MASTERPIECE! Reaction to Dimash Qudaibergen – The Story of One Sky

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Dimash Qudaibergen “The Story of One Sky”

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Viewers Comments

thank you


Bueno ahora que reaccionaste al video de historia de un cielo deberías reaccionar al mismo tema pero en concierto eso sí que es verdaderamente de otro mundo❤❤


The child is dimash. They married.


You MUST react to Dimash’s live performance of this at the Almaty concert… thanks


thank you


Hi Michael,you must react to another song from Dimash Kudaibergen with the song Adagio,have a nice day


Know, Stranger, todas cada una tiene su característica 3:44


Por favor reacciona con Hello y All by My Self


Концовка, это эффект разорвавшейся бомбы.


You need to check out “battle of memories” both the concert in Macau and the official video.


Its both entertaining and saddening to watch an ignorant American reacting to the reality of war in the middle east. People are being displaced, forced to leave their homelands, children and women and elderly ppl are being slaughtered..yet he calls that a spiritual journey..


Димаша песня про одно небо это история Украины!


I'm not sure there are good guys and bad guys so much as people who get the message of peace and those that don't. I think it's possible that the Dimash character was actually fighting in the army of the general. It's easy for us to believe someone charismatic who spouts a message of unity, even if it's through force. Until we realize the cost of war and violence. The message is to reject violence, to embrace peace.


Those people were all of the different religions Buddhists, muslim, Christians coming together walking up the mountain.


Gracias por tu reacción. Dimash tardó 3 años en escribir y componer esta letra y música. Él es un Embajador de la Paz. El vídeo costo 7 millones de dólares, y estubo restri gido fn muchos países igual que Dimash. El trasmite un mensaje de Paz que no todos aceptan. Es generoso, sensible, humanitario, en el último terremoto de Turquía hizo una donación de su bolsillo. Creo que Dios lo envío para hacernos felices con su talento angelical y con su buen corazón. Las flores que le regalan las dona a hogares de ancianos por ejemplo. Amamos a Dimash❤️


Este cortometraje debe hacerse viral pocos artistas se toman la molestia de tocar estos temas tan sensibles 😢😭 Dimash es impresionante en todo lo que invirtió y puso a disposición su talento para darnos un mensaje que tanto hace falta en estos momentos...simplemente gracias por compartir y reaccionar a esta obra de arte ❤ojalá pudieras reaccionar a la historia de un cielo esre mismo tema en vivo por favor 🙏 gracias ❤😊


Что за хуйня


The original version shown at the Almaty concert is worth seeing also because you see even more empathy towards his message of world peace. He uses the word “piper” several time which I believe he is referring to the current leaders which we should not follow anymore. Also the word “trailing” means following which we should stop and follow a new leader instead. The birth of the boy was Dimash’s child which is born to be this new leader in the last scene who looks like Dimash. Great overall review. Keep reacting to his many videos available.


За этот клип Папа Римский наградил Димаша орденом единства религий!


Этот Димаш создовал 3 года это самый дорогой клип на создание было потрачено примерно 7.5 млн долларов,предлогаю посмотреть концерт в Алмате 23 сентября прошлого года с этой песней это самое эмоциональное выступление Димаша там он выложился на все 100 процентов!


Клип в котором не нужно слов чтобы понять его ,его нужно пережить душой ,пропустить через себя !


Questo cortometraggio meriterebbe un Oscar .. minimo!!!!!❤


A MASTERPIECE- no he kills the badguy,his old friend that become a dictator!


This is a short video,it is the most expensive video ever,but before he presented the video he sang it LIVE AT ALMATY CONCERT FULL HOUSE,AND BELIEVE ME NO IONE COULD ACHIEVE TO SING THIS SONG But Dimash Kudaibergen,its a MASTERPIECE,HE COMPOSED IT,ARRANGED IT IT IS HIS OWN .He is a master on the art of musicality,a genius a legend,magical,takes heavenly to another planet,the art that only Dimash can achieve.welcome to the great world of the best of the greates vocalist of a generation.Not taking merit of any one on the vocal scene,but Dimash is light on the world.7.8 octaves asnd 9 semitones.the man to do D8 live with a audience of over 150,000 at Gaggu ,his song UNFORGETABLE DAY.


Эпическое видео! - Гениальное и по видеоряду и, по потрясающим способностям уникального исполнителя и по смыслам... Димаш невероятно "человечен"... Он, как Сын Божий, которому ДАНО!.. поведёт людей, через все мерзости и беды нашего "мира" к Истине, к Красоте, к Правде, к Любви!


Thank you for your sincere beautifull reaction. The more you hear and learn about Dimash, you will realise hé is so much more than just that out of this world voice. Some say hé is an old soul ❤


Очень бы хотелось понять о чём вы говорите. Для этого есть субтитры.


This is a masterpiece both in vocal capacities and cinematographic genious. When you review the whole thing pay attention on the sound of the waves when the boy is brought back to life as if the sea itself is briging his breathing back and water comes out of his mouth. The sound of breathing is part of his singing great techniques, it seems he is using the sound of waves as a symbol of life as a breating from earth.


People like you who talk about good guys and bad guys are what this video is about. That is not the answer. There are no good guys in war. As MLK said apply put it --- darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can lont drive out hate, only love can do that. When you take a "side" that is when children die.


This is an original video from his concert in Kazakhstan in the best quality. - "The story of one sky". (Look at 25 minutes) : Dimash - Almaty Concert | part 3. --


Это даже не песня, это моноспектакль!


Песня о мире, Димаш великолепен как всегда, до мурашек! Всем добра и мира😊


Please, react the live version of this song, in Almaty. Masterpiece!!!


👏💕👏💕👏 War is never the answer, we need more peace and love 🙏


this is Dimash most important song hes been working with a few years. bless him.




He worked on The Story of One Sky for 3 years. And he is so young! He wAs born in 1994! Imagine that!! Thank you!❤️🇨🇦


The live version lets you focus on his vocal abilities without the visual distractions of the video. Please please watch it if you can.


Yes he has written and directed this Video. To see him performing this live on stage please see his concert “Arnau”. People were doubtful he could do this live - he did it!! Worth watching. ❤️🇨🇦


The object the necklaces were made of old Maritime compasses The young girl he cradles in his arms is their daughter. In some cultures the families are all kept together like a tribe so the building with all the dead people represents his whole family. I believe the mother to dies. You'll notice one of the scenes were people are in the birthing room with her one girl looks up at the sky and starts praying. Things are not going well. And then the compass on her son's chest, I believe, I believe portrays his son will choose his future on his own.


dimash was reborne...the baby was born as he dies


hes from Kasackstan.....hes using his tribal voice


I’ve watched this a dozen times and still don’t understand the end. It drives me nuts. I understand the concept. it’s just who the woman was. Whose baby? his? he would never leave them there,besides,he looked pretty dead to me. Are these people being thrown out of their homes?


Thanks for sharing your reacton of this Masterpiece , you should have known it took three years of work and tons of money to make it.

As you said, he took his unbeatleable singing for a greater purpouse that just being the best singer in the planet. As another Genius, like Picaso 85 years ago using his painting to create The Gernika to show the horrors of war to the World, now we have The Story of One Sky to remember the World the same strong message, as actual as ever 🥲. Dimash is so sensitive about war & peace in the word (he even have a song named like that), and participates in many ways promoting Peace & understanding.

Take a look at this wonderful song "Chornobryvtsiv" (Marigolds) in Kiev, before the war in Ukraine started, sung in ukranian he had only 24h to prepare the song, how wonderful it would be it they could the clock back in time to that moment 🥲

Thanks Dimash, Mozart of XXI century, Pearl of all singers, how lucky we are to have you in our days and enyou every little new jewel.




There are so many levels of meaning to Dimash's 'One Sky' video. (I know of one personally, that ties directly to my life after death experience, during which an angel, who looked exactly like Dimash, took me to heaven. True story). But the 'symbol' which so many see as the part of a compass (which I consider to be the 'surface' meaning of it) is also the '4' which represents the 'Sod' in Hebrew - which means 'the hidden meaning'. There are, as I said, several layers of meaning to Dimash's video - but because of my life after death experience (where I stood face to face with God and Jesus at heaven's gate), I see the 'hidden' meaning of it. there's more to Dimash than meets the eye.


Thanks for spread this masterpiece.


Muchas gracias por mostrar la belleza del arte de mi amado príncipe Kasajo Dimash. Saludos cordiales desde Chile.


What a Masterpiece Dimash ? 👏👏👏💖💜💗💝♥️


We are all under one big sky.we should all be in peace


Allah is their God.


No they have been run out of his country and they are bombing over there.


He is singing about what is happening in his country. He believes the whole world should be united .We are all under one big sky.


He is sing ing about peace.


Dimash has a heart that is crying out for peace.


Немножко завидую , у вас впереди еще столько потрясений от творчества Димаша!!! Даже одну и ту же песню Димаш каждый раз исполняет по новому, никогда не повторяется 😊


well. I am sobbing so hard


Спасибо за Вашу реакцию


DImash Wrote the Story, wrote the screenplay, composed all the music, sang the whole song, and helped to produce it... Took him 3 yrs to complete! It's a Masterpiece!


Do watch the fam cam of a live performance, it’s fantastic.


Клип на эту тему создавали три года!


Es una obra de arte sin palabras ...


Pour bien comprendre, je vous partage une analyse de ce chef-d’œuvre!
Heiderose Kober's comment : " This is subtitled "Requiem” but it is also a vision and a call to action. Dimash is steeped in sacred music and has a deep understanding of the mystic teachings and symbolism of the major world religions as well as Kazakh shamanism. It is not by coincidence that the first performance of this work took place on September 14, 2022, at the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions in Kazakhstan. The written statement at the end of the video is directly from the “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” signed jointly on February 4, 2019, by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmad el-Tayeb. Dimash met and spoke with both men at the September meeting.

Everything Dimash does is intentional, and this piece has layers that would take a dissertation to unravel. I only touch on some of what struck me in the symbolism. The music is a dissertation all by itself. The pendant is an interesting element. It is a gnomon from a maritime compass sundial. This triangular blade is attached to the sundial, casting a shadow on the sundial while the perforated pinhole projects the image of the sun onto the dial. It was used for both timekeeping and navigation, with the gnomon oriented to True North. (Thank you, Snarky Tart for that information). In the MV, the child who later becomes the military commander never puts on the necklace. After Dimash, the boy, gives his friend the pendant, the camera focuses on his hand and shows that his friend has bent the gnomon in anger over being rejected by the girl. Thus bent, it can never be oriented to True North, and he has lost his moral compass. Later, we see a version of the gnomon, but distorted and without the hole that allows light to shine through, as the military insignia on the uniforms of the commander and his soldiers.

Contemporary music is also present: With the phrase "We have passed the moment of Imagine," Dimash reminds us that we are past the sentiments evoked by the song "Imagine" by John Lennon. It is time to stop dreaming about a world of peace and harmony. If we choose life, if we wish for peace, if we want a world without war for our children and grandchildren, we must act and take up the long hard path up the mountain towards the light. It is the only way.

The storyline is a very human one: we start as innocents until our hearts are broken, we fail, or our dreams are not realized. If in our pain and disappointment, we turn to anger and blame instead of acceptance, power instead of love, greed and envy instead of generosity, hatred instead of forgiveness, and revenge instead of justice, we sow the seeds for conflicts that can turn into war.

The Piper's call is seductive as it promises redress for our grievances, control over our circumstances, and power over those who thwarted us, and this appeals to our wounded ego. However, let's remember that the Piper is a symbolic figure of Death from the Middle Ages, often used as a metaphor for trusting and following charismatic but dangerous and malevolent leaders to certain death. Even if we resist, as the adult Dimash character does, we often employ the same methods and weaponry as the Piper, and thus those who fight back betray peace as well because peace cannot be won through violence. That is the dilemma of those of us who did not start the war, who do not support the war, but are forced to respond in order to defend ourselves and those we love. How can we rid the world of evil without becoming what we fight against?

The burning sign "Waldenberg" is a reference to the end of WWII when the US Army destroyed the last of the resistance by the German Wehrmacht to end the war in April 1945. As a native German, I have seen the aftermath of war as I was born a few years later when much of Germany was still in rubble. Waldenburg is only 28 miles from my hometown and was completely destroyed as you can see from the picture. Many of the dead in those bombed out buildings were women and children. The good guys defeated evil but at what price?

The imagery of the denouement is powerful: The cries over the loss of a beloved child and the cries of giving birth to new life are presented as a call-and-response grounded by a powerful Om chant that creates a sacred space, reminding us that death and life are both sacraments and are interwoven. Dimash's vocalization and the pilgrims representing world religions and religious leaders, past and present, walking together shift the narrative toward the final conflict and finally redemption. When Dimash’s character decides to revenge the murder of his daughter, his state of consciousness is reflected in the darkening sky with lightning bolts of anger accompanying the storm of his emotions that buffet the pilgrims. The fog of war obscures the light. When he is killed after exacting retribution, he is dropped back into the "sacred womb" of Earth, the ocean of love and mercy, and is cleansed of the old hatreds and grievances that only bring more death and suffering. He breaks the wheel of endless war and suffering by choosing life. Dimash's scream of “we’re choosing life” is that of giving birth: the old earthly consciousness of an eye for an eye has to die to make way for a new spiritual consciousness that embraces all life. Soul is breaking free to return to its natural state of love and purity.

The blowing of the shofar signals God's mercy for humankind when it turns from wrong to right: in the Zohar, the book of Jewish mysticism, it says: “When human beings repent of their sins, they blow the shofar on earth. Its sound ascends On High and awakens the heavenly shofar, and so mercy is aroused and judgment is removed.”

Reborn as a leader for peace and love, Dimash's character in the form of his son becomes a spiritual guide for all of mankind on our shared journey up the mountain towards the light of God, however we may interpret or name the divine. We are all on the same path, even if our personal narratives, cultural heritage,race, and spiritual orientations are very different from one another. By focusing on our common destination rather than on our differences, we can walk together in peace and love and mutual respect.
Carl Jung wrote: “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

This is what Dimash has done with this work; he has made the darkness conscious. We can only raise our individual and collective consciousness by bringing to light what needs to be healed in our lives and our world, and then we need to work together to restore wholeness to what is broken and bring about peace and unity, one step at a time.

We don’t have to wait. We can start right now. As the hymn tells us: "Let there peace in the world, and let it begin with me." Baraka Bashad. "


Dimash has done several really good masterpieces and videos which are works of art. You will see. He only competed in competitions early in his career. Now he composes and works on many songs with different composers, esp Igor kutroy. He sings in over 12 languages in many genres. You can see him do rap to opera. He’s very spiritual and has strong morals/character. A great respect for his country and family which is why us Dears love him. Xx






Спасибо, очень понравилось!


How I understand this video considering the short speech from the live concert at the stadium in Almaty (Kazakhstan) with 34,000 spectators: 1. At the beginning 3 clean children live an experience that marks you for life, a boy saves from drowning another, and the girl witnesses this. The saved boy proposes something similar to a cross brother as a lifelong bond between the three and brings a symbol to unite them. Apio it seems that life separated them as personal developments, one of them becoming a dictator, the other boy a simple soldier devoted to the country but unable to see the evil hidden in the dictatorship, and the girl becoming a future mother with her inherent problems as a woman. War with destruction and loss of human life is a horror, which this time becomes visibly unjustified by the dictator's policy when the little girl is killed. It is the moment of awakening to reality of the soldier who then sees a potential solution to the problem having the vision of a line of people of various faiths (I identified at least 5) marching together shoulder to shoulder towards the light which in this vision means the choice of life, not of the death offered by war under the false pretext of the statement "war is a way to unite people". Only that this path seems to be open through the personal sacrifice in which he ends up killing the dictator, his former friend who saved his life, and then he is also shot by his guard. It is a sacrifice assumed with the hope that the newborn will give the meaning of choosing life for the series of people who walk towards the light, and this begins with the return to the initial meaning of the symbol, namely a laudatio brought to life. The fact that Hitler had the swastika as a symbol does not seem foreign to this either, a symbol that he, through actions, soiled its original meaning! Like all dictators, in order to manipulate he needs symbols and greeting rituals that attract the crowds (Hitler's greeting with an outstretched hand, here the greeting with the hand thrown diagonally across the chest). This video also has a symbolism of cyclicity, the child is saved from drowning, but the death of the adult is a new dive from which in fact the new born's chance for life results! Brilliant, this video took 3 years to make and is a complete Dimash work! Maybe what I understood is not what the author wanted, but I hope I am not far from the essence of the message: "when you have doubts in life, you don't know which way to go forward, choose life as the criterion of justice, you and those around you, you owe it to defend life, to fight for it, and for this the first step must be interpersonal communication based on tolerance" !




Tam bir sanat eseri 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


A masterpiece ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Bravo Dimash. The nest singer on this planet 🌎


'The Story of One Sky, was NOT written about the horrible situation in Ukraine, at least not what's going on now. (Crimea was occupied 2014, so perhaps a part? We gotta ask Dimash to know.)
But it's difficult to not see parallels. How childhood friends and family are turned against each other. Some were pulled into the bad side and became like satan himself incarnated.
War is a terrible, terrible thing.
Like The Temptations, Edwin Starr, Bruce Springsteen and many more have recorded;
"WAR!! HUH! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!" 🤯😫😡

"Last night I had the strangest dream
I ever dreamed before
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put end to war"
Paul Simon - Art Garfunkel.
Yeah.. 😢🏳️🕊️

Ps. I don't mean that all Russian are bad!! Far from. But what has happened time after time, those guys aren't white angels, that's for sure.
Btw, Igor Krutoy was born in Ukraine, (the USSR), Gaivoron 1954.


Fantastic wonderful fabulous outstanding i hope his message gets through


I know that there's some messages that I do not completely understand for example: among the people following the light I noticed what for me looks like the Pied Piper of Hamelin..if someone can have a possible explanation let me know.. thanks 🙏


ДИМАШ 👍👍👍👍👍💖💙💛❤💚💛💜😙😚😙😚😙


Thank you for your excellent heartfelt reaction. Tolerance of evil in the world and in ourselves is one of the biggest problems that leads to war.


Thanke you very much for this reaction!💕 We need peace!! 🙏♥️




“Stabs your soul” is an absolutely accurate expression!!! I was there in Almaty at the premiere of this song live, and I just burst into sobs! 🌷🌷🌷🌷😭😭😭😭


These are my views on this amazing masterpiece The Story of One Sky - I have watched this many times and still find things out that i never thought of amazing video and i have said it before if anyone could bring peace i strongly believe Dimash could make it possible. This needs to be shared worldwide to show people there is another way. War is never the answer because the only ones to suffer are the innocent. Rewatched the song of Dimash today one line stood out to me One of the most profound lines in The Story of One Sky is the line "Learn to share the love, Not shares" Not shares meaning stop making money out of war rich people have many shares in companies that profit from weapon manufacturing making them richer while the innocent suffer sadly this is why war exists. MONEY, GREED and POWER.

The part in the video with the little girl and the people in the hallway were Dimash's family who had been wiped out the little girl whose body he picked up was his daughter, the baby that was born was his son who grew up to be Dimash grown up at the end!!! The Dimash at the end can also be seen as Dimash in the afterlife leading others to the light in peace. This video needs to be shown worldwide. Something else i noticed is in his dying breath he sang (We're Choosing Life) as he finally passed away now that is powerful


Рахмет!!! Салем!!!
Из Казахстана!!!


Maravilloso Dimash. Una obra maestra. Saludos


Great reaction and explain . Dimash is on fire 🔥❤️🔥 😍❤️ Peace and love from Bulgaria ❤️❤️❤️


un video fabuloso


Miss Lee what's happened to him?


Con questo nuovo capolavoro....un premio nobel va dato immediatamente......senza indugi.....lo meritano tutti quelli che hanno lavorato in questo film.....grazie DIMASH e grazie a tutta la troupe che vi ha partecipato.....grandioso e meritate un applauso infinito!!!!!


Dimash es unico....desde que inicio dijo que queria una casa disquera que le dijera que podia cantar....siempre a cantado lo que siente y lo que le transmite y quiere transmitir a los demas. Mas que el dinero vive por su musica y lo que siente y lo amamos por eso.
Ya interpreto esta obra de arte en vivo en si ultimo concierto en septiembre de este año. Y aunque aun no lo sube a su pagina oficial. Se ha visto en famcan y es una locura emocionate ver como la interpreta.


Épico! Extraordinário!


Thank you for this reaction. It was great. You understood it all and you are right if somebody is gifted like Dimash and then uses that gift to do good thats the highest level anybody can achieve.


Beautiful reaction.
Thank you. 🥰


Please take a look at Dimash performing this live in Almaty (@Kessy Urbano has posted a link a few comments down from this one}. It is sensational. I was there, I cannot describe it apart from saying that angels came down to hear this. It was honestly one of the most moving things I've ever experienced. Don't miss this!


Quelle œuvre. Il dit ou plutôt chante ce que beaucoup de personnes pensent tout bas et il est capable de dire tout haut que l’homme suit des fous et que de toute façon ça changera pas grand chose à part assister à la décadence humaine. Pourquoi le mal est toujours en avant du bien? C’est à nous de décider et de faire le choix qui s’impose soit de suivre la lumière dans cette extraordinaire chanson et vidéo. Oui c’est définitivement un chef d’œuvre. À quand la venue de Dimash à Montréal ???


Dimash was raised in a traditional culture with traditional values. His religion is Muslim, and part of his name actually means Gift From God.

Dimash promotes respect and tolerance between all peoples, all cultures and all religions.

He was raised to also view his extraordinary talent as something not his alone. He was taught that "With great gifts comes great responsibility" and he takes this very seriously. This is not the first performance piece where Dimash has conveyed a strong humanitarian or anti-war message. "Okay" { the message 'Not ok!' } is another powerful video. But this one addresses the most critical and urgent issue facing all of humanity today.

Dimash asks; { I Interpret! } Do we follow the power mad aggressive territorial 'Pipers' - like a pack of hypnotised rats dancing to the Piper's' tune - straight off the extinction cliff? Or do we Chose Life. He says; We are at a final crossroads, the time is short, we need to turn onto the right path. He shows all peoples and all religions moving together toward a brighter future for humanity.
When you review this mini-movie - even though he is singing in English - put the English captions on. There is so much going on here visually, that it's hard at times to take in the text. You picked up on the storyline almost exactly. 'Dimash' ends up killing the childhood friend who saved him - but who later had turned into a murderous dictator. But the act of saving him, enabled the marriage to the girl and the creation of the children. The symbolism of the creation of new life - out of death, and the chance and hope for a new future - a new pathway for all of humanity is powerful.
This is indeed a Masterpiece - 3 years in the making.
As for other 'lighter themed' video music clips - yes Dimash has done those too. See his Video " Endless Dimensions" and for something even more different; " Be With Me" . He has performed these songs in live performances also, but suggest is best to view them in the original videos first. 👍


Dimash live Story of one sky


please give a reaction for dimas senopatih ttps://




HOLA DESDE ARGENTINA, 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ ES UNA OBRA MAESTRA. DIMASH ES LO MÁXIMO.!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍💙💙💙💙💙💙


Керемет, тамаша 🇰🇿 🇰🇿 🇰🇿 Казахстан


Soprano singer Mayra Mukhamedovna, in one of the national programs dedicated to Dimash Qudaibergen rated Dimash's voice as contralto.
She said:
"Dimash can sing in a male baritone, countertenor and female contralto voice. This feature of the voice is considered a phenomenon in vocal art. A rare voice on earth is a treasure of the whole world. Such a unique voice is a different art which does not obey certain laws of the musical art.
I agree that Dimash's voice doesn't follow musical rules because what he can do with his voice is so amazing that nobody can imitate him, so this makes him unique and incomparable. Innate talent, gifted by nature.




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