Reaction to Daft Punk – The Writing of Fragments of Time

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Daft Punk “The Writing of Fragments of Time” from the album “Random Access Memories”.

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Viewers Comments

I'm new to your channel and I'm curious to know your reaction to 'Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez' which feels like a 70s or 80s song.


This, fragments and Giorgio are my favorite, its so different that it works


This is part of the 10th Anniversary edition of Random Access Memories, which is sharing 35 minutes of new content (outtakes and demos) from the RAM album. Give Life Back to Music Outtakes is the other song thats out currently from it, it's all out on May 12th.

Fragments of Time did already come out with the original album in 2013.


Please react to the whole album its a masterpiece and very much appreciated by the critics


Hi ❀ Great video. I hope yinz have a safe & fun weekend. 😊


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