Reaction to Hailee Steinfeld – SunKissing

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Hailee Steinfeld “Sunkissing” from the album “Sunkissing”.

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Hey guys, I’m Michael. Welcome to Two Old Dudes.

We are glad you’re here today. I am Michael. Producer Perry is behind the camera and we are gonna react to songs we have never heard before, just for you. But in the meantime, Perry Kiss is coming in concert, knocked. October to Nashville. I am super stoked, but apparently you’ve got like, like if you wanna get in early, you gotta put part of the, uh, KISS Army, which like costs like 50 bucks.

So you gotta spend 50 bucks so you can get in earlier to get a ticket. I’m afraid we’re not going to get any tickets. If anyone out there has any KISS tickets, I really, really want to go. So hit us up please. Uh, After that, I, I just, I had to ask Right. You never know. The, the, the lightness of from above may come down and all bless us with KISS tickets.

Uh, Haley Steinfeld, I’ve never heard of Haley Steinfeld and, um, them name of this song is Son Kissing. I wonder if she’s a new artist. Never. Well, who knows? Hit me, Haley. I had a tree. We were underwater. Oh, that’s cool. Counting and nice. I’ve had a feeling there’s something up above. Maybe it’s

funny. Fascinating. Fellow or baby chick. Let go. Oh, I like that. First of all, let’s just get past the video. Uh, this girl’s just staring at me, so I’m gonna guess this is probably a new song or a brand new artist who doesn’t have any money to do a music video, which is absolutely fine cuz so far I’m digging the song and the whole California part is cool cuz that’s where I am from.

But loving her voice, especially when she went up in her register, was really soft and nice.

Here we calling swimming every summer. Oh, this is a cool song you just have in the car. Singing next to you are the one

Funny. I am funny follower, baby chick, my.

This is fun.

I love it when she goes high like that. It is just so sweet.

I was a sweet little song. Uh, I like that. I don’t know. What’s got into me, maybe it’s just the spring, the sun’s coming out and it’s nice and warm outside and really loving it. But all of a sudden these songs are just like, I don’t want to, there’s not a lot for me to react to really, cuz I just get into such a little vibe that I’m just kind of grooving with it.

Um, Haley, uh, Steinfeld. I don’t know who she is. Um, if she has an album or something, hey, fill us in and let, let us know, uh, what else she does, cuz I really like that song. That was very, very cool. Uh, anyway, like comments, subscribe. Let us know what you want to hear down on the comments. Uh, if we miss anything where you can fill us on the details, we always appreciate hear from you guys, so you’re always awesome.

Awesome. Uh, we have a Patreon and that’s where you go to the Patreon page and you sign up and for. $2 a month, you get all this special stuff, like a video or a picture or maybe another video. But go there. It’s honestly, it’s just a way to help support the channel because you know, it’s a reaction channel.

It doesn’t do anything and we just do it for fun. So we appreciate you being here and we will have more next time. And I don’t know what it is because I don’t know anything, but I’ll be back. See ya.

Viewers Comments

I beg you to react to 911 by Lady Gaga


React to Melanie’s new video death


can you make reaction to some polish music for example: chivas anyzowe zelki


Really good reaction. I'm sure on the older spectrum of the reactions you're getting (I still have my orginal copy of the Peter Criss Kiss album) and I liked how you picked up on the joyful vibe of the song.
Hailee's interesting. She gets almost no promo from her record label but releases fun songs. Her fans are her best promoters.
She's best known as an actress. "True Grit" is fantastic; one of the best "child" roles I've ever seen. She's done some fluff movies as well, like the "Pitch Perfect" series and "Bumblebee" - a fun Transformers movie. "Edge of Seventeen" is fantastic. If you like film performances, this is an under-seen gem. With Hailee? I always have the feeling she is one song or one movie away from huge success. It's both frustrating and thrilling to watch from afar.


She is an actress as well! An oscar nominee & part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hoping you can react more of her music. Love your video!


Hailee isnt a new artist she has been around for awhile and she is also a actress.


Let Me Go (feat. Florida Georgia Line, Alesso, and watt) is a great song.


What happened to lee?


Hey guys I love the videos and wanted to recommend an artist that I don’t think you’ve reacted to before. I think you guys would like the song river by Leon bridges. He has a good voice and I would appreciate if you guys would react to him.


Yay! I almost forgot it was Tuesday. Great video guys. Nice song. Have a great rest of your week.❤😊


"Starving", "Coast", "Back To Life" & "Most Girls" are some good ones too, but her sampling (also the basis for Nicki Minaj's first charting single "Your Love") of Annie Lennox's cover of The Lover Speaks "No More I Love Yous", called " I Love Yous" is one of my favorites of hers.

Hailee is not only an accomplished singer, she's had a very extensive successful career as an actress, since childhood. She's been nominated (Screen Actors Guild/Oscar/Critics Choice best supporting actress & BAFTA leading actress for "True Grit") & won multiple awards (Peabody/"Dickinson" & Young Artist Award "True Grit"), plus she played Clint Barton's irascible protege Kate Bishop in "Hawkeye" & is the current voice of Gwen Stacy in thr Spiderverse animated films.

Also her uncle is Jake Steinfeld, aka Jake the Body known for his successful exercise program Body by Jake, and has dabbled in acting too, one of his roles being in "Into The Night" with Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfeiffer & David Bowie.


Can you react to the new album of Melanie Martinez “portals”


Hailee has two EP's out from a few years ago, Haiz and Half Written Story. She's also done quite a few random collabs and songtracks over the years. She's an actress so she hasn't had time to release an album, but has committed the last year to music and seems determined to finally release that debut album. This song and Coast will probably be singles on that album.


Please continue reacting to Melanie Martinez music 🙏


She's not a new artist. She has a good amount of songs out. Sunkissing just came out which is why there isn't a music video yet. I recommend Coast next which there is a music video to


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