POIGNANT!  Reaction to Justin Bieber – Ghost

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Justin Bieber “Ghost” from the album “Justice”

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Thank you for this video!


The best singer.




You guys need to react to Lonely - Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco !!!! Talk about POUIGNANT!


You guys need to watch Jon Bellion. He co wrote and produced this whole album and he is also a singer. I suggest start with Guillotine.


Love this reaction. Love how Michael relates to it. It’s hard to lose a parent but it’s more amazing to have had memories of them to know them (good or bad). All love Michael. Respect to Lee for letting him process it.


Love your reactions! New subscriber here ☺️☺️


Amazing two old dudes ✌️❤️


Please do All To Well 10 minutes version by Taylor Swift 🥺🙏🏻


Justin Bieber é simplesmente incrível


More Justin Bieber pls 😍


the goats


Popular Monster. React PLEASE. I would never steer you wrong. From a newly 48 year old to two dudes I think are cool as Fuck... Come on bro😳. Love you guys... On a brotherly level. Lets rock this f'n place...........


He wrote this song for his grandpa that passed away who helped raise him and was basically his only father figure growing up💙 makes me think of my husband that passed away December 18th 2013 he will be gone 8 years this year we have 2 daughters together this song definitely brings tears


The fact that Diane Keaton is in this music video is so amazing because she told Ellen how much she loved Justin Bieber and she surprised her with meeting him on her show 🥺 Diane was so excited, it’s a really sweet moment. I love that she’s in this music video. And this song hits home for me, and I’m sure so many others. Thanks for this reaction ❤️


React more on bieber plz 🙏🙏


More from Justin Bieber ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Alone by Bieber please or Monster


Because the theweeknd video is gone


Fun făcut, Diane îs a big Justin's fan.


React to smokin out the window please


You guys need to listen to the bassist/ singer Thudercat -Them Changes or his other song Dragonball Durag. He’s the best bassist on the block right now and has very groovy songs I know y’all would like! Have a good one


can you react to the strokes? "the adults are talking" 😀


Love your reactions! Please do "All too well" 10 minute version by Taylor Swift!


you guys should check out kpop, id start with something like bts, (dynamite, fake love, mic drop, idol, and boy with luv are really good)


I'm brand new here but I've been diving thru this and I just wanted to drop some suggestions!!! Fairly Local by Twenty Øne Pilots!!! Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time by Panic! at the Disco!!! Dirty by Grandson!!! Or !!! Riptide by Grandson!!! Or!!! Identity by Grandson!!! Parents by Yungblüd!!! And last but not least.... Boss Bitch by Doja Cat!!!!! Plzzzzz and Thank You!!!


React to justin bieber hold on pls


I recommend Smoking Out the Window by Silk Sonic! You enjoyed Leave the Door Open and this week the album came out. Every single song delivers.


We need more rap reactions 💯 great content found y’all today and I can’t stop watching


Can you guys do Happier by Olivia Rodrigo, it’s a good one 😊


Do autograph by juice wrld. Love your reactions and I hope you guys have a good life


you guys should react to some Harry Styles songs


please react to Taylor Swift’s new re-recorded song “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (10 minute Version) !!!!!


Please, please, please react to some songs off the Silk Sonic album, you guys reacted to "Leave The Door Open" a few days ago and the album released yesterday.


Feels like we are watching this songs with our grandparents so wholesome thank you🙂🙂🙂


Please react to Taylor Swift's All Too Well: The Short Film. It's a short film based on her song "All Too Well" which is 10 minutes long and is based on her actual past relationship.


I see it as his grandparents but I love your reactions perspectives they make me rethink a lot


Pleeeeease react to all to well (short film) You Will love it!


Hi bestie, Little Mix have new single called "NO" can you make video reaction please, thank u so much"

link for the music video




Can you react to silk sonic put on a smile off there new album.


Hii loving this!! Please react to NF i miss the days or remember this


Y’all should react to any Giveon song and Gone/Gone Thank You by Tyler the Creator


Love this reaction🤍🤍🤍🤍 do more about Justin


Please react to All too well short film by Taylor swift, it just came out on YouTube


Hi you two...please check out
NF - Search
NF - When I Grow Up
& Anything from Korn.
Thank you!😊


Omg please do Taylor Swift’s 10 minute “All Too Well” it’s on another level!


Lana del rey - ultraviolence album... or listen to the title track “ultraviolence”


NF - How could you leave us


feel like i comented too late last time so you didnt see it but i was wondering if you guys could check out the song "Make Believe" by Juice WRLD its a really great song and im sure you guys would love it


Omg! I love u reactsssss


i love you guys! you’re so fun! can you please check out something from twenty one pilots? “car radio” is a great place to start!


More Bieber stuff plssssss


I love this song u feel emotional


I’m Sorry by Joyner Lucas is a phenomenally emotional piece you guys should react to. Much love, love the videos


YAY!!! I’m glad y’all are doing more Bieber 💕 Would love to see you guys react to Miley Cyrus


I’m obsessed with your reactions 🤩 please react to Dua Lipa “Don’t Start Now”, this song was considered as the beginning of this Disco trend in the mainstream.


im going to make a suggestion for you to react to "yebba- boomerang live"




You guys should listen to Lorde! Her album “melodrama” is phenomenal




Hello!! You guys should reacts to we’re good by Dua Lipa!!


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