Reaction to RAYE – Escapism

Two Old Dudes Presents: Blind reaction to trending songs on TikTok! RAYE “Escapism” from the album “My 21st Century Blues”.

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She has a new single called "Genesis", it has a video as well, you should react to it


This is one of the most wholesome things I've seen on the internet in a while ❤❤❤❤


This song is so relatable. Its in the same vein of Chandelier by Sia. The older i get (early 40s) the more i feel this type of message. The self meditating is a real illness...


The ending of this video was so sweet and funny 😂


Hahahahahah, gotcha!!!


Would love to see this reaction with one of her friends.


Calling herself out there like that in the end😅😂


Grounded lol


Love you both!




Loved the realism on these 2 ahaha. Awesome father daughter relationship aparently


This last minute is a golden moment hahaha, wish you both the best


Really sad and good song


Oh 7 oh shake 😅


I love the father & daughter.. her dad definitely rock star look at that hair


Is that your daughter


I laughed at the end 🤣


The ending😂


Talk about telling on yourself towards the end of this reaction vid.


Missed yinz. So glad to see yinz. I'm sad I missed this the other day...but unfortunately I had a death in the family & didn't get to see this until now. Great video! Sending love to you all.


This girl has been there done that! She’s reminiscing 💯

RAYE was really mistreated by her old label and she wasn't allowed to release an album ever since she signed at 17 years old (she's 25 now).. she said she had hundreds of songs and albums sitting ready to be released but instead her songs were being handed to other artists on the label - and she wasn't allowed to release more than a couple singles a year.

She nearly gave up entirely on her dream (being an artist), but then she recently went independent and this song is from her debut album that came out last week. She's an amazing artist with such a sad story.


A great song by a great artist. She's been on the scene a while but this is from her debut album, definitely one of my favourite releases in a while.


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