PTSD! Reaction to Eminem – GNAT

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Eminem “Gnat” from the album “Music to be Murdered by”.

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Em still has his black eye from the Godzilla video....


Listen to the Ringer by Eminem. The secret service paid him a visit


You have to listen to Eminem and Yelawolf β€œbest friend”


My pencil gettin killed, thats what he said.


"Thinking back to 2020, I got ptsd from it, I mean I had to wash my hands".

Lmao 🀣 I know it's out of context but I can't stop laughing at this quote.


I love this song! More Eminem, please! πŸ™‚


Wtf is worng with the song u making him react like really


Can you react to Rina Sawayama-hold the girl next please 😊


He had to say he was not referencing Mike Pence because when Cheney was VP Em did mention him and was investigated by the Secret Service


Hi Dudes, I'am a New subscriber from this video and I've been bingewatching your video's and I would love to see your reaction on Eminem - Killshot. But i recommend to first listen to the song Rap Devil from MGK. Kill shot is an reaction to Rap Devil, it is amazing.






I want to make music as good as Eminem’s one day. He inspires me to keep making my own songs.


Eminem // The way I am! Thank you!


I know Ozzy did. He was supposed to bite the head off a fake one but he was so drugged out they handed him a live one and SNAP yummy for Ozzy. lol. Great vids!


No, Ozzy bit the head of a bat, you were correct initially! Cause some fan threw an actual bat up on stage. And Ozzy thought it was just a prop, so he wanted to make a show and took it a bit off it's head


Is it possible if u can react to a song called: live fast die numb by iann dior. It's really good .


Alice Cooper & Ozzy both bit the head off a bat. So crazy to me. Ozzy was interviewed about it. He said that bat tastes like sh@t, NOT like chicken. lol


So where can we go to see what Perry looks like? Yes, I'm curious. 😁


YAY....It's Friday! Hi Michael & Perry. Have a great weekend. Please stay safe. Miss you Lee.πŸ€—

Katy Perry - Dark Horse


It was Ozzy, he thought it was a fake bat πŸ¦‡


All these brilliant Eminem videos coming in are incomplete without breaking down Stan. That will easily be the best video on this channel and by quite a distance.


Ozzy bit the bat πŸ¦‡


shout out to perry on the ones and twos


"here to get your Goat a little sodium" is the best line in the song because if you put the periodic symbol of sodium(NA) in Goat you get Gnat




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