PUNK ROCK! Reaction to Maneskin – I Wanna Be Your Slave

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Maneskin “I Wanna Be Your Slave” from the album “Teatro d’ira – Vol. I”

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What's it take to google a bands name before watching so you at least know how to pronounce their name, the members genders and where they're from? Another reviewer couple that listened to their studio recordings of 2 songs think they're singing in Spanish when the title clearly states Italy and the drummers a girl. These kind of reviewers really annoy me.


It’s pronounced Moh-nie-skin 😊


sono quattro e hanno meno di 24 anni


They are more like radiohead??? What u think?


They are all from Rome, 3 guys, and 1 girl that plays base. Love Damiano"s voice, but they can get a bit raunchy. Nice review.


... PAGLIACCI...🤣🤣🤣🙏😂😂😂😱😱👍👍😍


Ma è ubriaco o sbaglio?


I'm assuming Texas, I've heard that accent here before and it's close to my Dad's accent. I know it's not Mississippi, I was stationed there and that's a bit different.
I didn't expect I would sub, but this was really good. You dudes are cool!


Hi! If you see this can you please do Beggin by måneskin




you haven't heard of Måneskin??? Where do you live???


torna a casa its a masterpiece and damiano is a beast on ballads


A lot of us from c bad dabbled into punk in the early 80’s !! Good beat , very punk like indeed !! Like the beat hate the lyrics


The band consists of three guys one girl, which plays Bass. And the name of the band is pronounced: "Ma--na--skin" = Maneskin, which means "Moonlight" and the Swedish language.


Do you like rock? do a reaction of the "Zitti e buoni" maneskins of Eurovision


guys your missing the boat on this band, they open for the stones, was on the tonight show. these guys for me play great italian songs which you should listen to better than the english stuff. they won the eurovision which is world wide more so than your american stuff check out the ratings for that.


Hi guys what do you think of the unpublished track (Unpublissched track) live at the circus maximus on 09-07-2022 ?? thanks.


well, it's funny... here in Italy they're considered more of a pop act, as most rock music lovers think they're mocking classic rock bands' look but nor their music and look are "fresh", they indeed look and sound like an average afterschool classic rock tribute band...


There are 4 band members. All of their songs are Hot, Fresh and Commanding!! 💕


IWBYS is a 2021 song by Italian glam rock band Maneskin, released after they won the Eurovision Song Contest with Zitti e Buoni (rock song with Italian lyrics). If you choose to react to more of them, I suggest... well songs from their album Teatro D'Ira vol. 1. All of them. Really. I don't think there's a single weak song in there.
I'm not a big fan of their most recent songs. Mammamia is an OK song, but you need some context to fully appreciate it. The others are relatively forgettable, at least if you compare them with Teatro d'Ira vol.1.


I'm italian and superproud.....they were in xfactor italy and asked to change, they didnt and now..welll....
the only flaw if you have to find one, damiano got too skinny he had a little more muscles and I wouldnt say fat but a couple kgs more were not bad on him
AND.... if u r wondering he has a gf she is very sweet and all for body positivity, I wished I could hate her....it's just impossible
but damiano is all on her side for some personal problems she had, making him even f..... cooler if it was possible


they are from italy
the name is danish pronounced mah-ney-skin
damiano is the lead victoria is the bassist thomas is guitar and ethan is drums
and they won eurovision


Please react to “Begging” cover that they did on the Jimmy’s Fallon show


No,no,no ... victoria play's the bass


The name of this banda Is MÅNESKIN ,and the pronunciation it's "MONESKIN"


I loooooove this band!!! They're solo sexys, sooo talented and soooo uniques!!!


LOL, what is the band "Sid" was in, and talking about punk....tzktzk.... But ja Maneskin is from Italy and as close to punk you can get nowadays in popular music. Its also not four guys, its three guys and one girl... Yet anyhow, in their live shows they play before "i wanna be your slave", "I want to be your dog" from the Stooges. I mean two old guys should know the Stooges....aren't ya?


You guys should reaction to “me, myself, and I” by 5 seconds of summer


4 people. 3 guys, 1 girl.


Victoria (Bassist)
Damiano (Singer)
Thomas (Guitar)
Ethan (Drummer)


Yes! Punk rock, 80s glam rock! I am so excited about Maneskin!


hi could you please react to dimash sing sinful passion. you won't regret it!!!


Guys you should react to Måneskin's "IN NOME DEL PADRE". It's in Italian but you'll love it anyway


more lil peep please! your perspective as older experienced people and commentary on it is very entertaining


You guys should check out Maximum the Hormone. Great Japanese band. The songs Yushu Fukushu, Alien, VAP, and Maximum the hormone and maximum the hormone 2.


Please react to their italian songs, Coraline or La Paura del Buio for instance, they are just better than their english tunes.


3 members? Really? Lol. Anyways yes please keep reacting to the 4 of them. Hugs.


If you want to proper react to Maneskin, "Zitti e buoni" guys!!! Best song of 2021!


You will be surprised a lot, listening to their songs.

A few months ago, they performed their masterpiece, titled "coraline".
Some video, somehow modified to bypass Copyright, and complete with subtitles for english translation Is on YouTube
Search for "coraline Sanremo 2022"


please do n95 from kendrick lamar id be super appreciative


Hello, thank you for your reaction! Below are a list of selected link of theirs mostly with live performances and english translation for Italian lyrocs. Enjoy!

for your love - Live WDR
https://youtu.be/xq_Fx2hj4HM live with orchestra sanremoo 2022
https://youtu.be/yRnxYhttJwA studio with eng subs
in nome del padre
lividi sui gomiti
la paura del buio
https://youtu.be/eG-bBYiVWWMZitti & Buoni Eurovision 2021 Grand Final
wiwijam - live in studio IWBYS + Zitti e Buoni
https://youtu.be/zH3Qjgoh02IBeggin' AMAs
bury a friend (Billie Eilish cover)




I would love to watch you guys react to 1975.


React to Coraline and Zitti e Buoni both with subtitles 🙂


Thx. If you really wan't to know them as the superstars they are now,
watch how they won Eurovision with 180 mio viewers.
"Måneskin Zitti E Buoni live grand final Eurovision 2021" .
I think you'll enjoy that very much. Peace.


please react to Aespa - Next Level


Hi, wonderful react. Listen also For your love and Are you ready,Two wonderful songs by Maneskin,and cover Black Skinhead, tic toc version, really Amazing


Great reaction!!! I recommend you to listen to "Lividi sui gomiti"


We want more Juice WRLD


I think A$AP Forever by A$AP Rocky would be something you’d like, especially since it’s got a Moby sample and the cool video is the cherry on top.


please react to BTS Blood Sweat & Tears


They don't have a bad song in the catalogue. Their Italian language songs are fabulous. Haven't stopped listening to them since May of last year after their win at the Eurovision Song Contest. I would recommend Zitti e Buoni, Vent'anni, Moriro da Re, Mamma Mia, and their latest, Supermodel. Too many to mention really. My other favorite since 2016 is Ghost. Anything off their new album, Impera, is fire. For contemporary punk,, I would recommend The Chats from Australia. AC/DC CD is a great place to start. BTW, early Gen X here so "old" as well and a new subscriber to your channel.


Please react to Post Malone new song of his new album Euthanasia. Deep message behind that song


Guys check out an oldie but a goodie if you get the chance. Disco Medley- Selena Quintanilla (Kin-ta-knee-ya). Will definitely be entertained. 8mins but it will take you back in time.


Hi, day late....but YAY! Have a great day. Great video.

Korn - Freak on a Leash
Machine Gun Kelly's version of Rihanna's - Love on the Brain.


Amazing Band! ❤️


Yesss more Måneskin please. Check out the song with whom they won the European Song Contest last year and became famous all over the world ‘ZITTI E BUONI’ (shut up and behave)


you guys should react to « Obvious » by Iann Dior Feat Travis Barker 🤘🏼🎸


Can you guys plzz react to Just a little bit of your heart by Harry styles 💖💖


I love your videos, it's so entertaining. Doja Cat dropped her MV for Vegas which is the leading song for the movie Elvis. Its amazing I would love to hear from your perspective and what Elvis music meant to you.


React to more of Maneskin and performance live


You guys have got to react to their new song Supermodel next!


I was waiting for this reaction! This band's so so good


Can you please reaction to kpop blackpink.Blackpink is the most subscribed artist right now and you have ever reacted to lalisa by Lisa who is a member of blackpink


There is a version with Iggy Pop. But the best video are live concert




I love your reaction and I love Måneskin ♡ Thanks from Italy


You should react to "Vent'anni", its my favorite from them!


Love your reactions they are so entertaining, is there anyway you can listen to, Me and my brother by 5ive


Check out their Grand Final performance for Eurovision, the song Zitti e buoni, they won


More Maneskin reactions. They give the best singing in Italian (but you should check for subtitles cause Damiano is a great song writer).


How in the hell is this punk rock!? What is your definition of punk....?


Please, make  a reaction to the songs of the  Diana Ankudinova.


....С большим удовольствием посмотрела вашу реакцию,спасибо 👏❕
Вижу в комментариях , многие просят вас послушать песни Maneskin на итальянском. Это очень актуально, важно для миллионов поклонников группы ! Ведь, выйдя в прошлом году на американский рынок ( выступая перед концертом Rolling Stones ) , они кажется, теперь пробуют менять стиль . И очень многие хотят понять, неужели невозможно воспринять итальянский язык , точно ли полностью теряется интерес к группе, если она поёт на непонятном
языке ?!! Большинство во всем мире любят именно их итальянские песни - баллады, или тяжёлый рок, но хотелось бы услышать честное мнение, первое впечатление...
Правы ли новые продюсеры и известные songwriters , что сделали им эффекные, но "холодные" песни на английском, или же , песни на итальянском, записанная просто live, без обработки, может также произвести сильное впечатление ??!
Думаю, да, "Coralin ", классическая рок-баллада от Maneskin, наиболее подходит для такой "проверки"🙂❕
Заранее благодарю, всего вам доброго,
МИР ☮ 🕊❗


For you guy I really recommend all there songs but specifically for you two Coraline for the song and message but torna a casa because of the music video but please do Coraline I love it


Please listen to there other songs like Coraline, torna a casa, zitti e bouni, vent’anni, and supermodel


Thanks react ,go go Maneskin 🇮🇹🇮🇹💯🌹🌹🌹🌹🎸🎸🎸


Please check out more Maneskin - lost of variety in their music! La Paura del Buio, In Nome del Padre, and Lividi Sui Gomidi for harder options. Coraline, Torna a Casa and Vent'anni for softer options. Moriro da Re and Zitti e Buoni are also great. They have great lyrics - especially in Italian. Thank you for your reaction!


Måneskin is Danish for moonshine
The letter å in Måneskin is pronounced like an o
The whole word is pronounced line


Do perfect time by roddy ricch pls


Hello, discover the world of Diana Ankudinova, a young singer from Russia and a talented artist. You will be surprised by the strength and beauty of her voice, you can believe me or not, but, listen to her. Please pay attention to Diana. Thanks for attention. My subscription to your channel.


Plsss u need to react to Nicky minaj we go up


Ur gonna like other Eurovision artists pls react to them ! My recommendation is chanels slomo from spain


The song they make for eurovision is in italien but it is dope even if you don’t understand you should try it


Nice. You guys should react to Wish you were here by Wyclef Jean. His Pink Floyd cover is awesome 👌


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React to mf doom


Maneskin is the best 🤘🏼


This reminds me on the gutta European trash music. But in a respectful way. It’s good I like it


They're from Rome, Italy.
The lead singer uses quite a lot an English accent over the American one.
Love your comment about the beauty of having just three instruments (+ a beautiful voice I must say) and being able to produce a great sound. You can have a listen to their "Zitti e Buoni" if you don't mind reacting to a song in Italian. Thank you gentlemen.


It’s 2021


Thank you so much for the reaction! Måneskin was a discovery i made in late 2021 and i love them so much. ❤️


Amazing Maneskin!!! 🔥❣️🇮🇹❣️🔥


Would love if you could react to Electric Callboy "Hypa Hypa", I´m sure you would enjoy their humor 😀


Yes, this song is so punk that Iggy Pop wanted to record it with them. Despite the name, Maneskin is an Italian band. Now they are 21 to 23 years old, but they became famous in Italy when they were 16/18. Since last year they have become famous everywhere. This song is part of their latest album, released exactly one year ago. "Teatro d'Ira", their album, is worth listening to. It is half in Italian, half in English.


Iggy Pop actually did a remaster of this song with them. The kids were too much in awe to uhm correct him enough. But it was still a cool version


Hey guys would love if you could react to Heart in a Cage by The Strokes it’s my favorite song by the band and is incredible thank you


Can you react to "3 doors down - Here without you -


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