Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Drama Club

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to Track 06 “Drama Club” from Melanie Martinez’ 2019 album “K-12”.

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Did anyone ever get the idea that the principal is management/her manager and fans are going after the management?


Love the reactions! Would love to see a reaction to THE WAY I SEE THINGS- LIL PEEP. Short and powerful piece I think you would love it.


Thanks for watching my girl Melanie always appreciated


In a later video you said you guys reacted to Class Fight but it’s not on your page πŸ™


This was awesome!! you guys should totally react to β€œfire drill” by Melanie as well


So allegedly this song was a response to her best friend accusing Melanie of $exu@l @ss@ult for clout and her 10 minutes in the spotlight so the idea that she’s responding to people creating a false narrative (because the friend later admitted it was a lie) makes a lot of sense πŸ™‚


where is Lee?


where my other man at??


Thanks for your reactions


There is a flick that accompanies this music...


Where is the nurses office reaction?


If you watch her movie, they were teaching that women couldn't be president, etc. So i thought that it was more about the feminism. And that history can be changed.
Happy Holidays
Greets from the Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡± 🫢


YEEESSSS I love drama club ack ack 😭😭


Hi all, I'm so happy to see yinz today. It's 2Β° here in Pittsburgh. I'm ready to move to a warmer state. Lol Great video! Great song! Love yinz all! Stay warm & safe! Have a great weekend everyone.πŸ₯°πŸ˜Š


Yay I love this album so much!! Thank you so much for reacting to K-12 😁




In case you missed it, Track 5 "Nurse's Office" was posted on our Patreon Thanks!


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