POOL PARTY! Reaction to Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg – Wiggle

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Jason Derulo “Wiggle” from the album “Talk Dirty”

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React to Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing


Wrong song


guy on the left is vey logical and very sensible and understands the moment this song was trying to portray to me and you


Could you react to trumpets by jason Derulo


You guys should check out lil dicky too !


can you guys react to trumpets by jason derulo??


Please react to the NFL halftime show


8:12 why Michael’s “oh yeah” sound exactly like Jason Derulo’s from the song😭🙌😂


0:54 I didn’t expect this dang Lee is more progressive than most!! Not saying I’m for making women bear heavier financial burdens, but hey equality sometimes feels weird to hear about. Thank you for breaking the chauvinist mold for all young men like myself. Lolll shoutout to the nice lady for offering though, we love a good show of humanity.




React to WAP by Cardi B ft Meghan the Stallion


Please react to harry styles kiwi i feel like you would really enjoy✨


Would love to see u guys react to "Let you" by iann dior it's amazing and his other songs like "V12" and "complicate it"


Can y’all react to do we have a problem- Nicki Minaj and lil baby


where the lil peep reaction at 😫😫 love your content btw


GUYS. First of all: Love your channel! You gentlemen are two of my favorites on the music reactions scene. Your reactions are lighthearted and entertaining to watch.
Second: PLEASE react to “Dimash - SOS d'un terrien en détresse”. It’s going to be a bit different from the songs you usually react to. But it’s SO worth it.
If you chose to do it (first, thank you) PLEASE, please do not check anything for the singer before you react to this song for the first time.
You can see how much people want to see this reaction by the number of views on all the many YT videos reacting to this performance.
Enjoy! And keep on being awesome. 🙂


React to dawn FM album by the weeknd. I'm sure you're going to like it. 80s style 100%


I would love to see you guys react to some Skrillex


Pls Imagine Dragon Enemy next pls 0.o <3


dawn fm


U gotta react to feeling myself by nicki minaj ft Beyoncé


Tesher x Jason Derulo - Jalebi Baby Song React


Jason Derulo - Swalla Song React


Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me Song React


Jason Derulo - Stupid Love Song React


You guys should do Potato Salad by Tyler ,, pretty good music video too


react to back to you by selena gomez


please react to all to well the 10 minutes version by taylor swift and then react to the short film as well


We need a lady gaga and a nicky minaj reaction


still alive by half•alive!!


This was such a FUN SUPRISE LMAOO AND I'M HERE FOR IT. Yall awesome


Yay! Happy to see yinz both. I have no idea how I missed this video.

Korn - Freak on a Leash


Loved this reaction! It was a fun surprise. I hope you guys will react to a Rico Nasty song soon! She’s so cool and I think you guys would love her! I recommend her songs Rage, Countin Up, STFU, and Magic.


i haven’t heard this song in years😂please react to all too well (the short film) by taylor swift
yes i’m gonna comment this on every video hahah


PLEASE react to deja vu by olivia rodrigo i know u guys would love it !


Could you react, the song "Anaconda o ~~~" by Luisa Sonza? ❤️🤍


PLEASE LISTEN TO ESSENCE- WIZ KID FT TEMS its great with subtitles too


Where in the hell are u guys getting your requests? Take a note and get better ones.


Please react to XS and Bad Friend by Rina Sawayama.



Love you guys! ❤ Your reactions make my day 😊


please react to welcome to the internet by bo burhnam


Second one Here😎


First one here😎


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