NO WAY! Reaction to Billie Eilish – Everything I Wanted

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Billie Eilish “Everything I Wanted” from the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

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You’re not even LISTENING !!!!!


Great reaction you should react to Billie eilish your power


You guys need to listen to guitar songs 🤩


Billie and Finneas are the best thing that has happened to music IN DECADES.


Yes Billie Eilish directs all of her MV's since When The Party's Over.... Also Taylor Swift is another artist who directs all her MV's ever since her split from her old record label.


Memorized yalls channel name to look up later. Clicked on channel with same name with ✌️ over a peace sign. Swore it was this channel, clicked a d was nothing but hyper-religious videos and was SO CONFUSED. I think their channel picture even has the same colors as yours and had to compare to make sure I was seeing shit correctly. Glad I finally found yall bc the other channel was DEFINITELY not my speed lol


Billie and Finneas (her brother) won “Record of the year” for this song… Grammys 2020 🔥 this song is so beautiful, powerful and with a very important message…. 💔

This music video is also so beautiful and she directed and edited everything… she is so talented. It’s insane.


I love Billie. I think she is a very frágile woman and músic is her therapy. Also, his brother, always beside her, is her great support in life and he is a great ARTIST too, who deserves much more recognition as singer and of course as a composer and producer. I love him too. They are two super talented guys.


Where’s the other dude.


Love the Reaction! (all of them really) <3


ive noticed the water themes in her videos as well and she actually has a fear of water. in the "happier than ever" video, from what ive heard, she was facing her fear of water and they actually used a lot of real water.


The lyrics are about how she's handling her own nightmares. It is a very comforting song to those struggling with such thoughts.


funny you mentioned james bond you should react to no time to die song for 007 movie she made it shows more of her singing


You should react to Nessa Barrett’s new song !


Pls react to Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor.
Love you❤️


there’s a bunch of little hidden gems in this the beginning before they drive into the water..there’s things you need to look for. Right from the beginning, when the music the lights on the towers in the background light up on beat with the piano. Also look for the the light posts passing by the car on beat. Then the lights on the windshield of the car also passing by on beat. When she sings the lines, “so i stepped off the golden”, the view out of the car window changes to a bridge (golden gate bridge). Little things. If you watch the video again, look for them. 😎


please do not my responsibility by her! love yalls content❤


Such a good song. Glad to see yinz today. I hope everyone out there is staying safe. 😊


please react yungblud and ashnikko


I’ll give a brief explanation of this song. So she had a dream a few years ago where she “stepped of the golden” meaning she jumped off in her dream because she thought she could fly. She then says that she saw her family and friends looking at her while she drowned/jumped and their faces looked uninterested and un alarmed meaning that billies Dream version of her closest friends/ family was that they didn’t care about her. She then mentions she woke up and Finneas (her brother) was there and she told him about the Dream he then tells her “as long as I’m here no one can hurt you” and “they don’t deserve you” (the chorus is her brother telling her these things after her dream). He was there for her when she felt down and she made this song about this experience.


Where is the other old dude???


This reaction is everything I wanted 🙂


The dream billie talks about is her taking away her life. She said “i had a dream I got everything I wanted, not what you’d think, and if I’m being honest it might’ve been a nightmare, to anyone who might care” , she also mentioned “thought I could fly, so I stepped of the golden” which is referring to the Golden Gate Bridge she jumped from. The chorus is after when she wakes up and tells finneas about it and that’s his response to her. Hope this helped


Speaking of cake how about more Melanie Martinez the bakery


Please do Adele - Oh My God


I think she made the decision to direct her own videos 100% after the when the party's over video. In the documentary it appeared that there were several small mistakes, made due to poor planning, that made them have to cut and restart.


Yesss, that is my favorite song. Can you make more of billie eilish?👍


hey i’d love for you to listen to more lil peep, also i’d like to ask how’s Lee doing? is he alr?


I’d love to hear you react to Conan Gray if you haven’t already! Great video as always🤍


you should definitely react to listen before i go or TV by billie eillish becaus they both helped me through some dark times


make more of billie!! please!!


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