Reaction to Sofia Isella – Us and Pigs

Two Old Dudes Presents: Blind reaction to trending songs on TikTok! Sofia Isella “Us and Pigs” from the album “Us and Pigs”.

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Unfortunately, there are men who will literally use, abuse, and sell their mother, sister, and daughter without the tiniest hint of remorse.


Please react to her new songs! They are all incredible!


You must react to Ren Hi Ren and Chinchilla Little Girl Gone
You will not regret it they are both breaths of fresh air and Ren got a #1 album in the UK


This song is amazing. Brings me to angry tears.


The girl in the video talking about how women have been viewed basically as ‘methods to have children and then now are useless’- I love this artist because of how (from my interpretation) she combines veganism with so many other social issues in this song which I feel like helps build relatability and understanding…So whilst talking about the lack of respect for women in this line (pump us full of sperm, so put us in a barn, us and pigs on a Mississippi farm, in nine months you’ll have a kid we won’t care about) it also kinda sheds light on the horrific way we treat animals. If it’s so degrading to compare a woman to a pig or a cow can we not see that perhaps it’s because of the degrading treatment towards these animals? Female dairy cows are forcibly inseminated and then made to have calves for as long as their bodies will allow and then are discarded when they can’t any longer so again as this girl says they are literally viewed as ‘methods to have children and then now are useless’. WOW.


You should react to her other song, everybody supports women


you are one of the only channels to react to her and i just have to thank you so so much. she may only have a handful of songs but every song is mind blowing


This music makes me feel out of control.


She just released “Everybody Supports Women” and I think it’s the realest song out there right now. She will be big. Mark my words! You guys should react to that one!!!


Would like to say on how she says “in all of human history women were treated like cattle” that’s not entirely true. It’s a cultural thing, First Nations had women respected and as our matriarchs and decision makers, the ones who held knowledge and were known for being the ones who knew more. Other groups have had wildly different takes on gender, “pagan” beliefs often held women in revered respect as the ones able to create life, and after they were unable to create life they weren’t thrown aside. That’s the culture that became dominant and killed the rest of us, but human history does have stronger and better takes on women.


My favorite lyric is the end, “but pull your own daughter out from the lineup” because it shows it’s way more messed up. They are completely aware that what they do is wrong and disgusting to the point where they don’t want their daughters involved and dealing with it. But they don’t care about other women, because they don’t know them. It’s like the other line where she asks if it has to happen to their family before they take it personal


getting some serious mocking jay vibes from this. If we do revolt, this will be the anthem for sure.


Her music is honestly amazing, she has a new song coming out in about 10 days I think yall might like!


Great new series idea! Keep it up!


I've missed yinz. I hate getting sick. It sucks. Great video. So glad to see your video....a little late.


I actually really like this song, I'm so happy you reacted to it 🙂


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