POISON! Reaction to Billie Eilish – When The Party’s Over

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Billie Eilish “When The Party’s Over” from the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

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8:30 she said she could LIE and act like she likes it like that.


I was a mistress to a married musician and this song is so accurate to our relationship.


Not poison. It's darkness...mental health. She takes it in...but it comes out in the end.


I'm REPEATEDLY amazing by Billie and her brother. I'm late too the party (no pun intended). But I'm in my forties, so this isn't anywhere close to my sphere, really. But since I discovered her, I can't seem to get enough. Awesome reaction guys!


I love ur reactions pls keep doing this amazing work


To me this song is too relateable, it hits different. I felt so insanely sad listening to this, but repeated over and over to get a better grasp what exactly she sings about and why it causes such strong emotional reaction for me. To me its like toxicity in relationships that are not intentional. You love each other but can´t make it work, no reflection, no conversation, no nothing. Its so sad. Behaviours in relationships can form out of trauma, depression f.e. and parts of them you are just not able to change (at least thats true for me). Gettinga grasp of this toxicity and wanting to leave, but the toxicity already having consumed you (pouring out all over in the end).


Really talented young woman


The black liquid I'd depression she tells that she drinks up all her sadness and monster she burys them inside but they eat you up from the inside of they consume you at the end they see depression conquring her!


"this song signifies the feeling of the end, like how you feel when the party's over. it's about miscommunication with someone you care about when you know it's about to end." - Billie Eilish


You should react to “Lovely” by Billie Eilish & Khalid


“Call me “friend” but keep me closer” what should you keep closer than your friends? Your enemies. “Call me “friend”, but I’m your enemy”


All good girls go to hell 🤘


Call me friend but keep me closer..like keep your enemies closer than your friends. It’s a love for her but the other person is really narcissistic.


Subbing for more Billie!!!


You are dangerous boring


You should do some of her new songs!


So glad our tears are clear, can you imagine how awful it would be if we could see tears!😪


fun fact: the black liquid is actually ink (she didnt actually drink it there were tubes)


I've always felt that the black liquid she drinks represents her taking in all the toxicity of the relationship, and how it ultimately destroys her as it gets too much and leaks out in a flood...kind of representing that there's only so much a person can take before they break.


I just started listening to Billie the end of last year. I can't believe what I've been missing. I just LOVE her and her & Finneas' music. She strikes a chord with me...the music just does something to my brain. And I absolutely love her personality.
I'm glad to see more "older" people like myself who are her fans.
My hubby thinks I'm odd for liking her and her music. 🤔🤨😄


She’s talking about people dying
The party is a metaphor for life


Every time I see that video, I cry. Idk what it is.


Majority of her songs are about he who should not be named. And I’m here for it!


What I love about this song is you can apply it to a relationship with yourself as well. Or with an addiction or mental illness. Or yes, a toxic relationship with another person. The visuals are so impactful... Hits hella hard.


Billie would be a completely different artist without her brother. Half of her sound and her vibe comes from him. She gets the credit for the visuals, though 😎


I always took it to mean keep your friends close and your enemies closer when she said call me friend but keep me closer.


The image of the black tears is from a fan drawing given to her in Montreal. See the CBC video of an interview she did for the show, Q.


The line "Call Me Friend, But Hold Me Closer" is a very clever, I thought, turn of the phrase "Keep Your Friends Close, And Your Enemies Closer". I absolutely love that lyric!


This video was a concept that Billie came up with and had her mom sit in the spot where Billie is in the video so she could record the whole thing to show the producer. There's a behind the scenes video also that shows how she did the black liquid going out of her eyes. She always does things practically and it's just awesome!


Call me friend but keep me closer = Keep your friends close but your enemies closer


Please react to the Billie Eilish cover of Bad by Michael Jackson


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Bellyache is 🔥


If you want to react to a cover of this, I recommend Aesthetic Perfection’s version of When The Party’s Over… https://youtu.be/3vqmTGuXISQ


Thanks! Wrote this with her. Basically got into a relationship with her and it ended. I was basically saying that she could call me when the party’s over for her music stuff. I’ll see her in person next year in Milwaukee July 19, 2023!


you should do a Finneas reaction i would say his song love is pain


I think this song is about being friendzoned, or a break up of a quick love


yall got to listen to lewis capaldi, he's just so good.


Hi, guys! I'm curious: what brand are your glasses, Michael? They're very stylish.


Please react to Bellyache by Billie Eilish! Such a fun song




I definitely recommend Billie and Finneas performing the 007 theme they wrote called "No Time to Die" (the Live from the Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon version - which is live w/o random crowds cheering). IMPECCABLE and shows a lot of growth in Billie's voice.


React to the Indian rapper divine, 'city slums' and '3;59' and 'mirchi'.............


More of Lana del Rey, plss


Just came across you guys and have to say you two are awesome,hilarious and subscribed right away. Love from Alberta, Canada


More Billie wiling reactions!!! “All the good girls go to hell” and “bellyache” are so good


Oooooh I sooo want you guys to react to male fantasy and or all the good girls go to hell. Side note you guys make me laugh love that I stumbled across the page 😊🤣


Frank Ocean reaction please!


you should react to xanny that ones a good one


it was like xantham gum
charcoal and some other stuff
and she had like tubes everywhere to get the like tear effects


you guys should react to god is a woman by ariana grande!!


Heeey, Loved it!
I Recommend u This songs:
I love you
Billie Bossa Nova


great video thank you


I’ve been loving these “cold opens” you’ve been doing. They’re just getting better and better, maybe it’s awkward now but it’s the perfect amount of awkward, much respect hahaha. We need some light laughs in this world. Also, all praise to Billie, I’m so glad you guys have done a few (or maybe just one?) of her songs. A pop genius. Also spread the love to Finneas too, her brother and producer, they’re both incredible talents. Homeschool gang!


Please react to Chris brown no guidance or freaky friday


Please react to aurora “the seed” ! 🙂




Please react to "Boys Don't Cry" by Anitta! She just recently released this song to break into the US as a pop star.
Another suggestion I'd make is "she's all I wanna be" by Tate McRae.


You two dudes are really cool. And yes! The lyrics said "I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that" which probably means Billie just kept quiet all the time during the toxic relationship, just thinking about how to leave the relationship using her heart.


James blunt monster would be a great one for you both to react to very sad 🥲


loved the reaction!!!! you should guys react to dynamite by BTS it's very popular


Lana del rey reaction please! West coast is 😍😍😍


The drink is a metaphor for a toxic relationship..she knows she shouldn’t be in..but enters into it anyway..and the result? The toxicity first seeps and then just explodes out of her..


I believe Finneas wrote this song based on his relationship and thought it was better for Billie to sing than himself. Billie wrote Happier than Ever based on relationship reflected in The World’s a Little Blurry documentary. The guy named Q was class A jerk. So two different relationships.


could you guys do more Billie eilish- her albums and ep


Great reaction! could you check out papi pacify by fka twigs?


The line is “Quiet when I’m coming home and I’m on my own; I could lie and say I like it like that”. To me it says she come home alone from the party and is alone but she doesn’t like it ( being alone) but she knows it’s better than the toxic relationship. Just my take on that line.


please react to all too well 10 min version by taylor swift,!!!


Please react to Harry styles


Please react to Save Your Tears by The Weeknd


Here again asking if Michael is single, do I need to go to Patreon for an answer ahaha??


I love when you react to music videos with a message so I would appreciate more of those🤍 An example of a really good one is “For a Better Day” by the Swedish dj avicii who unfortunately isn’t with us anymore but deserves to be remembered❤️🇸🇪


You should react to Slowthai, he is a UK artist and has great music.


You should raect to Childish Gambino - This is America... i really want to see your reaction and your lyrics breakdown to that song


You should react to "WYD Now" by Sadie Jean. She's a new artist and she's amazing


My friend directed this video and when I saw it I immediately texted him how he did it, he said he did it mostly practical which is impressive. It’s a great music video


Call me friend but keep me closer is a play on the phrase "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"


We need a lady gaga reaction


A Selena Gomez Song pls?❤️


4:30 "call me friend but keep me closer" like "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"




Pls react to Lana Del Rey - West Coast


react to Lininker - Tua


I think the lyrics definitely say “I could lie, say I like it like that” so yes dealing with a really toxic relationship. Maybe one that one didn’t want to commit but would string along and hurt the other by keeping them tied up.


Great choice. Her voice is calming in some of her songs. So beautiful.

Korn - Freak on a Leash
**MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Hey mans.... please!!!! React Anitta VAI MALANDRA. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Hey guys! Love this reaction!!!
Please react to Dave - Black (live at the Brits 2020)
It will give you a good taste of UK music and its extremely deep too!


Guys u need to react to Conan Gray - Astronomy! 🌙🌞


One of my favourite things about this song is the line “I could lie and say I like it like that, like it like that” which to me is a lot like the line she sings in “bellyache” that goes “I lost my mind
I don't mind, Where's my mind?”. Using the same words in their different meanings within the same line sets off a firecracker of dopamine in my brain. (I could also have phrased that sentence “is LIKE dopamine in my MIND. But I didn’t.)


Man Guinness tears sounds painful as heck


also recommend watching the billie documentary, super fascinating seeing an insight into her creative process and understanding her personal pain through her music 🙂


you guys have to do the crown video by billie! you'll love that one


can you watch god is a women by ariana grande


React to Xanny. I love your videos 💞


hay um...... can you please do train tracks by jelly roll.


React to her song and musicvideo «Male Fantasy»


ART dudes.


No this is not the same relationship as the one in Happier than ever. This was written entirely by her brother Finneas and she was hoping he'd ask her to sing it, which he eventually did. But the video was all her's. There's a home movie they show in her documentary in which she's directing her mother sitting in a chair with an empty glass in their backyard. In the background you can see her father picking up the dog poop.


i think you really nailed the concept behind this song. I didn't fully understand the lyrics along with the visuals before watching this reaction, so thank you for that.


React to the way life goes little uzi vert please


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