Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Show & Tell

Melanie Martinez Marathon!
Two Old Dudes react to Track 04 “Show & Tell” from Melanie Martinez’ 2019 album “K-12”.

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just realized there was no class fight reaction one of my favs 🥲


Aw dang, Class Fight is gone :[


Love it love to see Madison’s pov too I’d love to see y’all listen to billie eilish her guitar songs tv and the 30th but I’m sitting here rn binge watching this marathon absolutely great keep up the amazing videos ❤❤❤❤


This song hits differently for me, I've been a Melanie Martinez fan since I was 11 and during 2017 when she was going through a major controversy I stayed as a fan because the accusations didn't make any sense and it hurt seeing so many people hating on her when they had no proof.

She's a human who made a mistake that's just what I saw

Nowadays I'm seeing many celebrities either retiring, quitting, or walking on eggshells because of the people hating or harshly criticizing them and it's just sad


Awww I just got her same Johnny Cash shirt from Target for my situationship partner lol


you guys have stopped reacting to lana del rey
she was the one who paved the way for such type of music to the mainstream


I really love your guy’s reactions, you guys are awesome 😄


Melanie never release a song if she doesn't have a music video or visual in mind for it (:


Love your thoughts and insight. Saludos desde México. And yes, Melanie is so brave and honest and true to herself.


You two are my comfort people 🙂 also so happy you’re doing the K-12 album, I love it to bits!


hey guys ever listen as it was by Harry Styles? please react to it if u havent listen it


YAY! It's Tuesday. So glad to see yinz back. Hope everyone is staying warm. 😊


Class fight?


Melanie nunca decepciona, ansioso pelo new album🇧🇷


Check out Selah Sue ❤️




I love ur reactions.




Hey everyone! The next song "Nurse's Office" is posted on our Patreon


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