Reaction to Melanie Martinez – High School Sweethearts

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Patreon Exclusive! Two Old Dudes react to Track 12 “High School Sweethearts” from Melanie Martinez’ 2019 album “K-12”.

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I want a loving father so much fr




This one is my favorite


Also at that time everything it's so intense, like everything it's "if you don't want marriage why are we dating?" "If you cheat you will die" like everything is blown out of proportion, so everything it's a little exaggerated


Y’all should definitely listen to her after school ep before her new album comes out this year


Awesomeee 🫶


Please have your dad check out training wheels I think he'll love her voice in there




you got to watch the K-12 movie and it will all make sense


Could you guys do the 3 ep extra crybaby clutter ep, dollhouse ep, after school ep, and gingerbread man


I just binged the playlist and I'm on time for another video lol


One of my favorite songs from this album <3 i love melanie so much, thanks for this one!


Yay! It's Friday! Hope everyone has a great day & even better weekend. Great song, great video. Stay safe everyone.


This is my favorite Melanie song. Nothing tops..."if you f me over, i will rip your f face off" while singing it so angelic. When you mentioned how you aren't sure how it ties in. I think she's said in an interview that most of the time, she picks a theme and the song titles first and then writes the lyrics to each. I think for this album she is giving her personal explanation of what her standards were if she was back in high school.


I looove this song!


You know, now you three can to go to Recess 😉, and then, After School, it is a must now


Where teachers pet


Fact about Melanie: she's currently dating her crush from highschool (not since highschool but they're friends since back then) and he was her first kiss💗


I love you are looking for the bigger meaning of High School Sweethearts,


Some guys need a manual... If only we would use it


Can’t wait for Recess my all time favorite song from the album ❤


I love your reactions. I wish you a good new year.:)


Track 11 "Teacher's Pet" is posted on our Patreon

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