Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Orange Juice

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to Track 09 “Orange Juice” from Melanie Martinez’ 2019 album “K-12”.

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Если это лучшая песня,то как выглядит худшая? Перед этим мяуканьем, я смотрела реакцию этого же автора на песню Элвиса Пресли в исполнении Дианы Анкудиновой....Как можно сравнивать огромный водопад с маленькой лужицей......


I love this channel ❤️


It’s about eating disorder for girls 👧 they think 🤔 they’re fat so they don’t eat anything and they think 🤔 they have to be really really skinny to be beautiful 😍 but it’s really really scary 😱 because they are starving themselves to death ☠ it’s happened in every school 🏫 and lots of girls 👧 and boys have died from starvation because of body shame 😭


Spoiler for those who haven't watched the full K-12 movie:

There was a monologue that was supposed to be at the end of this song in the movie itself. It makes more sense in the context of the movie as a whole. So the girl featured was a different girl, not the one Melanie was friends with in the beginning songs. The one in this video was basically in the bullying girls' friend group (the one who Melanie vanquished while they were in the tree from the Wheel's on the Bus video). The bully was forcing the newer girl to be bulimic to fit the ideal standards of the group. To have blonde hair (hence the wig), to be thin, etc. Everything that societal standards suggest a girl have. Every girl that represents these standards is featured with blonde hair in the film. Every girl seen with darker hair is basically those who go against "idealized beauty standards." And Melanie is shown with blonde and darker split hair because she is walking the line of trying to figure out what friend group she belongs in. When the bully was in the tree, she was planting all of those ideas in her head (when she was turning her own ideas into orange juice). When they swapped eyes, Melanie was basically commenting that the girl's perception of herself was not what everyone else saw. So she was showing the new girl how she viewed her by giving her, her own eyes. Melanie was trying to show the girl that she didn't need to try so hard to fit into a toxic friend group when she could just be herself in Melanie's friend group, and they would love and accept her as she was. Melanie and her friends saw how she was different like them because she too had black eyes and could make things float (this is shown in the movie just before this song happens). Then when they were in the bathroom together, that is when Melanie saw an opportunity to help and befriend her. In the following scene after Melanie's monologue about acceptance, she joined Melanie's friend group to eat with them in the cafeteria. Also, people tend to miss that during the intervention with the school counselor, the new girl has two mothers <3 This is one of my favorite songs, videos and messages <3


Did you guys skip Lunchbox Friends or is it just on the Patreon?


You guys should do Lana together starting with her earliest album!!! If you guys enjoy Melanie, Marina and Lana would def suit you guys. 🎉 sending my love ❤




Thanks for reacting 🙋


Treating the Orange like the King/Queen so good xD


Happy Friday to everyone. Great song & great video. So happy to see yinz today. I love this series. I'll be sad when it's over.


Melanie's talents are mind blowing when you stop to think about it. She can write songs, sing, play several instruments, choreograph, write and direct every music video she's been in. It's all her own ideas, and that's what makes her music/art so powerful.


One of her most meaningful songs


When you gonna tell us where Lee is?


I love it when you guys react to Melanie Martinez’s songs shes my favourite singer!


In case you missed it, Track 08 "Lunchbox Friends" was posted on our Patreon


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