PERFECT COVER! Reaction to Diana Ankudinova – Take On Me

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Diana Ankudinova “Take On Me”

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Спасибо за реакцию!


...а ведь это всего лишь проба звукового оборудования....Диана - бриллиант! Восхитительная!


My dream is for her to make a longer version


Диана Богиня❤❤❤


Очень красивое исполнение.👏💐💕🙋🇷🇺


She is TOP!!!


Лайк каналу!!! Спасибо за реакцию! ДИАНА-СУПЕР!!!


Diana Ankudinova, TV ShowMaskGoOn (2021, Moscow), cover "PERSONAL JESUS" -
Diana & Brandon Stone, "WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD" -


This channel should be called “Man Reacrs to Basic Pop”. No more old dudes, and no more variety!


Queen D


she has a lots of titles: queen of goosebumps and dark angle.


Программа голос,проспали или вам платили за оценки?!!?


Рекомендую эту же песню послушать в исполнении Дмитрия Венгерова. Вам понравится!


Diana Ankudinova takes on our hearts 💕💞💓 thanks a lot for your reaction to our treasure, like 👍




Дианочка как всегда Супер! Дианочка величайшая певица современности Супер звезда! Красатуличка наша Супер!


Hello from France
She was not in a studio, but in her bedroom during the lock down in 2020!


Please react to Diana’s “Rechenka”. There’s crazy unique yodel you’ve never heard before. It’s really really amazing and stunning. 🙏


Diana always =thanks and LIKE!


Диана, - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


👑Diana Ankudinova!!!👑 Thank you for your reaction!


Спасибо 👍 люблю этот кавер Дианы ❤👏👏👏


I luv your reactions to your discoveries! Covers are the entryway to many rabbit holes of so many fabulous foreign artists. Two artists like Sohyang with I Have Nothing or Gabriel Henrique singing in the keys of female divas are eye opening.


Diana Super


Diana is the best thing I've ever heard in my life


Спасибо за реакцию!!! Диана фантастическая , талантливая певица в 19 лет!!!! Поёт с 5 лет, владеет сложной техникой вокала. у неё полифонический голос в 4,5 октавы, очень добрая, открытая девушка! Браво Диана!! ,👍👍👋👋💥💥


Diana Ankudinova "Revelation" music and lyric by Diana Ankudinova


Diana Ankudinova "Closed soul"


Автоперевод конечно огонь! Фанатов Димаша называют оленями!😂


Настоящая реакция на Диану Анкудинову!


I love this cover performed by Diana. Fantastically beautiful voice, so velvety and deep. I'm thrilled!




16 year old Diana...this was from her apartment during the pandemic lockdown. Amazing voice.


Диана Анкудинова восхитительна!!! 💎
Прекрасное исполнение!!! 💖👍💯
Браво!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Here is a studio made fan video of Diana singing Kaleo's "Way Down We Go" in a virtual duet.


Here are three reasons why Diana (the Queen of Goosebumps) doesn't sound human. First, she is a contralto, which is the absolute rarest type of female voice. It allows her to sing very dramatic/powerful, very (I mean VERY) deep, very dark, very rich. Second, she has a spectacular larynx. She's been called the vocal Eighth Wonder of the World. Third, she is polyphonic, which means she can produce multiple harmonics within her voice at the same time. This is what allows her to sound like two people at once. (more below) When you add all that up you basically get a person who creates her own auto-tune. She doesn't need electronic auto-tune. She IS her own auto-tune. And the effect when you hear her is totally mind-blowing. It's like she's singing right through you, like a sword straight into your soul. Literally NOBODY else on the planet has a voice like hers. She's not one in a million, she's one in seven billion.
Highly recommended is her dark version of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling In Love". First, fasten your seat belt!!!


Diana Ankudinova es la versión femenina de Dimash Kudaibergen son impresionantes y espectaculares


Diana Ankudinova y Dimash Kudaibergen son los mejores cantantes del mundo mundial y del universo entero de este y del paralelo son aliens, son ángeles son impresionantes y espectaculares sus rangos vocales y sus interpretaciones son magistrales,sus octatienevas son inauditas... Dimash casi 7 octavas y Diana Ankudinova 5 octavas, simplemente no hay punto de comparación son maravillosos y realmente únicos woww woww...un fuerte abrazo y saludos desde México...


I do not know if i sound a little harsh but i would like to think that those who enjoy Diana's voice are intelligent enough to not try and call themselves by weird names, at least i am hoping this is the case.
Anyways this cover of "Take on me" is unique and i would love to hear a full version of it some day, she did it as a small clip in her house during COVID lock downs but i think that it totally deserves to be visited again, her voice goes like a glove with it.


Спасибо за реакцию на Диану Анкудинову!!! Лайк!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Thank you for your reaction to Diana Ankudinova !!! Like!!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Diana Ankudinova - Personal Jesus -


Dear Author,
This video from Diana's apartment in Moscow Russia, during pandemic time of COVID 19.
All this small equipment was bought by her fans.
Please see her video "Havana" during that time, also recorded in her apartment.


Hi all. ☺️ Love the video. Great video. Great song choice. Can't wait to see what you have coming on Friday. Thank you for making my day better.








If Diana does a cover, you can safely expect that this is a new song 🙂


Diana does jazz so well, so put wonderful world on your list ots got a real Xmas vibe to it too 🙂


Diana Ankudinova is so great!


Collaboration with Kaleo,, way down we go", with Freddie Mercury,, show must go on ", with Edith Piaf,, non je ne regrette rien".Diana amazing person with unique ability


Sasha Kapustina with Guest Diana Ankudinova - Feeling Good


Alina Gingertail - girl multi-instrumentalist - man orchestra.
covers for songs from games and movies.


"Song is my life" by Diana Ankudinova 👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🎶🎶🎶💓💓💓
Diana Ankudinova "The best" ( 11 hits)
Diana Анкудинова. 2020 - первое полугодие.
Diana Ankudinova The best
did you subscribe to the YouTube channel of Diana's new star?


Yulia Shcherbakova Юлия Щербакова
русская красавица с приятным голосом !!!! Russian beauty with a pleasant voice!!!!


Hi Michael. It was Diana who sang at home during the covid ban, concerts were banned, then a cover of Havana. It's like a family video. It turned out quite interesting. Thanks for the reaction!


Another up and coming sibling band.
Not from US. though. Monterey, Mexico. 3 sisters. Went viral in 2014. 9yo, 12yo and 14 yo.
"Enter Sandman ".
Foo Fighters "The Pretender".
Their original off their 1st of three albums. "21st Century Blood ".
All three of their albums are all original material. The 2nd " Queen Of The Murder Scene " is a concept album. 1st to last song tells a story.
This is off their 3rd album "Evolve".
I got to see these girls in concert
"A must see".


I'll do this separately "love Diana".
Here is a young 5 piece sibling band.
LILIAC (Romanian for bat) born in California living in Georgia now.
They are know for their covers, but have great originals also. Here is their fist full band video "Wild Thing".
The first song I heard them do.
"Crazy Train".
Some Originals.
What they did with the cover of
"Seven Nation Army ".
Plenty more covers and originals.


Диана Анкудинова и Брендон Стоун




Another song she did during lock down. She is a young girl having fun.
You did "Wicked Game". Here is "Human" later same show.

@docbill1876 diana ankudinova
tv channels youtube welcome to the magical world of diana
these are some of Diana's masterpieces
ranging from the age of 14 to 18 years
=LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=72 Dernière danse
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=71This is a man's world
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=70 Rechenka
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=69 Tomorrow is a lie
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=68 Blizzard
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=67 Wicked Game
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=66 Human Can't help falling in love Oh, it is not evening yet
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=13 crow
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=12 PERSONAL JESUS


Anche reacshion is fantastico


Hi really enjoyed your reaction to Diana. She did a cover of, Way Down We Go, bye Kaleo and they sound engineer combined her version with his version and I think you would really enjoyed it so would your audience


Да, я когда впервые услышало это попурри, которое казалось бы мимолётным баловством, но меня повергла в шок! На сколько идеально и гениально было обыграно Дианой. В этом полутора минутном видео гениальности больше чем во всей жизни некоторых артистов.


I always watch you to the end


I recommend this magnificent song of Diana! You will not regret!
Рекомендую эту великолепную песню Дианы! Не пожалеете!
«Personal Jesus»


Великолепное исполнение песни Дианой!
И отличная позитивная реакция!
Диане - браво, а за реакцию - лайк и спасибо!
Great performance of the song by Diana!
And a great positive reaction!
Diana - bravo, and for the reaction - like and thanks!




Great reaction to Diana, but I had to smile - "Take on Me" a famous US song? That would surprise the Norwegians!


Диана Анкудинова фантастическая вокалистка, любой кавер в её исполнении зачастую звучит лучше оригинала! 👏👏👏👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️


Super Diana-16yo!!! Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! Angel voice!!! Awesome!!! Thank you!!!


A musical sketch of Diana during self-isolation in a pandemic. Fans gave her a home mini-studio and she made some interesting covers.
In two minutes, Diana showed new facets of her talent, voice and vocal art!
Thanks for the reaction!


If you like covers that allow you to look at the original from a different side, then Diana is the best choice. Her covers are a separate story with her own face.


Great Reaction ! Every Performance is perfect. She always makes it her own. I am Telling you She is the Greatest. Diana has Millions of Millions of Super Fans. We all would do anything for her. We all Love her. Please read her Story. Knowing her is to be a Super Fan


Друг мой, как много тебе предстоит ещё удивляться и восхищаться творчеством,,малоизвестной"(только тебе!)
суперзвезды!Я даже тебе завидую:впереди так много прекрасных эмоций!
Thanks for reaction!


Wonderful performance and excellent reaction! Thank you so much for your attention to Diana's work! She is a true artist of word and sound! She draws the brightest pictures with her unique voice! Infinitely talented and multifaceted young singer! She really is a diamond!


Вот, что нужно послушать!!!!! Песня "Реченька"


Спасибо за реакцию!!!👍⭐Диана талант 💧💫💫🎵🎶🎵🎶⭐🌷🌼.


I don't think that there is any name that Diana's fans go by. Diana has called us "Friends". I like that more than 'fans'. "Friends" comes closer to describing how we feel about her. Calling us mere fans, I think, doesn't reach the depths of how strongly we care about her.
This song was performed at her home during the quarantine. Her simple equipment was given to her due to a collection of funds, which was organized by a group of her "Friends".
Another song, from this period of time, is the very entertaining "Havana". If Perry decides to search Diana's channel for it, be advised that there are four individual videos. The preferred video is titled: "2020.06.02. "Havana". Диана Анкудинова. Diana Ankudinova. Клип."




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