NO REGRET! Reaction to Halsey – You Should Be Sad

Watch Two Old Dudes listen and react to Halsey “You Should Be Sad” for the first time.

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This is the only video I have seen where I am jealous of a horse 🙄


Just realised she’s paying homage to Shania Twain with the outfits!!


We need a new Halsey video!! Lol


You should react to sorry by her it's beautiful and showcases her voice


React to “Colors” by Halsey


Highly recommend listening to anything from her new album produced by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (NIN) it’s so incredible. It’s called If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power


id love yo see you react to nightmare by halsey!


Would love to see more Halsey reactions!! ❤️👏🏼 some suggestions to pick from: nightmare, “bad at love,”, “without me (same guy this song is about), “11 minutes featuring yungblud” (her at the time boyfriend who she has no bad words to say about him lol), “now or never”, “I am not a woman, I’m a god”


I'd like to add that this song is about the real relationship she had with her abusive ex, the rapper "G-Eazy," whom she actually wanted to start a family with so that lyric about her being happy to have had never had a baby with him is savage and so empowering and it gets better when you find out that she is now in a healthy and committed relationship with a man who she DID have a baby with!


hey! please react to nightmare by halsey, you’re going to love it!!! hi from argentina 💖


Please react to Halsey "Nightmare" next!


I loved your opening comment about being described as wholesome. Funny isn't it? I'm a 48 year old white woman who loves all genres, including rap. Young people get surprised by that. It's hard for them to imagine I was a young teenager when people like 2Pac & NWA came out and I/we liked it. We heard and witnessed and appreciated all that music way before they (young ones) did. I'm not saying I understood or lived the lyrics, but I loved it! Having said that, we were also part of generation/s that opinions were opinions, not fact. We were influencers amongst our friends not thousands/millions of people. To this day, I always seek out new music. It's not because anything is missing from the past. I've heard them all a thousand times and want to experience something new. There are an amazing amount of new artists that come out all the time, every year. Not defined by a decade. If they understood all the stuff we've actually done? Haahaahaa, that would be a conversation! Wholesome isn't the right word to describe Two Old Dudes. I would have chosen a few words a lot of people don't abide by or understand anymore...respectful and curious. Keep on! I'm a fan. 🙂 Side note, No offense Lee, but I seem to have always dated Michaels and they all had fantastic hair. Michael, keep rockin' the hair. There are a lot of women out there that pay a LOT of money for that! 🙂


React to Halsey’s Alone, that’s one of my favorite songs by her


I know youve mainly done more rap n pop music stuff but for pateron maybe or a series of videos on here you guys could do musical reactions? like Surface Pressure from Encanto, The Thrill of First Love from Falsettos, Guns and Ships or Non-Stop, Satisfied from Hamilton!! (Other musical opitions, Waitress, Hadestown, Billy Elliot, Shrek the Musical, 9to5, 55mm)


If you guy's ever quit doing YouTube I'm going to be sad. React to some Lana Del Rey.




I love halsey!
Just a suggestion! Maybe try some Marina and the Diamonds. I think she's good. Like her Family Jewels album or her album with the song primadonna girl. Totally forget the name of the album yikes sorry. But her voice is so nice.


The best song of Halsey is definitely Nightmare, you should react to that, the music video is really cool too.


I would highly recommend nightmare by Halsey to check out, loved this video


Please react to Dimash. He'a considered one of the best vocalists with a voice of over 6 octave range. I recommend his song SOS (Singer 2017 version) first. Thanks!


Halsey is amazing! You should also check out Melanie Martinez! For example: Orange juice, Strawberry shortcake, Mrs.Potatohead, Mad Hatter, Soap, Pacify Her, Training Wheels. many good songs to choose from! She is such an unique artist with good lyrics and an amazing voice.


This looks like she has taken inspiration from Shania Twain! I see her costumes from Shania’s songs “Man! I feel like a woman” and “That don’t impress me much” Now I get the whole Country tone goin on in this song!


Can you react to Stray Kids - N/S (street Ver.) Thank you.


Now these are two fellas who know how to appreciate halsey!!


You guys should react to paramore: misery business


Could you guys react to KPop too? Like BTS, ATEEZ, The Boyz, Stray Kids, etc.


Post Malone stay or take what you want


OMG please react to more Halsey!!!!


This album is A+ fantastic. You should listen to more of it


It’ll be different but Mo3 X Outside would be a really good one


You should definitely do songs from her newer album: If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power


I subscribed to you two gentleman and I regret nothing. So far, it has been the best set of reaction videos I've seen. I would HIGHLY recommend you listen to Disturbed - Sound of Silence. Positive you guys would like it. It's a cover of Simon and Garfunkle's song which Paul Simon actually said it is now their song because they did such a good job. ENJOY!


You should react to Nightmare by Halsey. One of her best songs!


React to more halsey please


I love Halsey so much !!
You should react to her others songs like Sorry, Bad At Love, Graveyard or Colors


All girls are the same- juice wrld or any other juice wrld song


You guys should check FKA Twigs 🧡


This reaction makes me sohappy, I saw that you guys started on Kanye and Kendrick too so I'd suggest Four Five Seconds by Kanye with Rihanna and Paul McCartney and All the Stars by Kendrick ft. SZA. Also when you have the time, please also react to Fetish and Back to You by Selena Gomez

Have a nice day,


Hi! I highly suggest Demi Lovato “ Dancing with the Devil” I would love your reaction to this song 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Robbery juice wrld simple


I have been loving your reactions! You should react to Bo Burnam’s Can’t Handle This (Kanye Rant). He is unbelievably talented and this song is a great example!


React to Bad At Love by Halsey! It’s just so amazing


So this song is about Halsey's breakup with rapper G-Eazy. He abused drugs and cheated on Halsey. That's the context. I'm not the biggest fan of Halsey, but this is a great song.
My personal suggestion is When The Party's Over by Billie Eilish.


¿Podrían reaccionar a Wonho-Open Mind?


please listen to kiss of venus reimagined by dominic fike




Another banger reaction. Halsey has one of the best voices in music right now. She is so talented. You can tell she really feels what she is saying. Always get chills listening to her.


Silk Sonic album plz :()


please react to welcome to the internet by bo burhnam


You should listen to "burn" by juice wrld, or "robbery"


You thought you could release a video without me suggesting When the Party's Over by Billie Eilish. Well, you can't.


Yayy more Halsey please


Several of the "looks" are tributes to Shania Twain.


Halsey actaully wrote a whole album about her break up..she has some amazing songs !!!
React to
Die For Me by Post Malone featuring Future & Halsey


I suggest you reacting to eminem! You have probably heard his biggest hits but yeah..


definitely country inspired. one of her outfits is inspired by a shania twain video


More Halsey!!!💚


The lyrics of this song resonates big time. PLEASE react to Better days by Dermot Kennedy. It's such an awesome song 👌


I'm an addict of this channel you guys are so SINCERE!


Yes Halsey omg I’m excited to watch


You guys are amazing and can you react title by
meghan trainor


Y‘all should check out Halsey‘s song Nightmare 🙂


You have to listen to Logic he is an amazing rapper. You can start with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


I'd like to see you react to Machine Gun Kelly's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


This song is it! I wish this would have come out during my divorce. But Katy Perry helped me through that one w/ 'Rise'!


Loved it and enjoyed it. Please react to “Lose you to love me” by Selena Gomez. It’s about her relationship with Justin Bieber.


Aww.. Yinz two are great! Happy Tuesday.😊


you guys should 100% listen to White Ferrari by Frank Ocean. The song has helped many many people and has a very deep meaning behind it. i would love to watch you listen to it however there is no official music video 🥲🥲 however there is one fan video someone made and edited and personally i think it works very very well 🙂 Keep up the great work. you make my day 50x better when i see you upload. I’ll 100% be getting the patreon when it comes out!


i love your videos. Please react to dealer by Lana del Rey


great reaction, Id love to see a reaction to As the world caves in - Matt Maltese, such a great song and video im sure you guys would love it!!


You should listen to bad at love by Halsey it's personally one of my favorites by her and I think you guys might like it!


i literally started binge watching your videos and I swipe up and all of a sudden I see u posted a video 3 minutes ago. my luck!!! and this is one of my favorite halsey songs🔥


You guys always put a smile on my face!


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