PAINFUL! Reaction to Lil Peep – Life Is Beautiful

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Lil Peep “Life Is Beautiful” from the album “Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2”

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It's so nice to see older people trying to ubderstand what most younger people go through


The circled "A" is an anarchist symbol


He was scared of centipedes (me too XD) as a kid so yeah


2:58 anarchy symbol which means freedom




I like that they took the time to understand the song its message and the listeners. Best lil peep reaction video!


older people realizing mental heath is a peoblem is awesome


around 8:00 where you said " this feels like tats " most of those were tattoo'd on his body. Love, home sick, etc were on his body somewhere. I'd recommend watching his tattoo tour, he kind of explains what he had at the time


Yall just dos viejos


Its almost unbelievable that you haven’t thought of death until your 50s, that’s truly a blessing. Most people where I’m from see death very early on in life (preteen-teen years) and once you see that it’s almost impossible to get it out of your head, the constant company of the reaper ushers you further and further from comfort until you either break or accept it. We have a saying in my neighborhood “17 is a blessing but by 21 your stressing” the oldest man in my area was 35 before he thankfully left and moved on with his life none of us have any hope for the future. Thank you for sharing your guys take on this subject as it hits close to home for a lot of us younger folks


The most heartbreaking part is that lil peep foreshadowed his death, he overdosed alone in his tour bus, long live peep!


As someone that’s just 20 years old, since I was 14-16 I have been dealt into a losing match with depression and trauma. From familial trauma to bullying Pretty much my whole life, at 16 I was officially diagnosed with severe depression/anxiety aswell as adhd. At 16 years old I had thoughts of ending my life, to a point I had to be stripped of all emotion with high strength anti- depressants. At 16 up till around 18 I had to cope with my issues by mixing things, I won’t get into detail but there’s a sick realization of how much things have changed, and how nowadays things like physical bullying and outside influences have on people. It took years to figure things out and I still have issues daily. Only difference at 20 is that I have the privilege to be an EMT now, I get to cope with my problems by helping people.

I’m sorry if I overshared, I just wanted to give insight on why someone so young (myself) would have thoughts such as the ones I had at my age. And there are some people much younger that have had the same experiences.


One centipede can take 100 steps forward in one step


Your points on growing up with social media are spot on


That’s an anarchy symbol


Peep was 17 when he died and I'm pretty sure this song came out after he died but he might have been 16-17 when the song was made


at 3:01a the symbol is for anarchy aka the absence of laws.


Really not thinking abt death untill 50?! That’s crazy shits been in my mind since 8 I just accepted it honestly at 15 but It’s all about how you grow up.


the A just means Anarchy, nothing satanic


3:09 that's an A with a circle around it


i happy hear your comment. so i always comeback here again and again


😭😭 peep


The "satanic symbol" is just the anarchy symbol the circle around it is just looks like the same as the one around a pentagram but this video was dope luv yall


We need more peep. The way i see things


Lil peep was a genuine soul. A verte Unique vibes one in a life time


Pause right at the drop 😡


That “A” is the anarchy symbol. I have the same tattoo on my right shoulder




he literally died alone in a room on his tour bus listen to the original version this is the remix


that A or the star you said is actually the logo of anarchy


As someone with a terminal inoperable brain tumor this song always gets me... Isn't life beautiful


Rest in paradise ❤️ Lil peep 🕊️


If I'm correct the symbol at 2:56 you guys were talking about is actually a tattoo of his. Since he saw many people copy his tattoo he needed something unique so he decided to this random tattoo.


The A is anarchy


pls react to runaway or the way i see things !!!!!!


Hello! Great content and I'm glad that some older people actually take time to consider life from others perspectives 🙂
Also fun fact about the music video! The drawings you see are the tattoos that he had, he got the centipede tattooed on him because they creep him out and he always manages to come in contact with them so he decided to immortalise one on him.


He was only 18 when he sang this


React to Lil Peep - Praying to the sky pls!


I wonder if they know Peep died in his room alone


Let it be forever known, no matter the size of the mark as long as you left it others will find inspiration within it. Even when you're dead in the ground.


I busted up when I heard them say life is beautiful is gonna be nice. sad life RIP Peep


more lil peep please


“Star Shopping” and “16 lines” are two songs you guys will love 🤙


Every image you seen on this video is a tattoo he has


Rock In Peace Peep 🖤💔👑


That’s an Anarchy symbol, he was 21 when he passed away from an accidental OD


The way i see things is a good song to react to


Yall should react to star shopping


RIP Peep ❤️


much love to you guys
actually understanding what lil peep was trying to do in his songs is a rare feat in these reaction videos


The A is Anarchy


i think peep was 17 when he wrote this masterpiece


Love this reaction so much, hope you do some more juice and peep, I’ll watch any of your vids tho, keep up the amazing work 🙂


Lil peep was like 19/20 when he recorded that


Lil peep - crybaby


Lil peep - 16 lines


Lil peep - star shopping


That was awsome, please more lil peep reaction


the A symbol stands for Anarchy


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I was a huge fan of Peep, X, Mac, Juice, Nipsey, and Pop Smoke, it's so insane and horribly sad that they are ALL gone now. I just wonder what amazing music they could have made if their lives were so tragically short.


It still kills me inside that he really did die alone in his room


That's the first video reaction i like on YouTube 🙏🏻💜💜


I like how they go from, “another ‘Lil’ to add to the list” in the beginning to, “this is a poet…” at the end.

That’s exactly how I was when I first heard of him. Thought he was just another Lil Pump or whatever. Then I came across “I Crash, U Crash” and it changed everything. Then after I discovered him, I dove deep into his music. A little while later, he tragically passed away. He was absolutely a poet and he put out beautiful art. RIP Gus 🖤🕊


Rip lil peep


I love how his name Lil Peep isn’t just another lil rapper, his mum always called him a little peep when he was younger which is what I love about it


I am happy for this reaction PEEP save my life RIP


Would love to see some reactions to the $uicide boys (kill your self part 3)


peeps music was different he mastered so many different genres


03:02 That's the anarchy symbol - I thought everyone knew that, especially old guys 😛

Thanks for the video


I was immature and ignored peeps music cus my girl had a crush on him. This is the first song I've ever heard of his. He was pretty dope.


Wow what a nice channel, new sub!


thats an anarchy a btw


React to the Dying Out West


The A is just a symbol for anarchy. Keep it up guys, I found your channel tonight & I’ve really enjoyed the reactions ✊🏾


I started dying laughing when they were talking about how they were happy to hear an up beat song because the name is life is beautiful 😂


rest in peace lil peep, ill always listen <3


Need to do respect


I'm sorry i don't know his name, but the guy on the right kinda looks like Paul Dano.


the A in the circle is an anarchy symbol


The A In the circle is the logo for “Anarchy “


Praying to the sky please


Those were indeed all of his tattoos all over the screen. Even the centipedes. Peep hated centipedes so he got one on his arm to kinda live with it


Everything in the video besides the lyrics are some of his tattoos. He got a centipede tattooed on him because he’s always been scared of them so he wanted to embrace that fear


rip lil peep




Rest easy peep, we miss you but you’re in a better place now. I’ll get to meet you one day.


They don’t know the anarchy symbol at that age?


Thing is he did die alone inside his room 2 weeks after turning 21 on tour surrounded by people he knows, Nd Noone checking on him.


You should react to "Lil Kennedy" that song explains about the centipedes a little.


am i dumb or is that not just the anarchist symbol


Yea those pictures at the end are his tattoos


Please do star shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Every decal in the video is a tattoo he had im pretty sure, dont remember the spider in the end but every other one is for sure a tattoo of his


It’s an anarchy symbol


Falling 4 me is top 3 peep song for me


centipede was one of his tattoos along with all of the other images


This was my favorite reaction to lil peep 🤣 good job two old dudes!!!this was real!!rip peep!!!


I love Lil Peep. One of the most influential artists on my life. React to one of his later videos, “Save That Shit” if you can! Also if you want to hear more like this, listen to “Crybaby” by him. Makes me so happy his music is still living on.


lil peep said in an interview he got the centipede tatted because he hated them so much


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