PARTY TIME! Reaction to Kid Cudi – Pursuit Of Happiness

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Kid Cudi “Pursuit Of Happiness” from the album “Man on the Moon: The End of Day”.

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This song has to do with substance abuse….about how using substances such as drugs and alcohol to be happy leaves you waking up realizing you feel like crap and it’s all a big nightmare. Getting sober his part of his pursuit of happiness. That along the path, everything won’t be great but once you achieve it, everything will be amazing…or at least that’s my take on it.


Big philosophy ain't hiring. 😄


Do lissie’s cover of this


I think that it’s the pursuit of happiness isn’t what it seems to be. People think it’s money and a party and it’s not.


Yeah. That was Drake. Wait til the end of the video. That’s the point. It that stuff and the party ain’t worth shit


I like you two.. you'll seem cool. Save to say that you've gain a fan.


Fuck. Reaction videos creators understand fuck all about music or lyrics. The first time they see symbolism or understand subtext will be the first time.


Please react to SOUNDTRACK2MYLIFE by Kid Cudi


I have an opinion on this song that I would have even without the video, but way more so with the video. Drinking heavily can cause night terrors in people who don't get them without the heavy drinking. VERY clearly, the video involves heavy drinking and partying. What do you know about dreams? Well, when you're drunk, for some people, you know that your dreams are the most lofty they can be. What do you know about night terrors, nothing. Because when you pass out from alcohol, but are in and out of consciousness, it is absolute night terrors and if you don't know, you know nothing. It's like Homer Simpson said: "Alcohol. The cause and solution to all of life's problems." That's just my opinion on what the song is about. Chasing happiness through alcohol and drugs.


Gordon Ramsay and Tom Rundgren are killing it


Omg y’all got to react to kid cudi Day and Night


Lmao you thought Kid Cudi with and without his beanie and with and without his glasses were two different people


"Everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold"

I think it's referring to nothing lasts forever & that he's chasing happiness, but he also realizes "what is happiness?" If nothing lasts forever, I assume he means the moments in life is the happiness, not the possessions. It's all about the memories you make along the way. All about the journey. 💯


More kid cudi!!




"Not everything that shines' always gold. / "Everything that shines ain't always gold."


One of my favorite songs of all time by one of my favorite artists of all time. You can't go wrong with Cudi


Please, please, please react to post malone "Love Hate Letter To Alcohol" live performance on SNL he's about to drop his new album and this song will be on it I can't wait for it to come out


You guys do the best reaction vids


the lyrics are to represent the dark side of his partying. hes driving drunk and needs to slow down but he doesnt want to hear it. his lifestyle is self destructive, but his excuse is knowing everything that shines aint always gold.


you guys should definitely do more kid cudi


Y’all should listen to “Not the only one” -Michael Christmas

@renej.morales5609 This acoustic version of the song is PHENOMENAL!!

@renej.morales5609 Here's another video interpretation of the same song...


My favorite artist of all time! And favorite song of all time!


The way life goes by lil uzi vert please


You guys should totally react to the album "Punisher" by Phoebe Bridgers!


Reaction to Mac Miller - Yeah (Bonus) would be cool 😅


Always love your reactions.
Please react to
Paolo Nutini - Iron Sky (Abbey road session)
Childish Gambino- This is America

Both phenomenal songs with a message.


Ok, now do Day n Night!


Plz react Take my breath the weeknd


Please react to Juice Wrld “empty” or “flaws and sins” or really any of his songs


Where’s the juice wrld content at?


Hi, can you react to Since September ✨ they only have a few original songs like 11:11. They are a new English-irish group. They are really good 😊


React to Kid Cudi’s song Soundtrack 2 My Life and Erase Me


This is one of my all time fave songs💖 Love him


You should do "take what you want" by post Malone ft ozzy osbourne


React to yungeen ace pain


I have a good feeling about your channel. You guys should hit 100k+ subscribers by the end of this year. Just a suggestion, (don’t know your schedules), but if you guys are able to post more often, as well as react to brand new songs with a lot of hype, would help so much. Like Kendrick Lamar just dropped a new album.. reacting to a song or two would immediately get new eyes on your channel and probably get you 1-2k subs. Just wanted to give my 2 cents. Good luck guys! Big fan


oh my god i love how mr rager is at the end


Love to see you react to Palaye royale!!! They have a new song out on the 20th and just from the teaser I know it’s amazing!!! I’d love to see what you think 🙂


I am loving your reactions! If it is okay, I would like to suggest the song "Throne" by Bring Me the Horizon. One of my favorites:)


Please react to Travis Scott


You guys should react to more Melanie Martinez songs and Mitski 😁


Please react to pound cake by Drake ft Jay z


Would love to hear you react to either For Your Love or Ready by Montaigne.


cudi’s my favorite artist all time.




Please react to Slow Dancing In the Dark by Joji! Also great video as always


you guys have to react to Kendrick Lamar - the heart part 5


Can you please react to devil’s work-Joyner Lucas


Soundtrack 2 my life, man on the moon sooo many


Cudi also save many lives of people w mental health and made them feel not alone


Yall would LOVE Erase Me by Kid Cudi, its a rock type style


please react to heartbreak anniversary by giveon


Love this song


So this album is supposed to depict dreams and nightmares, this song being one of the nightmares.

If your pursuit is happiness you will always end up miserable because of how fleeting it is. He says “I know everything that shines ain’t always gold” so deep down he knows that he’ll be unhappy down the road but it’s a nightmare and in it he doesn’t care about that. He said in the beginning something about driving drunk and giving up dreams. It’s clear that this version of cudi will leave him miserable or dead.

This song is so beautiful because it describes that feeling of not giving a fuck and going after what glitters even though we know it’s not actually gold.


About time thank you great reaction


I’ll play this with him on July 18th, 2023 in Milwaukee!


I think you guys kind of missed the point… “I’ll be fine once I get it” in this context is meaning I’ll be fine once I understand that not all that shines is gold.


One of my favorite songs of all time, great reaction guys! Would like to see u guys react to Reborn - Kids See Ghosts, it’s a collab of cudi and Kanye and the song covers their battle with mental health


React to Kendrick Lamar’s Part 5


I absolutely love this song and your guy's channel. You guys should (if you want to) react to Mother Mother "Life" or "Verbatim" they are both really good songs along with the artist.


You should’ve chose the other version ofthis video


May 13th is always rough one for me😔, but so happy to see a video of yinz two today. I really needed it. Thank you. I hope yinz all have a great day, great & safe weekend. Good song, great video!

Korn - Freak on a Leash


This song and Kid Cudi in General have been very influential on modern rap. Kid Cudi is an innovator.


check out kid Cudis - memories


Lets gooooo... more Cudi, he wont disappoint. Lyrics matter with him


Sign of the times


I would like you to react to Juice Wrld with the song “Legends”


The other guy is Drake 😅




whos the guy with the sunglasses, guy fucking rules


react to Day n nite by Kid cudi


React to some more bad bunny 🔥❤️


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