MINDBLOWING! Reaction to Lil Nas X – Montero

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Lil Nas X “Montero” from the album “Montero”

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Please watch the new music video from Lil Nas X!! Your reactions are amazing 🥰


The "pulling him up and then sending him down" along with other insights really made me appreciate the symbolism even more.


5:00 perfect pause


What is the old line? "I'd rather RULE in Hell than be a servant in Heaven!!" So that is what I took from the ending... but their interruptation is just as spot on! I thought the video was just OUT THERE and I LOVED IT!!


y'all probably won't see this due to how old this video is, but the reason good songs are called "bangers" is because it's short for headbangers as in songs you can headbang to. Just a fun little bridge between your generation and mine.


You guys are fucking RAD


Love this song and lil nas x. As a gay guy it really makes me smile seeing a singer who is out, giving no fucks being who he is open and proud. Wish singers were more open back when i was growing up. As an adult it means a ton to me, so hoping some troubled lgbtqa can see the representation that is out now and not feel so demonized for being them


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The trial is over his sexuality, he's given a chance to go to heaven but he'd go to hell and be himself


Interest thing about the Trial part is that he's being judged for assumed being gay, that's why he's all pink, and the judges are all in blue but they're all "gayish" too like everyone who takes the time to condemn gay ppl are hidding something


I love how chill you guys are 😎


I'm okay with going to hell if I get to arrive down there while pole dancing like that lmao


Well you guys were kind of wrong because people say that gay people go to hell and burn so he decides if you want gay people to go to hell and burn thsn i will make you come down here ana i will be satan when you see me


This scene is samson the extremely strong pure male. He is presenting samson as a little weak girl.


My favorite part of Lil Nas X is he is constantly trolling or playing jokes on those who are quick to judge or get outraged. He knows how to push their buttons.


He's so cool calling it a banger


For me, the pole rising from Hell was an invitation which would explain why it stopped at the front of the Devil's palace. Montero killing Satan allowed the story to come full circle. Montero in the garden, tempted by the serpent (Devil) to reveal his sexuality, once he does he is rejected and killed. Once killed he starts raising to heaven, where the devil fails on his own temptation of wanting Montero, inviting him to enter Hell, which Montero then uses against the Devil who essentially had him killed, allowing Montero to kill the devil to then rule over Hell.


I can't believe people were so offended by him kissing HIMSELF 😂 like its really not even gay if you think about it


Did you notice that was a bit ring that Finlay him him in the head a bit blug I noticed on a reaction video they paused it on it lol 🤦🏽‍♀️x


Christian’s are so easy to stir up 😂

Being closeted feels like a form of heaven because there is no judgment.

Coming out feels like judgment amongst every human you meet, but it gets you closer to truth.

And the truth is, gays have always been maligned and discriminated against.

So wear those horns. Accept illiterate posturing and damnation because in the end, there is no heaven, and there is no hell.

It’s just a gay kid who wrote a catchy song, and if you hate him, that’s on you.


THANK YOU for this reaction, I've been watching people's reactions to this and it is immediately apparent who the ignorant bigots are and it gives me hope to see two old white dudes knowing all people deserve respect.


I can’t even lie I laughed so hard when michael just came out and said “I hope we got a BANGER”


It's not a banger... it's a bop, or so I've heard.


Whoa the heavens sent him to kill satan by being his truest self ..dang


The trial is twist on the the story of Samson. Notice as he's brought before his captors in chains, his hair is cut off.


The serpent is temptation, Marie Antoinette is the accused and Satan is the warden of the sentence. The hero has the last laugh and he's Lil Nas X.


this is my opinion
I think the scene where he is killed at the trial and is being pulled by the angel represents something that I am familiar with as an ex Christian. This is purely based off of what I was taught as the member of an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Church, so it is not the only interpretation. I think he was sent up to heaven, God judged him, and rejected him. In the Bible, people that go to hell don't go directly there. They are first brought to the "Pearly Gates", guarded by Saint Peter.


You guys always Pause thr video just before the beatdrop, and thats fking annoying, i love you guys but that is so Unsatisfying.


great reaction!


I miss your reactions so much 🥺 please do some Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato ❤️


I just hate lil nas x bcuz his music just randomly went from being kid friendly to all this crazy stuff, but every artist changes ig I just wish I could watch his vidoes without being uncomfortable


Great reaction😍


Thank you for reacting to this and being understanding. It's people like you guys that make me feel safe enough to be out and proud and be myself.




Please react to Willow, The anxiety, tyler Cole - Meet me at our spot. Ya'll wont be disappointed🤗🔥🔥




I have no idea if you guys take requests because I'm new to the channel but I would like to recommend an artist, Phoebe bridgers.


Do walk it talk it by the MIGOS. YOU WILL LOVE THE THROWBACK


You guys should react to Save your tears - the weeknd


can you do "story" by NF




one really fun detail is in the trial scene he’s stoked to death with butt plugs


Not a big fan of his music but I love how rabid he makes the most annoying people. Dude is a boundary pusher and marketing genius


you guys should react to need to know by doja cat and sun goes down by lil nas x!


This song is just a tongue in cheek response to people who feel it their life’s mission to tell us gays every day and every opportunity that we are abominations headed to hell.


Hello guys!!! I’m gonna suggest you to react to 2021 EM UMA MUSICA! It’s a Brazilian YouTuber that does this AMAZING medley of 2021 songs in a very special way! He plays all the instruments and sings it! Btw he’s not a singer!!! You gotta check this one out!!!! Please!


Hello guys!!! I’m gonna suggest you to react to 2021 EM UMA MUSICA! It’s a Brazilian YouTuber that does this AMAZING medley of 2021 songs in a very special way! He plays all the instruments and sings it! Btw he’s not a singer!!! You gotta check this one out!!!! Please!


Please react to Xxxtentacion SAD music video


You should react to Harry Styles Only Angel!!😍😍👌👌


Fine, if you guys won't react to When the Party's Over by Billie Eilish, I'll just have to bribe you by subscribing. I didn't want it to come to this but you've left me no choice.


please react to more tyler 🙂


Love this reaction. Never fail and think people of certain ages won't understand 💙




Can you please react to Donnalyn Bartolome's "on my own" (omo) thanks


You guys should react to Pride Is The Devil by J Cole. It’s one of his best songs and has a lot of deeper meaning in the lyrics


Loved the reaction. Check out Lil Nas X “Sun Goes Down” music video ❤️


Y’all should really react to ice nine kills stabbing in the dark live at the palladium


Please react to FKA twigs - Cellophane. The director of this video was greatly inspired by this work of art


pleasure as always, please react to death grips beware


Silk sonic plz :)))


Please check out Miyavi! You would enjoy his guitar style


love this reaction !!! discovered y'all from the cardigan one!! would love to see some more Taylor Swift or some Harry Styles!!


react to maneskin, zitti e buoni <3 love u guys


1:58 I’m not sure if you guys got the chance to see it, but the song title and chorus is based off the movie (“Call Me by Your Name”), a stellar movie starring Timothee Chalamet, I’d highly recommend it if you want to melt into the Italian countryside for two hours of young love, just in case you guys didn’t know and are interested!


this video was honestly a FUCKING BANGER


This guy seems reeeally cool for saying that - the kids


Great reaction ! Would love to see you react to Nicki Minaj ! The Pinkprint movie is amazing


Love you guys!! Great reaction once again. I love all your content. The beginning with "banger" thing was sooooo hilarious I had to rewind 3 times. So glad you guys have a YouTube channel. ❤️😊


He explained in another video what this one meant. Everybody always says that gay people are gonna go to hell. In the video,the garden of Eden,He was tempted by the male snake. He originally tried to run from it then he stopped running from his temptation and gave in to it. Then he was being put on trial for being gay. After they stoned him to death, which really was a butt plug if you go back and look at it, He had 2 choices. Enter heaven where everyone loved him but he was living a lie or he could go to hell where he could be himself. And since everyone says gay people are going to hell he went and he ruled it. It was a place where he could be himself.


Love how supportive you two are! Nice video 🙂


great reaction, Id love to see a reaction to As the world caves in - Matt Maltese, such a great song and video im sure you guys would love it!!


Just based on everything I've heard him say about it, I think the story line symbolically follows his own experience in the following sense: He becomes a star due to OTR and then comes out while at the top of the charts. There's a level of flack but also a level of congratulation.

But the congratulations at the time were framed in the expectation that he would be a "model" gay, i.e., the sanitized version we frequently see when celebrities typically come out.

We now know, of course, that he's pushing against that concept with both feet, and Montero is sort of the big announcement that he has no intention of playing the poster boy.


Please react to bia whole lotta money remix ft. Nicki minaj


Would love to see y’all react to some Morgan Wallen. Songs such as Broadway Girls, Whiskey Glasses, or 7 Summers. Wanna see how you guys like some country.


This is about his sexuality (gay) and what society do with that. So first scene is garden of eden where he was seduced by the snake (finding out/ suspecting his sexuality) second scene is a trial during Roman/Greek trials where people would gather in places such as the coliseum, he was stoned to death a very comum payment for people seen as sinners centuries ago (that scene might be seen as him accepting his sexuality and sharing it with others and being punished for it) Last scenario is hell, the place where people say his going since he liked other man, instead of feeling bad about he took over.


Please react to Video Games by Lana Del Rey! One of her best tracks, but I wouldnt mind any. Its always good to watch your videos!!


Pleasee !!!!
We need your reaction of All to well 10 minutes version 🥺


please react to welcome to the internet by bo burhnam


You should react to Marry The Night by Lady Gaga


We need to hear a reaction to White Ferarri by Frank Ocean pleaseeeee!!! Ive been asking for so longgggggg!


My most played song of 2021 😅


Should react to This is America by Childish Gambino


Good reaction! Really like this song


Can you react to Nicki Minaj " Pinkprint Movie"


Yay! Not only is it Friday...but we get a great video from yinz two as well. Thank you!😊

Happy Birth-iversary to my mom! Today she turned 69 years young. I love you mom!🎁🥳🎂🎉💐🥰


So this music video is about Lil Nas X coming out as gay. When he came out, there were many people in the “court of public opinion” that were angry and told him he was going to hell. So in this music video he went to hell, like the people online told him he would, and killed the devil. He is being accepted into heaven, but then the stripper pole shows up and he’s sent to hell due to his sexuality. Also, in the court scene, a dildo is thrown at him too.


Gimmick artist much?


MUCH LOVE from 1 young dude


I love how open minded you two are. It's a breath of fresh air 😘


I highly recommend to check out some of Hopsin songs


When he was in chains, they killed him. He was hit in the head with stones. The Angel came to get him when he died but he knew he couldn't be himself there either so he chose hell


i'm glad you guys picked up on the symbolism and story right away. too many people thought it was "praising satan" when in fact he was saying "oh you want me to go to hell for being me? then i guess i'll be the king"


Very good reaction, Can you react at more kanye's song please✌️


This is going to be an interesting one 🙂


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