MULTI-TASKING! Reaction to Ariana Grande – positions

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Ariana Grande “Positions” off the album “Positions”

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She’s amazing




React "No tears left to cry " Ariana grande pleasee. I love this song


React "Into You" Ariana grande pleasee


React "Dangerous Woman " Ariana grande pleasee


React "Breathin'" Ariana Grande pleaseeee


I hope the guy ariana ended up marrying is grateful and that she's happy because she really is the full package.


Wow, fellas, when you miss the point, you REALLY miss the point.

Suggestion: read the lyrics BEFORE you react to a song/video. That way you won’t be so lost.

The key to this song is the “I’m in the Olympics, way I’m jumping through hoops” line.

She isn’t bragging about being able to do it all. She’s saying it’s freaking HARD WORK trying to be all things all the time, but for THIS man, she’s willing to try. When she’s talking about the things she usually won’t do, she AIN’T talking about cooking.

This song is NOT about what the video is about. The SONG is about sex, first and foremost.

When it IS about a relationship, it’s about compromising and bending over backwards, jumping through hoops, Madonna/Whore, etc.

It’s almost painful watching and listening to you guys grasping for the points to songs sometimes. You should always have the CC/lyrics on while watching the videos, but even so, while the videos are entertaining and fun to look at, they very rarely should be taken as literal interpretations of the songs.

I’m sorry, this is probably coming across as cruelly critical, but I’m hoping my comments help you. Try familiarising yourself with the lyrics and the subtext before you react to the performances. I promise, it’ll make it easier, and you won’t be so confused.


Omg another female artist yall would love is Morisette Amon (ah-mon)- rise up cover from andra Dey. Absolutely PERFECT💯


React to her “my hair” vevo performance!!


They did not hit her with the double n’s lol.


Ariana grande - god is a woman


Please react to god is a woman live at the vma’s you won’t be disappointed!


You all should react Ariana grande live performance, we need more more ari


react to God is a Woman!!


You guys are the old version of Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS


they spelled her names wrong at the beginning, it only has one n


Washing machine heart by Mitski 💕💕


I’m so happy to find yours channel! Guys you’re cool 😎
P.S. hi from Siberia❄️


Enjoyed this reaction. Would love for you to check out more of Ariana Grande. Any of her other songs, especially her biggest hits, and i’ll definitely be here watching.


have to react to "I imagined live" is a bomb


You two are my future spirit animals. Haha.


Pleas reacts to BTS


You must do a reaction to some of Selena Gomez's songs


I've fallen behind on your videos, shame on me! I'll be enjoy binge watching them even more I'm sure!


please react to dancing with the devil by demi lovato


please react to lil nas x montero


some suggestions: react to "no tears left to cry" "god is a women" "dangerous woman" ... You won't be disappointed, Ariana is a great artist!


We want more ariana grande reactions❤️


just found this channel and love it!! would love to see y’all’s reaction to “cellophane” by fka twigs 🙂


I LOVE your interpretations of these videos! I'm not American, so I found it a nice detail when you pointed her style is inspired by Jackie. Regardless, it's so cool to see you guys reacting in such an open-minded way!
Bless ✨




OMG please do her "God is a Woman," "No Tears Left To Cry," and "Thank U, Next"


You should react to Coldplay & BTS' song My Universe. Music video is like cinematic& so pretty.


I'm loving your videos so far ❤ Would you mind react to "Born to die" by Lana del Rey? You won't be disappointed 😌


just subscribed!!🤍✨💫


Well… took them long enough. Better than nothing. 😊


she’s such a great vocalist and vocal producer. she’s amazing.


please react to more ariana grande !


One thing I love about this music video is that the concept was her then boyfriend's / now husband's idea. "What if you were the president?" 🥰


It's not that she's trying to be domestic and please her man, it's that for him specifically she WANTS to suddenly do those things. "There's some shit that i usually don't do but for you i kinda want to."


please react to into you by ariana grande


more ariana grande! but you should try different music too
i think you’ll be shocked by all of these

japanese music:
Ado -USSEEWA (うっせぇわ)
YOASOBI- Racing through the night (夜に駆ける)

korean music-
stray kids -Thunderous
BTOB- I’ll be your man


I love this channel! I subscribed and went through and binged a bunch of videos! Can’t wait for more. Since you love the 70s aesthetic and vibes some new songs bring, the two and artist/group to check out with that is Silk Sonic’s two tracks, Leave the Door Open and Skate. And Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby and Pressure.


I recommend doing “Falling” by Harry Styles, one of his best!

For Ariana I recommend Moonlight, pov, Dangerous Woman, God is a Woman, and imagine


You should react to the weeknd- take my breath away.


Gotta do her live performances and concerts


Please react to God is a woman live sweetener tour.
The link :


Pls react to exile by Taylor Swift


Please react to some Taylor Swift’s songs


If you guys could react to Harry Styles doing the cover “Girl Crush” that would amazing ty!!


Boy that drum machine kicks ass!


Hi 2 old dudes! Please do a reaction to the Weeknd "blinding lights". I have a feeling y'all will like it.😁


Can u react to Ariana best live vocals 🤍


You should listen to imagine, one of her best songs!! Pls! You won’t be disappointed :))




The 3 songs make part of the new album.
ANITTA is a brazilian super star with almost 100 millions of followers in social networks and almost 8 billions of views in YouTube.


I'd strongly recommend thinking about reacting to The Weeknd. Musically, he's one of the greatest of the generation and reaction channels always get a huge boost from the weeknd fanbase which is a bonus 😁. Another is Frank Ocean, extremely unique and musically talented. Both have such strong followings you're going to enjoy everything about the process 🙌


please react to some taylorswift songs from her newset album too like "exile" "no body no crime" "willow" ❤️🔥


Please react to Your Power by Billie Eilish or NDA also by Billie Eilish!!


I just came across your videos today, and I love them!! You guys should try reacting to Harry Styles and Brendon Urie :)) thanks for the cool reactions!!


React "God is a Woman" - Ariana Grande, please!


Just found this channel yesterday. AWESOME! You guys should definitely react to “we’re good” by Dua Lipa! The concept is beautiful which shows a ship sinking (titanic) with beautiful outfits! check it out!


Please react to more of Ariana Grande!! She’s amazing!!


React to Mrs potato head by Melanie Martinez please 🙂




Ari is a true vocalist 😀 In love with her since many years ago <3 Queen Ari n.n/ THANKS FOR REACTING!


y'all should react to dangerous woman acapella


More Ariana grande plsss!!


Lana Del Rey, please.


Day 2 of asking you guys to react to Physical by Dua Lipa, it's an 80s/disco inspired song & it's one of the best pop songs of all time in my opinion. Plus the music video is insanely good so I hope y'all can react to it!


I love you guys so much!! Your reactions are great! Since you like Lil Nas X so much, you should react to Call Me By Your Name by Lil Nas X, the video is a little bit raunchy but it makes for an GREAT reaction! Keep it up yall!!🤍


I love how you still pronounced and spelled her name wrong after you said: who else can we not pronounce today. 💓 I'm 59, btw.


She’s actually a wife now 🙂


Can y’all react to jesy Nelson ft Nicki Minaj - boyz


Guys I love your videos, keep posting please! and if you can, react to "How You Like That - BLACKPINK"


Can you react to dancing with the devil by demi Lovato


Y’all have got to react to Taylor Swift soon! Especially her Reputation songs, like Look What You Made Me Do.


Loving all these react video you guys are doing!!
If possible, could you please react to Dimash Kudaibergen - SOS d'un terrien en détresse ?
The link is:

Thank you guys!!


Ariana grande-one last time
Ariana grande- my hair
Ariana grande- dangerous woman


I would LOVE for you to REACT to Paris Jackson's (Michael Jackson's daughter) song, "Eyelids" and also Willow's (Will Smith's daughter) song, "Meet Me At Our Spot." Thank you guys for the great entertainment!


please react to the studio footage of the positions bridge is really satisfying


I love her soo much she’s an amazing artist but you guys should react to Selena Gomez and Coldplay let somebody performance on the James corden show


please guys, you guys should react to little mix!


Check out her live performances!!


I get such a joy binge watching you guys tackle how the new generation is, in terms of music and culture. It’s huge and different from how it was. Thank you thank you ☺️


Y’all should react to her live songs. She did some vevo songs live a few months ago including positions with a loop machine


Do her live performance on this song!❤️


She’s amazing, y’all will fall more and more in love with her


I ran here lol


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