STUNNED! Reaction to Dimash Qudaibergen “Ave Maria”

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Dimash Qudaibergen “Ave Maria”. Новая Волна 2021

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Sí realmente hasta que uno no lo asimila parece de otro planeta dimash es una maravilla viviente Gracias por tu reacción espero que sigas reaccionando a este artista❤❤


got songs for you from dimash. love of tired swans, ikanaide tokyo jazz festival, if i never breath again, across endless dimensions, i miss you, when i got you, adagio , know( vocalize) SHOW must go on(queen) Omir with dimash on piano and his brother mansur on guitar. blizzard again... there are so many... i hope you continue reacting to him... he keeps getting better and better... ty for your reactions.. thoroughly enjoy them..


Салем из Казахстана,родины Димаша❤❤❤


It is a vocalise.He is an angel, at least it’s what I believe they sound like . I adore this young man.


I just saw your reactions to Dimash today and I was wondering: you seemed to really like him but yet you stopped at 4 of his videos? It's been a year since you watched one. He has many, many many more. Do you not like him anymore?? He is fantastic and you really should watch more. I like your reactions of him, at least the 4 you did.


Excelente. Tiene que ver sus últimas presentaciones. Dimash no deja de sorprender ❤❤❤


Dimash comento que para componer Ace Maria imagino un Ángel.....mas emocionante es. Creo que en el cielo los angeles cantan asi.❤️


Excelente reacción 😊😅❤muchas gracias por compartir y tener en tu canal al maestro Dimash simplemente gracias es impresionante el nivel de interpretación que tiene nuestro Dimash...por favor puedes reaccionar a Strenger. Ikanaide. Acros y ogni pietra...gracias 🙏❤


Hey dude. Do you want to hear Dimashi singing a New High Note ?


I'd like to recommend "I only love you" by Dimash Kudaibergen.


ikanaide.......olimpico......samaltau......stranger....across endless dimensions video.......hello....omir oter.....omir.....adagio


Dimash just touches our soul ❤


Hi. Do you like his "Stranger"? At least it's in English, so you don't need subtitles

@DEBRALIGHTNER1118 Wicked Games by Angelina Jordan


Request/Suggestion: I Put a Spell on You by Angelina Jordan. 🙂


Great reaction!


he left the song without words on purpose, so every1 can interpret the song how they want and feel


It’s 4 months since you’ve reacted to Dimash and there are still so many songs that you really need to hear


Music Universal language.


I just love your reactions to Dimash. BTW: the 'Ahhh' sound in Hebrew represents God. It seems very fitting that Dimash would only sing this sound during Ave Maria (Hail Mary).


Hi, I suggest you also react to MÅNESKIN's new album - Rush


The man on the piano is Igor Krutoy, a billionaire composer who came out of retirement to compose music, including this one, just for Dimash. There are quite a few others Igor has composed for Dimash, so you are in for some extraordinary music.


Dimash es extraordinario. Es un artista excepcional. Por Dios, es un ángel que bajó a cantar y mitigar nuestros dolores.


There are no words to say about him!! Dimash is Amazing 💗💐🇦🇷


Just amazing and sublime 👏👏👏💝💜💗💖


A song without lyrics is called a "vocalise". No one does it better than Dimash.


Всё чаще стал замечать, что профессионализм приводит к дебилизму в восприятии песни, клипа в целом. Многие "реакционеры" восхищаются нотами, которые он берет, анализируют тональность исполнения и пр., и "оставляют за кадром" наполнение песни, чувства, эмоции. Именно то, чем восторгается неискушенный слушатель и ищет подтверждения своему восприятию у профессиональных музыкантов.


Thanks from Kazakhstan


This premiere of the vocalizations "Ave Maria", as well as the song "Stranger" took place at the annual contest "New Wave" in 2021 (Sochi, Russia). The vocalization of "Ave Maria" by Igor Krutoy (the author at the piano), written specifically for Dimash, and definitely was not based on the theme of Schubert, Bach/Gounod. To a greater extent, this is similar to the vocalization of "Ave Maria", written by Vladimir Vavilov (St. Petersburg, Russia) in 1970, but published by him under the fictitious name of the little-known Italian composer Giulio Caccini (1551-1618). Vavilov was a virtuoso, recorded two albums "Lute music of the XVI-XVII centuries" and a great musical hoaxer. Just a few years after his death, music experts managed to prove the authorship of Vavilov (1925-1973) for this work. The composition of maestro Igor Krutoy has more structural similarities with the composition of Vavilov (Caccini), which is still performed by many world singers. Maestro Krutoy wrote many songs for Dimash.
Links can be found on Dimash's official YouTube channel.


It would be nice if you react to Zhou Shen - Memory: or Time to say goodbye (This is a competion of professional singers in China.)


excellent, magistral , frissons.




Dimash is the Wizard of Ahs!❤❤






He never moved his mouth..the angelic music came pouring out of him from the soul and represented all religion and faith...incredible.


Another beautiful vocalisation is Know vocalise in Kiev live concert 2020.


A song without lyrics is called a "vocalise". And nobody does it better than Dimash.


superbe vocalize ,,number one in the world


HolaTe fal escuchar,
Adagio Confessa diva dance,, Autunm strong,, Daibrek Opera2,, the Show más go on,, Ikanaide the History one skay Love is like drinae!!!!!!!


There are many songs by this name and each is unique. This one was composed by Igor Krutoy for Dimash.


Composed by Igor Krutoy (Jewish) and sung by Dimash (Muslim) as a tribute to Mary the Mother of Jesus. They know that words are not worthy of her, she is so Divine.


А что писать то? Какой комент оставить? Воистину Аллах велик.


Спасибо за реакцию


Димашик самый лучший и любимый вокалист мира, обожаю его творчество 👍❤️🔥


Tienes que escuchar ikanaide


Lead vocalist of heaven's choir loaned to us for a time?




Надо мир спасать


Thanks for your reaction. Please listen to Love is like dream ❤️ or his last project The story of one sky. Amazing






Ty for a wonderful reaction. Hugs from Sweden.


It's hard to put emotion into words and then you realize he just did it, in music for you. What a precious gift and thank you.


Чудеса всетаки есть. И ДИМАШ ОДНО ИЗ НИХ.


I like your reaction and i love your hair 😉
Dimash is amazing what more i can say? his voice is like an angel.


It’s AVE María (Hail Mary in Latín) The Music composed to be sung in masses, used to include an Ave María and each Classic composer had a diferent Music with The same lyric (The Hail Mary prayer) Igor componed a versión of FRANZ Shubert’s Ave María for Dimash without lyrics since as I said, It’s always The same.


Me suscribo, pero solo escucho a Dimash, Yanett Paci de Venezuela


Listen to daybreak please
Read the story behind it before ( there’s 2 versions. Chose the one on which he had white clothes )




Der beste Song von dimash ist sein neuer Song " the Story of one sky".


Димаш - само совершенство..


Gossebumps each time I listen to it... And once more with you...






ah-vay Maria. Means Hail Mary. Words are not worthy of the Mother of Jesus. My new favorite holiday song.


Hola saludos desde Córdoba Argentina. ..reacciona a la versión de Stranger en shine super brothers.. en live te volará la cabeza


This is a new version by Igor Krutoy


Интересно было бы посмотреть реакцию на видео ,где Димаш поет вместе с родителями... Спасибо вам за такую музыкально грамотную реакцию. Не так уж и много музыкально образованных реакторов 💌


Its dimashe n1 active -3 bas to +5 D8


ДИМАШ 😙😚😙😚😙💜💛❤💚💙💖


Como católica y bien católica universal apostólica!!!estos no creen en la madre de Jesús!!!ni DIMASH menos krutoy el pianista!!!!EL AVE MARIA fue escrita por un monje católico año 1050 y la música por un obispo católico año 1857 !!hablamos del siglo ya desde su letra fraces por el monje y otras sacada de la biblia !!!LA cantaban a capela y hasta que se hizo la música!!!me da risa cuando dicen que es de krutoy y DIMASH !!!para DIMASH solo es poner la voz en melismas y krutoy nada de música por esto es un TEMA ANGÉLICA!!EL AVE MARIA !!!no es alabanza es mucho más divino a la madre de nuestro señor y no mientan cosas que no saben !!SU PRÍNCIPE A UTILIZADO EL AVE MARIA PARA LUCIR SU VOZ EN CAPELA Y PUNTO!!!!ES UN TEMA ANGÉLICA AVE MARÍA Y TIENE AUTOR DE LETRA Y MÚSICA!!!!Y COMO NO LES IMPORTA HUZAN ESTE TEMA ANGÉLICA AVE MARÍA !!!PARA ESO Y NO SE DEBE !!!DERECHO DE AUTOR ES EL VATICANO. OJO CON ESTO !!!Y PODEMOS GANAR DINERO POR URSUPAR LA LETRA Y LA MÚSICA!!!!CUIDADO CON LOS COMENTARIOS!!VITAS HIZO ESTO A DIMASH POR CANTAR OPERA 2 !! Y NO LA CANTA MÁS !!!PORQUÉ NO? EL VATICANO VE ESTO QUE HACEN NO POR LO QUE HACE MELISMAS ES POR DECIR!! !!MUSICA Y LETRA DE KRUTOY Y LETRA NO HACE !!!PORQUÉ ES SOLO MELISMAS LO ESTÁ MAL ES DECIR QUE ES DE ESTOS DOS !!!ES DE UN OBISPO Y UN MONJE OK? GRACIAS 👍🙂


Trilogia Stranger +Fly Away +Ave Maria a avut premiera la festivalul New Wave 2021, unde Dimash a făcut parte din juriu! Trei genuri muzicale diferite, trei mesaje pentru omenire! ✌️


Me acabo de suscribir por el Gran Dimash. Saludos desde Chile




React Dimash - Olimpico and React Dimash Qudaibergen & Aida Garifullina - ULISSE


React Dimash - Olimpico and React Dimash Qudaibergen & Aida Garifullina - ULISSE


Hello from Kazakhstan! 👋🇰🇿
Thank you for your reaction to Dimash! Please listen to his songs "Unforgettably day at the CAKKU 2017 consert", "Know" New Wave 2019, Mademoiselle Hait", "Olimpico" consert Arnau, Ave Maria.


You just fell down a deep rabbit hole, Sir. Get ready for a wild ride!! Watch more of Dimash's performances will not be sorry you did. 🙂


Can someone Tell me what happened to other old dude? Just curious.


No words or adjetives to describe such a beauty … sublime…. ethereal. Igor and Dimash gave us the most precious piece of art. 🔝🔝 Dimash’s voice is indescribable beautiful 🌹🌹


Ни в коем случае не возвожу Димаша в разряд Кумира, но факт в том, что невозможно слушать его фоном. Вот чтобы не делала, если слышу пение Димаша, сразу останавливаюсь, не просто вслушиваюсь в голос, я его впитываю всеми клетками организма, и когда пение окончено, я как по щелчку возвращаюсь в реальность. Его Творчество обладает нереально силой!!! Слушать Димаша - это как прикоснуться к Прекрасному, это не земное общение, а возвышенное, душевное. Спасибо, Димаш, что делаешь нас лучше своим Творчеством❤️


Dimash ❤es absolutamente increíble y en vivo la experiencia es espectacular!!


This song was premiered the same day as Stranger. It was composed by Igor Krutoy at the request of Dimash. Thank you for your reaction. ❤️🙏🕊


Димаш ❤❤❤💐💐💐👍👍👏


Dimash wanted a prayer for the world, so he called up Igor Krutoy and this is the magic they made. A Christian hymn, composed by a Jewish man, and sung by a Muslim man. Truly, a prayer for the world “Ave Maria”is a variation adapted to Dimash's voice in order to explore only the three opening notes and changing the fourth note to a higher note. At the end, the advanced vocal technique:“Messa Di Voce “ (from Italian Bel Canto technique) at the last note sustained 15 seconds on the note C6 . Swell, increase and decrease the volume but don’t change the pitch, it is extremely difficult and only pro vocalists with years of training can do it. Singing on whistle and super head voice with SOFT SOUND IS SO HARD TO DO, harder than loud whistle note!


Yes Stunning. Universal. Continue to enjoy exploring Dimash's work.




Like to Gabriel Ángel in the Anunciacieton




Hermoso Dimash canta como los dioses


Спасибо👏Удивительный Димаш, неповторимый 💥❤️🙏❤️❤️


Dimash es Dimash 💯💯🇨🇷❤️🇨🇷


Спасибо большое за реакцию. ДИМАШ Совершенство.


He seems so incredibly vulnerable, like he opened up to us, and held nothing back, nothing closed. What a moving, touching performance.


Bro ponle traducción por favor,


This song was composed specially to Dimash by Igor Krutoy! Is only vocalize no lyrics! But we don't need it to feel all the the emotions and goosebumps! He is really amazing, like an angel singing on earth 🌎! Dimash is pure music and emotions! 🙏🥰


Eloise Hablizel says: “Ave Maria” by conductor Igor Krutoy is a variation on the opening theme (not the introduction, but the singing part) of Schubert's melody adapted to Dimash's voice in order to explore only the three opening notes and changing the fourth note to a higher note: Like a leap from "dark to light" which is the same contrast as Dimash's outfit (dark to light - Ying Yang)! Wonderful! Also reminiscent of the "Ave Maria" version of Russian V. Vavilov (Caccine) Only Dimash could sing a wordless song and bring you to tears

I just love Dimash voice. He can do wath ever he whants to. He did ask Igor Krutoy (that played the piano) about 2-3 monthes before this show to do a version of Ave Maria! Whenever you see Igor on the piano you know he has composed it1 he often look at Dimash to see when and where he is gonna end a not or something els so he can play the songs notes at the right time.
Dimash can hold longer notes than this!! In one song he dose 1 breath singing abouth 24 secounds notes from low to high to run after run!! Also he dosent alwayes go high upp in notes in every song!! The song "OKEY" he dosent but youre in the song anyway listening tens to what is he gonna do this tme becosue he dose everything with emotions and the MV to that one gives us so mutch to think about and woundering about! I just love everything he dose.

Dimash Qudaibergen "Okay"
In the words of Alina Veripya, the video director and writer of the script : “This is a very beautiful and deep love story that takes place during the years of Stalin’s repressions. In this horror, in this piercing cold, in this crime, the love of two people is born, as if they did not come from this world. And they are so pure, so beautiful in their feelings, that no darkness can extinguish this light." On the question of location, the team made an unanimous decision to shoot the MV in St. Petersburg, because no other city could convey the flavor of the harsh and terrible year of > 1937. Their love story is invaded, and broken by NKVD (old name for KGB), representatives of the regime`s power, who could pick on you for any reason, take anything from you, throw you in jail, legally execute you, and even assassinate you, shoot you in the back. The officer represents power, so he can claim anything he wants, and he can get away with anything. It`s not about forbidden love, it`s about the attitude of people representing power in an authoritarian regime, to destroy, reduce a "world full of color" down to only "a flash in the sky". The switch back and forth between images of the happy couple and images of the girl being pestered by the NKVD officer, has the purpose of highlighting the contrast between the sun-lit beauty of good and love, and the grim-colored ugliness of evil intentions. The subject of the story is the fate of beauty, good and purity under an oppressive regime, and the self-entitlement of evil, that puts it`s brutal stamp over it, with the gunshot. The screen going black before the gunshot helps keep the focus on the attitude of evil, who doesn`t know to do anything other than hurt, successfully or not - instead of who the NKVD agent managed to hit or not. That gunshot remains ringing in the dark, making it timeless, leaving us with a bitter taste, and making it a powerful reminder of historical brutality.

Screaming | Idol Hits 2019 Just wait and see what he dose in this!! hihihi I beth you never thought he could do this!

Golden MV
River of Love ft. Renat Gaissin This you havent heard at al jet!!!

Episode 2 :'Opera 2' in Russian!
The best moment in this show was just after Dimash started thanking everyone and saw his father there. He didn’t know he was there. Just after they got out of that room Dimash turns to his father and asks if he did good! When Dimash was gonna go in to the other contestants he again turned to his father and asked him if he done good! That’s the kind of man he is humble, loving and respectful.
Episode 3 : 'The Show Must Go On' In English You have never heard it like this!
Episode 4 : 'Late Autumn' In Mandarin!!! He learned this song in 1 week in mandarin to thank the warm welcome from the Chinese people. Gloria Wu's channel has back-story on what the song is about.


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