MEMORIES! Reaction to SZA – Good Days

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to SZA “Good Days” from the album “Good Days”

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the chasing fountains of youth part always makes me so emotional


Love me some SZA 🙌🏽


I kept thinking that pole dancing in a library meant dancing to pay for college , but , art is subjective so .....


She is such a vibe


Her voice lets me reminisce on love lost because of my immaturity, and not knowing how beautiful women really are. If only hindsight was 20/20


the pronoun thing at the beginning immediately set me off xD its like an uncomfortable speedrun


Yêu Đức Phúc.


Them thinking those a mushrooms from her childhood kills me😭🤍


Please react to Garden by SZA !!!❤️❤️❤️


plz react to lana del rey - video games


the end is a snippet of another song, that’s why the music completely changes


Your appreciation for beautiful, goddess, female artists is amazing and wholesome! You guys are amazing x


haha let’s all laugh & joke about pronouns….so funny…y’all are old physically & mentally yet y’all sounded sooo immature…


You guys remind me of my dad. Love your reaction and thank you for blessing the timeline! 🙏🏾❤️


Fun fact Sza and Kendrick Lamar are signed to the same label


Sza is incredible.




SZA's entire discography is 🔥. Even her music from movie soundtracks. I actually think you guys would really appreciate her song Anonymous Ones from the movie Dear Evan Hansen. React to Anonymous Ones by SZA from the Dear Evan Hansen Soundtrack, All The Stars by SZA & Kendrick Lamar, and Love Galore by SZA ft Travis Scott. You guys should also check out Tinashe, Kehlani, Jasmine Sullivan, and Jhene Aiko. React to X/I Can See The Future by Tinashe since it just dropped last night🔥


Just found this channel and I’m obsessed !!Would love if you guys reacted to FKA Twigs !! Specifically her songs Cellophane, Two Weeks, and Glass & Patron ! <3


SZA is one of the most unique and interesting songwriters we have right now. Her music is vulnerable and honest. She is also very talented at creating really unconventional melodies


react to lana del rey- Dealer pleaseee


Sza is my favourite artist 😩


She took psychedelic mushrooms . Thats whats on the open book in the beginning when she is passed out. She kinda went on a trip in the video .


pleeeease check out her album Ctrl. SOOOOO good


il freaking love the law of attraction! namaste


SZA has so many great records. Her voice is just magical. Please react to SZA - Hit Different x Good Days acoustic medley and SZA - Go Gina (stripped) acoustic.


Ahhhh Outside x Mo3 would be crazy lol


They should react to YOUNGBUL's song Prents


R.I.P juice wrld - lil peep - xxxtentacion -
6 dogs


Please react to Mac Miller - Self Care


Happy 2022!!!


please react to welcome to the internet by bo burnham you guys will love it


Omg yess definitely listen to sza more . Especially songs like :
Supermodel, Drew berrymore , garden, & broken clocks and even hit different etc


You should give xxxtentacion a listen. Personally my favorite song is either save me, or revenge. Both off of the album 17. Love the videos


Please react to "Hit Different" by SZA. 🙏🏾 I think y'all will like that one too!


you should react to hit different or the weekend by sza


Sza- hit different (should have went first she did a snippet of good days at the end of it then published good days later on ) great reaction tho


Plz read the lyrics they are amazing


Loved your reaction! SZA has a lot of great songs, especially on her debut album such as Drew Barrymore, Broken Clocks etc


Love this and love sza!!!


Please react to the Weeknd- Sacrifice or Take My Breath - you will love the 80s sound!


React to NBA Youngboy X Dababy - Bestie/HIT


the ending is another song ,, she didnt drop it yet tho buh she needs to cause its so good 🥲




Love SZA and you guys. Please do Born To Die by Lana Del Rey!


he is my favorite artist and I think you guys would really enjoy. Some songs I suggest are "White Ferrari", "Self Control", "Nights", "Ivy", "Pink Matter", "Provider", "Pyramids"


"the less I know the better" is his most popular song but some other songs that are amazing are "Cause I'm a man", "Love/Paranoia", and "New person, Same old Mistakes".


A Xxxtentacion song please


Juice Wrld- My Life in a Nutshell! Very emotional song:)


recommending you guys to react to harry styles!! only angel off of his first album is one of my favorites


Love the reaction!! More SZA or maybe some Lana Del Rey in the future?


You should listen to more SZA!!! Her songs are beautiful. You should listen to her songs Supermodel, Broken Clocks, and Hit Different.


react to changes by tupac


what in the world is this lol


Conan Gray- Checkmate please 😁


Great reaction as always guys! Still hoping for a Logic reaction soon


My one friend use to be a stripper & she said sometimes you just have to go somewhere in your head to make it through being stared at, when you first start the job.


YAY! My favorite Two Old Dudes. Hope yinz all are having a great day!😊


Listen to songs from her album CTRL!!! Love that album




I think you guys would enjoy watching “sad” by xxxtentacion


i’d love to see you guys reacting to Penelope Scott’s Lotta True Crime or her song Rät. she definitely packs in so much in her songs and i feel it’ll be interesting to see (:


57th day asking if you two old dudes can please react to logic// 1-800


Id love to see a reaction to As the world caves in - Matt Maltese, such a great song and video im sure you guys would love it!!


all too well!! Taylor swift 10 minute version


I get where y’all were going, but the pronoun joke was not funny :/


I think you would really enjoy the Wash us in the blood or the Heaven and Hell music videos by Kanye.


i recommend you fetish by selena gomez :DD


Damn! Her voice is so smooth and beautiful.


good days is 🙌🏽 love your reaction. btw the weeknd has dropped, sacrifice is one you might like on this album


Can your react to USE ME by Plaza Pleasssseee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


The last song is a snippet of a new song called Shirt that she's yet to release (much to our collective chagrin)


Or the music video “sad”, by xxxtentacion


Big fan of the channel. Please react to Jocelyn Flores by xxxtentacion!!


I woke up a couple minuets ago and I was literally greeted by a notification that you guys uploaded!
-Great reaction.


Good 4 U-Olivia Rodrigo!
Set Me Free-Joshua Basset!


frank ocean - white ferrari truly a beautiful song. you should give it a listen. it helps many many people 🙂


The last part of the video is a different song she was planning on releasing after Good Days.


My favourite song of 2021 (techincally 2020), still gives me goosebumps




Best time in the day ❤️👏


Love you guys! React to more Juice Wrld!! ❤️


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