PERFECTION! Reaction to Bella Poarch – Build A B*tch

First time hearing and reacting to Bella Poarch “Build A B*tch”

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Did u guys reacted Portishead - Only You
Love them❤


She have 60Million followers ... yup ... she had to raise the budget up... many watching eyes to feed.


When he calls Bella revolting I misunderstood it as the adjective instead of the verb🗿


Please react to “All too well” the short film by Taylor Swift.


i love this channel!


Surprised no one mentioned that Bella poarch isn't famous for me music...


Conan gray memories


Melanie Martinez-- Dollhouse


love you guys,love from austria


Is no one talking about the fact they use AOL


I love yooouuu...yous guys are great...sending love from brazil ♥


cool dudes


Imagine these guys doing Melanie Martinez's mv's.


I just found you and I'll be here for nex 2 your channel💚


I'm your biggest fan!🥰🍃💨🥴


If you think this had a high production budget you need to check out Oliver Tree. His song Hurt. The video was 2 million…. And I love him. He’s brilliant


U guys asked if they r famous, left head is Mia Khalifa a famous pornstar and sports hoster, in the middle bella famous on tiktok and on right Valkyrae, co CEO of e-sports team 100Thieves


You guys need to react to Melanie Martinez


Awesome! Backstory on the other people in the video: the people in the video are a huge mix of young celebrities from different worlds! TikTok stars (Larray, Bretman Rock), professional video game streamers from Twitch (Valkyrae is the woman next to Bella on the conveyor belt), music artists like Sub Urban, and others (even Mia Khalifa, former adult actress). Bella is Filipino-American and wanted to make sure the video had a diverse cast made of her friends and other creators. Valkyrae has a very sweet behind the scenes video on her own YouTube channel!!


Faking Love, Anitta r Saweetie React Please


I don’t know if they are a couple, if they are best friends, if they are brothers or whatever either way I love their relationship


Great reaction! Old guy with short hair ur so hOt ❤🥰 More power to the channel 💥


Where’s the Nicki Minaj reactions??


I'm waiting for you guys to do WAP by Cardi B ft. Megan thee Stallion 🤣🙈


Please react to Silk sonic, Bruno Mars, and Anderson .Paak Leave the door open here is the link 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


I have my notifications on! I have been looking forward to this video 👍


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