!!


Hey!! love your videos on Melanie and and really hope you guys can do a reaction to the k-12 album, it is still one of my favorites!


React to Habit by Katie Noel please 🙏🏼


I don’t know if you know this but she made a movie called K-12 with all her songs from the K-12 album that she made you should definitely react to it 🙂


Tag You're It always reminds me of the movie "The Lovely Bones" and then I cry lol


Every time I listen milk and cookies I get chills is A complete masterpiece✨✨✨


React to katy perry new song when im gone


Cool thanks for your reaction again


Love it ❤


Sorry to ask but what happened to Lee?


Oh and she poised him with the blue bottle that the girl in the supermarket on “tag,your it” and when he pick up the phone she put the blue potion on the cookies😚




These 2 are dark but I love them. Perfect analogy for older/darker themes from a younger kids game.


Melanie was my idol all the time
She is a beautiful person
Ur guys so good for know people the songs about her and tell what u really think

These videos are so disturbing but really well made! The way she wakes up in a toy box in Milk & Cookies could symbolise how (in his eyes) she was just a "toy" for him to play with, a literal object.

Loving these reactions!


these two are definitely veryyyy dark. i took this as crybaby (melanie’s character) dealing with predators


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