Reaction to Miley Cyrus – River

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Miley Cyrus “River” from the album “Endless Summer Vacation”.

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Viewers Comments

if she stopped going down the 90s Madonna route pf just flashing her bits and being 'raunchy' and just let her talent do the talking she could easily be one of the best, saw a video of her singing Jolene and its really good,


Where has Lee been for so long?


Hi ❤😊 Great video & great song. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Hope everyone is doing well.


I haven't really caught up. Can someone tell me where's the other old dude?


can u do Death by melanie??


Salió el nuevo álbum de melanie martinez "portals" espero pronto puedas reaccionar a ello. Por favor.




I’m new so just a question, what happened to the other Old Dude?


You're totally right about the vibe, it's actually inspired by blondie (debbie harry is actually miley's cousin / aunt, they're related) so it's like a homage, honoring the late 70's music scene. And if you take a deep look at the visual, there's a quick frame (easter egg) where you can see "nicki minaj", "lady gaga" and "queen elizabeth the 3rd" name popped up. Miley said in a recent interview with forbes that they spared her life in the music industry because they honor her sacrifices during hanah montana era. And the black and white is a homage to her late ex xxxtentacion, it's a well-made music video for sure


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