Reaction to Miley Cyrus – Flowers

Two Old Dudes Presents: Blind reaction to trending songs on TikTok! Miley Cyrus “Flowers” from the album “Endless Summer Vacation”.

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The lords of copyright have blocked this video is some countries 😢.


One single rose with a bow and a personal msg in a card is more special than a bunch of roses like you couldn’t be arsed and just grabbed them on the way home 👍


It is said this was her ‘Up yours’ song to Liam!!! 😂 “Look at what you lost!” 👊


From what I've heard the suit shes wearing was Liam's. This whole video is like a middle finger to Liam 😆
Go Miley!
She won a grammy for this song. I love her sass in the grammy performance.


His name is Christopher Walken


I'm loving your reactions ❤


That's Liem's suit she put on😍❤


You guys should watch Metallica and Miley Cyrus on the Howard Stern show.


John Travolta


Bye oldies, i see you like miley. No one has reacted to Hands of love yet. Try it. Best regards.


She was forced to do things by herself. Didn't have a choice. He decided to go hungrygames.


I don’t know if those stories about him are true, I tend to demand stronger evidence than just someone saying it’s so online. But if the guy indeed rented houses for the sole purpose of infidelity, that’s borderline sociopathy, isn’t it? I mean, that’s beyond extracurricular.


Christopher Walken was a dancer for real before he picked up acting. So it makes sense that Fatboy Slim should ask him to do a video for him. A classic, it’s beyond cool.


Your thinking of Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slims music video. I got the same vibe.


Finally someone makes the Christopher Walken connection!!!!!!!!!!


She also released this song on Liam's birthday.


The suit is Liams


Enjoyed the review. She probably meant Irish festival St. Patrick's Day? That involves a copious amount of booze for sure.


She released the song in Liam’s birthday from what I hear


Liam sounds like someone with narcissistic traits...This is the best revenge on a narcisssist!


I’m not a huge fan of hers. But like a few tunes she does.

This one is cool for what they did with the chorus….taking the chorus of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” and add her own twist on them. Very cool🎼🤘🏾


Thanks for getting it, the music, the sets, the dress, etc.


Bruno Mars song reversed!! Dedicated to her by the jerk!!!


Mile brought back the true music! THIS IS MUSIC!


So Liam dedicated the song “when I was you man” by Bruno mars to Miley. She responded by creating this song which is direct response to that song, and she got permission from Bruno as well. Each lyric is reply to the lyrics in Bruno’s song.


christopher Walken - praise you.......fatboy slim


The Dance at the end is The Hokets Dance which is Liams fave movie. The suit she wore was similar to the one Kuan wire on the Red Carpet when he told Miley to behave. The wirkoutbis one Lism had videoed that workout at the same house. The chorus payed omage to the Bruno Mars dedicated to Miley at their wedding. So much symbolism through out the song!


Look up the lyrics of Bruno Mars "When I Was Your Man" (her ex's favorite Romantic song). Then with those up, replay the Chorus of this song. You'll notice a deliberate resemblance... one might say an inversion.


React a taylor swift lavender haze


I'd love to hear your daughter's thought to the actual video! Like...does she like it? Her thoughts on the fashion, dance moves?


the suit she is wearing at the end is the one Liam wore to a red carpet even when he told her to behave and also apparently her dance in the suit is the Joaquin Phoenix "joker" dance which was apparently Liams fav movie...


This is her villa Studio City in LA


There's never been any confirmation from either that there was any cheating by either of them.
*the burning house was either, or both, a reference to their actual home that burned down that prompted them to go forward with getting married and/or a metaphorical burning the relationship down.


Punksatony Phil is the groundhog.


My ex mother in-law told me, "Amy, you can do bad enough on your own, you don't need my son bringing you down! Get out while you can." This song & your comments made me thing of that.


How in the world did I miss this yesterday. Great video.


Podrian por favor, hacer una reaccion a la canción de After Dark, de Mr. KItty es una obra maestra.


When she said, "built a home and watched it burn." obviously could mean their relationship but they also literally had their house burn down in California during a wildfire in 2018. Also, I believe the disco vibe comes from it being an interpolation of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor.


The dance at the end is from the movie joker which he said he loves watching the movie with her and the jacket it the one he was wearing to the red carpet when she pretended to lick him and he told her to behave 😹


I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! FATHER AND DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP!!!! Your awesome!!! watching with your daughter and having fun....The reaction is honest . Thank you. You're a good man , your daugther is beautiful ... Both of you seem down to earth.


Loved your guys reaction!! The lady is lovely and love her input!!


I total said the first time I saw this that last dance scene reminded me of Christopher Walkin dancing in Fat Boy Slims’ Weapon Of Choice.


More Miley's reaction pleasee!! She deserves it, especially her live, she is SOD GOOOD


I am on my knees begging please react to Raye, she has been in the industry for years now and is very big within the UK but she has left her label as they weren't treating her the best, a whole story within itself. but she has independently released her new album My 21st century Blues and its honestly some of the best music ive listened to in a while 🙏


The jackwt was her exes from when he told her to be have and. the song is based on when i was your man and her ex dedicated that song to her so she used it against it


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