PASSION! Reaction to NF – When I Grow Up

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to NF “When I Grow Up” from his 2019 album “The Search”.

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You asked for it, and we did it! Check out our reaction to NF "Story" on Patreon.


More NF! Great reaction, I recommend Remember This!


You'd like Twenty One Pilots "Ode to Sleep."


Do the NF journey please! 🙂 To see the grow as an artist!


Y’all should definitely react to therapy session


Please do LOST by NF and Hopsin ❤️❤️


Glad u both react to NF he is my fave


If no one has mentioned, yall should start the NF journey. Start with Intro 1😎


Hello uncles, please do react to NF:The search.


#NF !!! Thank yall !! !!! Story !!!


React to Mansion, The Search


This is a young man who wanted his music out there to help others but did not want the fame that goes with it


NF is amazing I went to his perception world tour and met him! He’s so humble and kind an amazing rapper 🙂 happy to be apart of his fan base.


More NF please, try OUTCAST


this is cool how you guys re act this way. i'm 45 plus, i hear you,,,,been around, and i have a few suggestions that probably have already been lthere.
The Search,,,,,WHY,,,, Paid my dues, , Trust w/Technine, Grindin w/Marty, Let you down a regular radio played soong, hope to see some of this is the near future and what you feel is wicked and it is long several version of multi albums, check views,,,, CLOUDS trended number 1 when released this unannounced because that is how loyal his fan base is. lost w/Hopsin, Returns, Mansion , Hate myself,,, in sequence thats difficult to explain, he is it though, i promise you that


You guys HAVE!!! To react to nf- story


I love watching people react to NF. You got a new subscriber immediately. Could you react to NF - The Search? For me, this is the greatest song ever.


NF-The Search Album. Way too good.


Check out some of his deeper songs.

How Could You Leave Us (more emotional then deep)

Remember This


You look like guys I would love to hang out with grab a drink and discuss mue!


Check out nf "therapy session" its a deep song


Mansion explains his mental illness.


I can’t get the glue off your getting a sub for that my friend


Of of the rappers on 92Q doesn't have any talent, yet they make millions of dollars.


Listen to Dax he's very lyrical im sure you'd appreciate him


NF songs I recommend: Therapy Session, The Search, Mansion


do “story” by NF. it truly is a story and you guys would love it


"The road to happiness is paved with passion"....awesome. Thanks for this super reaction. Loved it!


I would love for you guys to look at someone like Sadboyprolific. A lot of people that listen to him say that he saved their lives and while he didn’t have that effect for me he has more real lyrics for someone as young as him.


HELLO Two old dudes!!! I am here to suggest the music 2021 em uma música (lucas inutilismo)
It is like a musical retrospective based on rock stands. You guys are going to LOVE IT!!!! It is brazilian, but most of it is in english


I loved the song and especially the comments. Im trying to publish for the first time a story and its been hard.




Listen to more juice wrld


I don't think most people are afraid to fail, people like me are more afraid of success


Great reaction guys! Next ya'll have to do Remember This by NF! The most real song!


react to twenty one pilots


Okay- don’t hate me for saying this but I’m very surprised. I assume you guys are somewhere in the age group of my mom and dad. However, they both hate NF! Even if I tel them, he doesn’t curse, he talks about a lot of reliable things, etc. You gives give me a breath of fresh air. Great reaction. Like and subbed! I’d love to see more NF, but I am also going to go back through and see what else you guys have to offer!


NF has a lot of prolific songs, great reaction


Please check out AK let Loose 🔥🔥💯


On the order card in the restaurant it said "Time 7/12/19 Midnight Eastern". He had announced the release date of his new song Time on the actual slip.
The CD Nate was giving to those guys inside the car is his first Album, Moments, which he released in 2010
In the beginning, the kids said "I wanna be", but he's the only one who said "I'm gonna be"


Gotta do juice wrld: "Burn" from his new album.


nah, you two look like 70's rock stars in their 60's after the fame and shit. now your're just buying farms and flying on jets and shit.


I can see these guys rocking out at a nf concert lol


Bill And Ted's old Dude's adventures


NF has so much music you should react to. You really should do the NF journy to understand him and his music. NF is the best<3


Nf is incredible.. try “Search” or “how could you leave us”


How could you leave us is a very deep song from NF, where you can learn a lot about him.


I think you should react to DANCE einar ft ADAAM and vvalsta (VC BARRE) ☺️


Oliver Tree - All That x Alien Boy music video.
Eskimo Callboy - Hypa Hypa
Eskimo Callboy - We Got the Moves
Lil Peep - Awful Things
Kendrick Lamar - God is Gangsta


Juice wrld lean wit me


More on the sadder side but I think you guys should listen to "listen before I go" by Billie Eilish eventually




Start at the beginning with mansion. Go in order. He explains a lot of what he has gone through. And a lot of references of his songs in his songs. It’s a heavy and intense journey but a great one


Great reaction guys , we need more nf and juice WRLD reactions


yeeesa NF reaction, love it!


Hey please react to "Just Like You" by NF .. you'll love it


my favourite song from NF is probably "how could you leave us", it's extremely emotional, but it's an amazing song


❤️ 50 year old that loves NF!!!


Post Malone next pls


If i could recommend one song to react to
Paramore: missery business


I would LOVE if y’all reacted to twenty one pilots “Ode to Sleep” video, it shows their growth journey in a really cool way


Do NF’s The Search next!!!


NF started off as a Christian Rapper.


Nf - the search


please do nf - the search


Intro is pretty good


"If money's where you find happiness you'll always be poor." - NF, from the track Remember This on his Perception album


Love NF, and this reaction!!


I saw your reaction to Silk Sonic's 'Leave The Door Open'. Why don't you react to the album, An Evening With Silk Sonic'? You can also react to their live performance of 'Fly As Me' from the Soul Train Awards.


Do "The search" - NF


He has almost 8 million followers and has multiple platinum records. He is a master story teller and lyricist.


please react to kanye west "runaway". it's a masterpiece


You should listen to other genres as well , for example listen to you see big girl from aot it's an ost I'm sure you will love it


Listen to Nothing Left by Poorstacy ft. TRAVIS BARKER


Great reaction glad I found this channel em can’t wait for more nf


Check out his song “Nate”


Dude your hair is cool


I would suggest "Yoru ni Kakeru" by YOASOBI
after you listened to it, you should check out the translation


>> at 57 ... love the old guys !!


YES, THANK YOU for more NF!


yo should listen xxxtentacion its a great artist when it comes to diverse music


Love it. And yea, he’s about as serious as an artist as there is. Over 7 million YouTube subs now. Would love for you guys to check out one of his singing songs. Prideful, My Stress, Hate Myself. Those are a few of my favs. And yes, he’s the person I listen to when I’m going through anything negative. He’s saved a lot of ppl’s lives. You guys have yet to get into any of his emotional songs yet. Check out How Could You Leave Us to learn more about his life.


🔥🔥💯💯 Reaction NFrealmusic 💯💯, So much more NF for you to discover 💯


Long haired 'old dude' reminds me of Jim Mesinna look...
I appreciate your guys life lessons humble and laid back
approach to your NF reactions.. 😉


Can y'all do more Juice WRLD?🤗


Love NF. One of my favorite artists out right now. Y’all got to do Logic next. He is a great rapper with a great message as well.


Definitely need some kid cudi or Kanye west


Your channel is hands down, my favorite YouTube channel. I'm so greatful I came across it. Love your energy. 🥰❤

MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


AAAHHHHH! YAY! NF....thank you! Thank you!🥰❤


Most of his music has a great message. “Just Like You” is excellent. Then take the Journey, but don’t skip over “I’ll Keep On” or “Oh Lord”.


Happy to see you back on NF. May I suggest that the next time you do him you do one of his deeper songs? Check out the search or paralyzed. You'll understand a little more about why so many of us have said that his music has saved our lives.


NF is the literal best! You guys should check out Mansion then intro 3 (in that order).


This song is a saviour for a lot of people like me


You know I generally don't like rap, but this one is fire. It's going in my spotify


Man love these rection! and u discuss and try to understanding is AMAZING. Next one of NF could be How could you leave us! Pleaseeee. lov u guys


React to Selena Gomez please


The way hes shouting "I just wanna pay my bills". We just want to survive and thrive and the lengths people have to go to to reach a turning point to success drives some of them to a breaking point. I'm proud of NF for acknowledging his needs and working on his mental health so openly with the public.


Can you react to 100 Grandkids by Mac Miller, love y’all


If you guys are ready for the heavy side of NF, you should really react to Therapy Session


NF- Seach or remember this and Xxxtentacion -Sad


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