POWERFUL! Reaction to Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Billie Eilish “Happier Than Ever” from the album “Happier Than Ever”

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Im litt watching this right now, and I love the fact that dude, with the short hair, is just at litt as me.


You'd think guys in these days and age would be smart enough to not be a complete tool to their sing/songwriter girlfriend....


The rooftop is her victorious moment of seeing the truth about Q and moving on from him.


When she goes through the door, instead of guessing what it means based on like one second, listen for a minute.


When the song of the body
the true cry of the heart...


I would love to see what they would have to say about “All For Us “ by zendaya from Euphoria


That little genius


When the song changes, I ALWAYS think of "A Day in the Iife". Billie and her brother are ahead of their time.


I think the song is about her relationship with her ex. He was extremely mentally abusive to her. She was only 15-16 at the time. He was a real POS.


Best song from her imo


I have a different interpretation. The 40's vibe is her being in love in way that is of the fairy tale variety. When she opens the door she has to swim up to her reality that she guy really was a jerk. And it's very autobiographical. She was dating this artist named Q and he asked for ticket to when she was headling Cochella. She said only if he'd spend time with her. In the documentary it show her asking where he is and he never showed. This is where the line "made all my moments your own" because on what should have been a huge thing for her, playing Cochella, and she was being so hurt by him.


My reading on this song is very literal haha. I think even when you know it was a horrible / unhealthy relationship, it’s hard cutting someone out of your life. In the beginning, her life is more peaceful, but she still misses/wonders about him occasionally. And then he calls and scares the crap out of her, acting like an asshole, and all that drama/anger rushes right back in. He interrupted her peace and reminded her exactly why it’s good she stays away


Shmall pp house


Hey mike I’d like to hear your guys take on Bad Bunny . He recently sold out two nights at pet co park here in Diego … Billy beautiful voice slow song putting me to sleep 💤 lol what the video stopped ?? Oh well


Quando estou longe de você
Fico mais feliz do que nunca
Gostaria de poder explicar melhor
Queria que não fosse verdade
Me dê um ou dois dias
Pra pensar em algo inteligente
Pra escrever uma carta para mim mesma
Pra me dizer o que fazer
Você lê minhas entrevistas?
Ou você desvia da minha rua?
Quando você disse que estava de passagem
Eu estava sequer no seu caminho?
Eu sabia que quando eu te pedia para
Ficar de boa com o que eu te contava
Você faria o oposto do que disse que faria
E eu acabaria com mais medo
Não diga que não é justo
Você claramente não estava ciente de que
Me deixou miserável
Então, se você realmente quer saber
Quando estou longe de você
Fico mais feliz do que nunca
Gostaria de poder explicar melhor
Queria que não fosse verdade
Você me liga de novo, bêbado em sua Mercedes
Dirigindo para casa embriagado
Você me matou de susto, mas estou falando tudo isso à toa
Porque você só escuta seus malditos amigos
Eu não me identifico com você
Eu não me identifico com você, não
Porque eu nunca me trataria tão mal
Você me fez odiar esta cidade
E eu não falo merda sobre você na internet
Nunca disse nada de ruim a ninguém
Porque essa merda é constrangedora, você era tudo para mim
E tudo o que você fez foi me deixar triste pra caralho
Então não desperdice o tempo que eu não tenho
E não tente fazer com que eu me sinta mal
Eu poderia falar sobre todas as vezes que você apareceu na hora certa
Mas eu teria uma linha vazia, porque isso nunca aconteceu
Nunca ligou pra minha mãe ou meus amigos, então eu
Me afastei de todos eles por você, porque eu era uma criança
Você estragou tudo que era bom
Sempre disse que ninguém te entendia
Transformou todos os meus momentos em seus
Apenas me deixe em paz, porra


I remember being a drunk teenager at a party, and a woman came up to me and my boyfriend and said "you know he's the one if he makes you laugh more than cry"
But lately all I do is cry


I'm a rich white lady that lives in America but I'm going to sing song to make you still feel bad me.............. Billie Eilish


The representation of the water and te phone is of an abusive relationship. She’s on the whole with an ex and telling him how much he ruined her life. The water droplets coming from the ceiling and the floor represent her not noticing the abuse she is getting. Then when the lights start to flicker she’s starting to notice a bit of the abuse, then when she opens the door she is drowning in the abuse. You never know how bad the abuse is until your drowning.


She is all of us, she is just better at communicating it. We have all been there.


Why have I only just discovered 2 old dudes ? 😂
I watched her perform this in Manchester last Tuesday ( last song of her set) and it literally took the roof off . Some poor moms covering their kids ears 😂her most sweary song 😂x


I think the water represents how difficult it can be to get out of a situation like that


Everything I wanted is so powerful as well by her.


So the water is all the tears that she wasted on him but also her having to swim through the flooding one of her fears is drowning but also it’s like that flood that comes over you that you’re just like once you get out of it you just feel so free and then she also loves dancing in the rain because it just feels incredible to her soul so she explained that that’s what it is in one of the interviews right after this came out


I like you two old dudes


In the house she was playing the role of dutiful little woman. She could hear her anger knocking as she'd had to hold it back in another shitty phone call. When she opened the door to it even slightly she opened the floodgate and nearly drowned, but swam through it and shouted her reality from the rooftop as the old self/home was cleansed and swept away.


Would love to hear your take on For Your Love by Montaigne, which deals with similar subject matter


2:50 Fun fact! What he just described is called Staircase Wit. 😅


I absolutely want a Christmas song by Billie her voice is perfect for that kind of old soul.


This is about her ex per her!!!!! What a F!!k Off Song‼️🤘🏻


besties react to harry styles




Yes she was in a very toxic relationship and yes I know his name... but anyhow, she finally decided to let it ALL out and let him go completely!!!!


"It was almost one old dude."



I never realized it but she’s screaming during the ending instrumental


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I love your reactions


do everything i wanted by billie eilish

If you guys wish to revisit this song and other 2021's hits, I strongly recommend that you react to Inutilismo's "2021 em uma música". My guess is that you'll love it. 🙂


React "2021 em uma música", it's a musical retrospective, good as fuck


After Justin's lonely song this one made me cry.... So hit hard,amazing


I really don't know why but these dudes give me a vibe of Wolfstar


are you two couple or what i wish you guys are


Watch her documentary, it will all become clearer.


please review JID this guy is dope


powerful, wonderful!!! 👏👏🙌


Please react to Taylor Swift.


I feel like when she’s in the house it represents the abusive relationship she was in but her still convincing herself that she’s happy and that relationship is her home, opening the door represents the realization of how abusive he is and he’s drowning her, she can’t breathe in that relationship anymore and she makes it out at the top of the house, shows victory and finally moving on.


Wonderful reaction you should react to Billie eilish your power you guys will like it she's changing her music up


I feel like the rain is washing away all this toxic relationship that she had, so at the end she is really experiencing freedom.


Song of the year. "The ultimate break up song," I think we can all scream this song about someone!!! Love you guys x


jajaja Ahora somos 3... Puedo decir que con mis 40 años no siento verguenza alguna de que me guste su música... porque? porque es revolucionaria artísticamente en todo aspecto... en estos tiempos de mujeres desnudistas sin talento y reggetoneros mediocres...


Lady Gaga rain on me



Can u guys react to David Michael frank please


Call down, guys, it’s just one part stuck at home on the phone with her toxic bf, opening the door isn’t « death » it’s free herself and let explode all her suppressed emotions that she has repressed, it’s letting go, it’s displayed as a flood because it really is a flood of emotions, it’s embrace the freedom, it’s a breakup, and it’s fucking beautiful


React to your power by billie eilish


React to your power


React to your power


React to your power


React to your power


Please react to a Brazilian youtuber who plays all the instruments and makes a respective hit song of the year 2021! It's called Lucas Inutilismo - 2021 em uma música


pplease,reage a 2021 em uma musica


I'm subscribing.... Your reaction are 👏 amazing


It resembles death. I’m pleased to have everyone that I worked with be able to help me out with this stuff of getting my messages of peace and understanding for people who have disabilities. I’m glad that I could help raise a fair amount of money for different charities that we could give people something to help them with whatever they’re going through!


i see it like this- she starts off feeling sad, grieving this relationship, wishing she didn’t feel the way she did. and then as she’s talking through everything that happened, she sees the situation in a new light and that sadness turns to anger. she opens the door to the anger once she finally recognizes it, everything that built up comes flooding out, and once she works through that anger, she starts to feel a million times better, hence the dancing in the rain towards the end


I’ve watched peoples reactions for weeks of this song, Billie Eilish is one of my favourite artists. This song was mind blowing and it’s exactly what I want to say to my ex wife. If only I could send it to her.
So happy you loved it too!!


I would actually love to see you react to "Everything I Wanted". I feel like it gives you a good sense of her state of mind at the time. It's definitely deep though. I feel like it's a very vulnerable song.


The whole song is a sonic parallel to the emotional journey: you start out quietly saying, "I'm not happy with you, but I'm not sure why... I hope you still think about me, though." But as the relationship gets more and more toxic, that turns into resentment and anger; which is the point where the music shifts from calm ukulele to harder rock instrumentation, and the lyrics become biting. But even more than that, the more you realize why everything is toxic, the angrier you get, and the music continues to mirror that as the instruments get more and more distorted right up to the end, and the harmonies get louder and bigger and more chaotic, and the main vocals turn into basically just screaming, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"


"It was almost One Old Dude" , legendary!


She told him how she felt in the first phone call, he calls back and she hammers it to him so he finally gets the message. The progression from gentle acoustic to total distortion at the end of this song is awesome. Finneas and Billie did a great job telling a story with the lyrics and music in this. The pair just get better and better every year.


So glad you laughed at the first line straight away 🙂


React to Mitski 🙂 she's really wholesome and cute!! :))


You should see her SNL performance of this song. It's my favorite version, vocally. It would have been even better if she hadn't had to write a clean version for live tv, but she did, and she did it well, not just skipping over the swears.


You can still get Covid. I'm glad you're ok. I know people who've had it 2+ . One was before the vax, and she was miserable for months, then again after the vax and it wasn't as bad.


Ah man, love your reaction!


Billie said it was about when you're being abused mentally and such, and you never realize it until, well it floods.


Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson


There’s a video where she explains the meaning. She’s on the phone with a person she she’s wanted to say these things to for a long time. Realizing she’s experienced a form of abuse. The little droplets of rain, represent that realization. Then, as she notices the lights. It hit her like a wave, the abuse she’s been experiencing. Then, she lets off and tells them how she feels.


Loved your reaction and energy guys!!!!


beginning finding humor and irony in everything she's been through.... then the build up. then her truth and catharsis!


I think it says something also how it starts sunny and goes into gloomy. During this years Vanity Fair interview she says she is sad and depressed in sunny weather. She thrives in gloomy weather. So for Billie it was like going from sad and depressed to happy and free.


Around 5m:3s mark, the tear drops fall. Floorshadowing! I remember from English class that water can represent cleansing (& fire - both from A Tale of Two Cities). Feels right here.


She was going for a Julie London vibe


no entendí pero le voy a dar like


Would love to hear your impressions on “Je suis malade” by Laura Fabian.


React to Faouzia please


So someone else could’ve already said this, but I thought this was about one of her parents ??? Not an ex I could be wrong idk


Have you reacted to Greta Van Fleet?


You guys should react to Jessie Reyez shutter island.


I love watching reaction videos… to this particular song. It’s so much fun!


When I’m away from you I’m happier than ever
I’ve never laughed at this line. I do now every time 😂🤣🤣🤣😅


You should listen to goldwing Istanbul really good


Love the dynamics of this song..Billie rocks!


Please react to “smokin out the window”!!!!!!!!!!


First time coming across this channel, has anyone else ever pointed out how similar the guy on the left looks like Ricky Gervais...??? His eye shape and mouth shape and movements look like an older Ricky! Trippy.


Billie stated that the whole video is a metaphor for the end of a toxic relationship. Their are obvious signs to abuse (the water drops) but it's not until the relationship is over (when Billie hangs up the phone) is when you realize all the toxic things that come pouring in ( like the flood) she then escapes the flood to the rooftops to come out a better person.


You guys should do “I Know The End” by Phoebe Bridgers. Very similar vibe but it was released first


"he ruined her life"
next line: "you ruined everything good"


Two Bad Actors lol


Don’t necessarily do a reaction, there’s no official video for it, but listen to her cover of the Beatles’ Something. Amazing.


Adele Easy on Me PLZ


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