NEUROTIC! Reaction to Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Twenty One Pilots “Car Radio” from the album “Regional at Best”

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people who r planning suicide sometimes shave their head first ......


"i don't know what's going on with that boy" LMFAO


Twenty one pilots is my first concert ive ever been to and its had a huge impact on me ever since especially this song


My first reaction... "you watch tik tok?" Hahaha, good-day to gordon and curt


worst reaction ever!!!


Y’all should listen to more twenty one pilots please do it


I forgot how good 21 pilots was! Time for a marathon


You were talking through the best line and missed it,I went to their concert in Birmingham, England, I'm 52 a grandmother and this song was the best.


They’re the best live performers of this era, in my opinion and thousands of others opinions. Check out a live concert. They literally Sound better live than on a track


I love this song so much!


“Wait a minute………. U watch TikTok??”” Hahahah


I would LOVE to see you react to Molly by Lil Dicky ft. Brendan Urie!


If I was in that situation of getting my radio jacked and having to deal with my own thoughts would be fucked. But when I'm angry or upset initially I'll forget to turn on the radio and stew in my feeling until I'm almost home and realized I never turned music on


i would love to see you to react Falling in reverse popular monster ! THX


Y’all have to go down the TOP rabbit hole! They need their own playlist and the fans will watch! Y’all are in for a treat they have their own lane for sure!


This would be a great channel of they tried to breakdown the song and understand it. They are kinda funny and relatable but just sit and listen. Not really a reaction. I’ll check out more of their stuff…


I like that he also talks about intrusive thoughts like pulling on the steering wheel. I often have those thoughts to and didn't realize it was quiet common


All was set up. The show was in their home town Columbus, Ohio, at their local arena The LC


Tyler is known for his dark-complex lyrical content within his songs. From wikipedia


These dudes are actually pretty funny lol


Great song. I usually listen to heavy music, but their lyrics are deep.


Someone stole his radio. For real.


guys I'm 50 years old and musically I've always been a rebel. I've had 21 pilots on my radar for a long time but Car Radio Is so underrated The track is so emotionally charged and yet harmonious that I still get goosebumps when it's playing greetings from Germany


Such a deep band, and super talented.


Please react to migraine, one of their greatest song for me


You guys look sooo familiar...


I think in terms of sound some of their songs are very likeable, and others are an acquired taste, but their lyrics are consistently very interesting. I liked how you gradually started to realise how serious the song was 🙂 if you wanted to repeat, I'd like you to see Tyler do some singing or more melodic rapping (rather than the spoken poetry typical of their earlier work). Stressed Out might be overplayed but it was their biggest song by far (2billion views), followed by Ride, Chlorine, Tear in my Heart, Heavy Dirty Soul... I think House of Gold (dedicated to Tyler's mom) and Legend (a homage to Tyler's grandfather) are not thematically representative of Top like lyrics about mental health are, but they are some of my personal favourites. Even if you don't do a reaction to it cause it's maybe not great for the channel, listen to Legend, I genuinely think you'd like it 🙂


WTF is this.


Uh no, that was a concert. And that’s the entire band. And they were killing it.


😯 wow you guys almost tripled in size since I joined and although your almost as old as my grandpa I’m proud of you


Welcome to Twenty One Pilots. My daughter introduced me to this band. The lyrics to all of their songs are very profound. You've only just begun to tackle the depth of the song. Check out some others!


I feel like it can be pretty literal though, just driving in silence is terrible like he says he has to acknowledge and deal with his thoughts now that there isn't any music to distract him


Please 3005 by Donald Glover


I'm bout to expose myself...but why your opening music sound like another site's music?


Their fanbase is always extremely involved during their concerts. I think this actually was filmed during a regular concert. This particular crowd is more attentive than usual, though, as this is their hometown of Columbus, OH. This is at what was the LC Pavilion at the time (now Express Live). I think when they were coming up they played Newport a lot, but I'm sure they played this venue a ton too. I wish they'd do more shows there in the outdoor portion (the stage can open from the back and essentially flip to an outdoor venue). Unfortunately, they are now big enough that they sell out Nationwide Arena right across the street, which is a horrible concert venue.


Yay thanks for thissss!!! i feel like im watching old sam and dean winchester. (supernatural)
i love you!


My Dudes! I am 51. I have seen them live four times with my daughter. Going again this fall. I love it in the pit with the kids when this song plays. The energy at these shows with 20,000 people is UNMATCHED!


Loved this review.


Hope you do more of their music!


You will love their videos. 2 dudes. I recommend Migrane, please you will like. Hugs from Sweden.


Yall channel is lit I definitely want to see you react to Post Malone "Love Hate Letter To Alcohol" live performance on SNL


twenty one pilots is just a duo,
and this was actually filmed at one of their concerts.


Please react to Ed Sheeran featuring Taylor Swift - The Joker and the Queen!!


yeah, they're no nickelback. liked your reaction and perspective. TOP are a genre all their own, so many layers and different sounds. i'd like to see gordon and kurt do some more TOP reactions 🙂


As an old dude myself I like these guys!


This song was one of my absolute greatest concert moments of all time. They ended their set with this song and it was absolutely mind blowing. They put on an absolutely amazing show.


just 2 of them .. and it is concert


We need more twenty one pilots


Dear Gordon & Kurt: Please react to The Heart Pt. 5 by Kendrick Lamar. I've been watching some of my favorite reactors react to it this week and I'm keen to see your guys reaction as well.


Great reaction. Another one I'd love you to react to is their song "Migraine"


Oh Ms Believer, Tear in My Heart, and Holding On To You are my favorite songs from them. I hope you choose to explore TOP more!


Great reaction video! You should most definitely look into more of this band! I highly suggest guns for hands, migrane, and lane boy




"I don't know what's goin on with that boy" 🤣😅


I can imagine the act of him shaving his head is so he can have a sense of control of SOMETHING in his life . NEVER thought you’d do 21 pilots, absolutely amazing duo, would LOVE to see you do Lane Boy or The Judge // but their live sets are CRAZY


This band put on the best concert I’ve ever been to. I’m 43 now. I’ve got tickets to my 6th show. There are 5 yr old kids and 75 yr olds at their shows. Such thoughtful, genuine, talented guys. Every song is completely different. No genre. They always surprise you. He’s not autistic but has weird quirky movements while he performs. He plays a ton of instruments and writes all their songs. He has tight control over everything they do. Such a talented guy. He’s one of the few writers left who can write a #1 hit solely by himself without a team in the room. There’s a Rolling Stones article about it. Love it!


Going to be playing this with them on July 19th, 2023!


Gordon Ramsay and Kurt Cobain? Maybe Gordon Ramsay and Mitch Hedberg.


Please make more twenty one pilots reaction


React to one of the Trench tracks this album is incredible
React to jumpsuit or levitate


This is the only band on earth I think. I’m not sure what the noise is that I hear other people playing is.

Their songs all have deeper meanings like depression and suicide or other mental illness. Also a lot of Christian undertones. Their songs are meant to be open to interpretation.

Once you start the TOP journey you will be sucked in. I honestly did not like them until I LISTENED to the songs.

If you ever go to a TOO concert you will see how they pulled off the end. No band has as loyal of a fan base.


I feel nostalgic when listening to 21 pilots! But you’ve gotta do “Pressure” by Ari Lennox! Such an underestimated song and artist!


Cancer rendition of them is good and migraine is another good song from them


Ode To Sleep music video please!!! Explains a lot about them!!






This reaction brought me to your channel. Tyler (lead singer) has discussed his battles with depression and anxiety, a lot of their songs are about that. His gestures, head shakes etc I think he has said are him trying to deal with his emotions while performing. The ski mask ties in to that too, revealed in the music video for Guns for Hands. I’d like to see you react to more of them, maybe Stressed Out, which is their biggest hit, or maybe something like Lane Boy.


Please react LA FAMA by Rosalia and The Weeknd. Won’t regret. Latin song.


I'm over 50 and this is my second favourite band. Hugs from Sweden. And the Gordon Ramsey reference is spot on.


their fanbase is always super interactive at concerts!


they have lots of lore behind their music, they’re incredible


Please please react to the holding onto you official video and migraine!!
Saludos desde Argentina!!


Tyler came along way. So proud of him!


There is deep meaning in everything TØP does. They are so very talented.


Great reaction...


I would love you guys do your take - I’m not racist by Joyner Lucas


React to Twenty One Pilots Migrane


Please check out more twenty one pilots songs. I especially recommend Migraine, Holding on to you and Ode to Sleep 🙂 their most famous song is Stressed Out, which is definetely worth listening to it too!


I’ve been waiting for you guys to react to them!!


the 1975 - give yourself a try !!!


If you could listen to fkj that would be amazing


kid cudi please






Yes, they shot this in a concert...
and yes, theres only 2 of them..


Please do 24 by Kanye west


I love Twenty one Pilots! Please, I need more of them here 💛


More Juice WRLD contents por favor, great channel btw


Hi I love your Channel and I’m so happy to have found you guys, I hope you have the best day!
The song for me always felt like it’s about the fact that you always try to drown out bad thoughts and sadness by listening to music, having the tv on etc.
But once you’re alone without back ground noises you immediately get drowned in those thoughts again which is terrifying because it can pull you under especially if you are prone to depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses

And the concert crowd shows that even with so many people around you you can still feel like the only one moving, like you’re alone in all of this while in reality everyone is dealing with something aka they all starting to jump and do their own thing once the beat dropped

I love how Twenty one pilots tackles such dark themes without going too dark 😊

My biggest request would be checking out more songs from one direction or the one direction members solo (especially louis Tomlinsons album walls) 😊


React The 1975 - Love it if You made it


I recommend checking out. twenty one pilots: Trees + Speech (Live at Fox Theater)


You guys should react to swim by chase Atlantic


Do another song from Twenty one Pilots please


Can you please react to devil’s work by Joyner Lucas


HAHA! Lmao. Gordon Ramsey & Curt Kobain look alikes, for sure!


Hi, this is my first time seeing your channel. I was searching twenty one pilots reactions ( like I do daily lol ) they mix genres a bit, so many great suggestions for songs it’s hard to pick. Hmm maybe lane boy, chlorine, ode to sleep, trees live at fox theater. I love this band so much. Finally saw them live and it was hands down the best concert I’ve ever been to. Already have tickets to see them again. The only band I’ve seen where every fan sang along with every song. It was an incredible feeling ❤️ I will subscribe for more


Twenty One Pilots is a very special duo. They gifts us with their amazing lyricism and fantastic melodies. They do rock, raggae, rap, eletronic and everything sound like they not apart. You guys should react to more TØP. They portrait mental and emotional struggles in a very unique way when in comes to lyrics. I highly recommend The Outside which is from the last album ❤ (They have very immersive lives performances so I reccomend the Jimmy Kimmel one) or Saturday.


I discovered this channel today and i love it. I've would like to see the reaction of 1D's song that called Night Changes. Btw greetings from Istanbul 🙂


Do 21 pilots stressed out next


I didn't think you two would ever react to this group!

This band has only two members, and both are able to play multiple instruments. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, also plays the piano and guitar. The drummer, Josh Dun, also plays the trumpet. They write all their lyrics together, and most of their songs tackle ideas of anxiety, depression, and mental illness. This song, Car radio, is my favorite song of all time. It talks about how we often distract ourselves from thinking about and discussing certain topics, in Tyler's case, his car radio being stolen, forcing him to think rather than distract himself. Him shaving his head in the video is representing himself going to a bad place mentally. This group has so many great songs- some of my favorites are this song, Ode To Sleep, Taxi Cab, Shy Away, Bandito, and Levitate, and my favorite album by them is Trench. I hope to see you two react to more by these two, there's a lot of great storytelling there. I can't wait to see them live this September. This band has helped a lot of young people deal with mental illness through the years, myself included, and even if I grow to not like their future music, I will forever hold them in high regard for what they have done for me and many others.


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