Reaction to Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary

Two Old Dudes Presents: Blind reaction to trending songs on TikTok! Lady Gaga “Bloody Mary” from the album “Born This Way”.

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they really just reacted to the sped up version lmfao and of course with wednesday dancing in the background


i'm not a lady gaga fan but i think this version with gaga's song is better than the one on the show, the song falls perfectly on wednesday's dance moves


no normal bloody mary reaction video=no like


React to Harry’s House album


React a taylor swift lavender haze


Hi all, this is a great ending to this week. Great video & song. Have a great weekend & be safe.


Ugh this is the sped up version :/
I thought this was gonna be the actual song .


Very cool


the sped up version is fun, but I highly recommend the song as it's normal speed


pls react to some michael jackson




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