SMOOTH! Reaction to Zhou Shen “Huan Yan”

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Zhou Shen “Huan Yan” on The Voice of China

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Zhou Shen and Sa ding ding upwards towards the moon


Am i right about this guy and Dimars did a duett not long ago ?


Zhou Shen or Charlie is a huge star now in China. He was great then but wow, you should hear him now. Check out his song DaYu/Big Fish during a live performance from the Time Concert Series TV show. Another amazing duet with Sa Dingding with Upward to the Moon. Other great performances include Da La Beng Ba, Ring the Doorbell, Unravel etc. so much you can watch and none will disappoint.


Hi here is a link to more Zhou Shen, it has 3 songs the first is a medley of songs from Chinese drama's and the second is an English song '' Love of my life " Then Let it go in 9 languages & a bit of another song.


You should find more songs from Zhou Shen


His name is ". 周深 ”in Chinese words, hope you will open a file in your reaction list ❤🙏🙏🙏


Does anyone happen to know if there is a studio version of the Smiling Face (Huan Yan)? I wolud be very grateful for the link. Thank you!


This guy is very popular now in China 10years later since this audition took place


Charlie週深 monster think of me Melody Time to Say Goodbye bab Ri


Does anyone happen to know if there is a studio version of the song?


Oh Bravo! Surprise to see this video! Amazing voice!


he was born in 1992. and he was 21 years old in this competition. amazing voice


More more more Zhou shen please, you won’t be disappointed


My favorite English song by Zhou Shen is 'Time to say goodbye'.


The best is coming


He is singing a song written by the judge that turned around first. The original singer of this song is the sister of that judge many years ago. I am so touched by Zhou Shen's voice, I had tears in my eyes. His voice touched my heart and soul.


Please react to more songs of Zhou Shen


Call him Chalie, that is his stage English name from now on.


Zhou Shen pronounce as Joe sun. Or just call his English name Charlie.
Pet name is Shen Shen, walking CD player. Song killer. Just give him a stage he’ll send you on the most colourful emotion adventure. He will be 30 in September this year. In this competition he was 21. His voice didn’t crack during his puberty, that’s why his voice got stuck between child voice and female voice.
As for song you may like will be blue jeans from Lana
Only singer combine bel canto with country rock. ‘My heart knows no fear’. Beautiful but lame opening for me but he finally got it going in the middle so wait for it.
Just like fire from Pink the mad hatter in Alice in the wonderland.
For Halloween drama Song of Heavenly Island. He sang this in Chinese but was based on English version of Lizz Robinett’s hide and seek.
My most favourite Knock on the door and listen to yourself. Love his bad ass make up too.
Also Baby Good-bye. He mixed this in 3 style of music and 3 different type of singing. Classic with the violin, Russian music and rock in the chorus.
Charlie always love to mix and match you’ll never get tire of him.




The song's original singer is Qi Yu from Taiwan, who happens to be the elder sister of the judge that first pushed the button. The two sister/ brother are extremely popular and influential in both Taiwan and mainland China in the 1980's


Zhou Shen was 22 here in 2014, he was eliminated on the first challenge I think because they didn't think any one would except some one with a voice like his. Now he is one of the biggest stars in China


It was at a very late timing of the blind audition and every judge had little quota so they were carefully selecting, that's why it took so long for them to turn🤣 Also, I think they know the song and knew there were higher notes and they might have been waiting to turn after making sure he really hit the highest notes🤔
In the competition, he did not make it to the finals, he was eliminated early, but he is now one of the most successful singer in China🤣 True gold shines no matter what🥰


Please look for Zhou Shen's song named Memory or Eyes on me or Let It Go. Excellent performance


So many good song from him,, watch more


This performance is about 8-9 years agon. His first stage performance to public. Now he's already a super super superstar in China. And his voice is developed much more mature or say as perfect as an AI. He can sing with any pitches, with any music styles.


If you want to hear something very special then you should listen to Tengri - Heaven.


Please react more of zhoushen ❤️


This is the very first song from Zhou Shen on TV show. his singing is not as mature as now, but also amazing


Love him.


young guys 30 now-

ig his name is pronunced more like "joe shen" but his english name is charlie

im think voice of china got called out by an old jude or sth for being unfair but im not entirely sure

this song is i think his first stange preformance (2014) hes improved a lot since then

his voice and skills really paid off now hes a really popular singer in china and also hes really funny on variety shows

he didnt make it into the finals for some reason (i still think he should've won but whatever) but the internet pretty much attacked the one who ended up voting him off sooooo


Hi! Thank you for the reaction to Zhou Shen.
His name is pronounced more like Chow Shen. I hope you do some more songs of his! Like Ring The Doorbell, and also Big Fish (live performance).


So beautiful, so tender, so emotional, so powerful. WHAT a Talent! 🤣 Love Zhou Shen.😍
BTW - What you are doing is so important. The US Audience needs to break out of their insular music industry - ever narrowing genre marketing - bubbles, and discover- and benefit from - the creative powerhouse that international artists are exploring/ delivering. 😃


Thank you for your reaction to Zhou Shen his first stage performance in 2014. He has gone on to become a superstar in China. Please check out more from this incredibly talented artist!!


If you think Zhou Shen was good in those years, search for his recent performance, he has improved such a lot. He is gifted with a voice of angels.


love Zhou Shen💞💞💞




Zhou Shen is a great singer and very talented! I suggest you to react to Hua Chen Yu another great artist. Seven personalities: , Qi Tian , Bullfight: or any one you pick. They all are masterful. I will be waiting!


Please do more reactions of Zhou Shen because he is worthy of listening ❤. Thank you
Can you please do Paradise Island by Zhou Shen? Thank you 🙏


Hola . Muchas gracias Por su reacción . Me gustaría que reaccione al grupo Forestella. Con su canción Bad Romance. Saludos desde Chile.


Zhou Shen is a treasure of the universe. I really enjoyed your reaction and I hope you will continue exploring more of his work! Some suggestions to check out... 'Ring The Doorbell', 'Song of Paradise Island', 'Doomsday Spaceship, w/Tang Hanxiao, Dalabengba, Big Fish... He's incredibly versatile and there are so many different genres/styles of music that he shines in. You really can't go wrong ❤


Thanks for reaching to Zhou Shen’s songs he is a treasure worth your explore.


Awesome Awesome Zhou Shen Amazing amazing as always ❤️ ♥️ 💖 😍 💕 💙 ❤️ ♥️ 💖 😍 💕 💙 ❤️


Thank you for this 😘


U r an awesome guy
Please watch he sings Baby & Big fish


He is special. I am thrilled at how you picked the incredible qualities of his voice. He is HUGE in China now. Try some of his english songs like Memory or Time to Say Goodbye. Thst is a good place to start. Can't wait for more. Do hurry 😁.


I understand your confusion on why the mentors didn’t hit the button instantly. The Voice of China has a very bad reputation for rigging. The production is notorious with acts of creating false conflicts. The mentors’ reaction here was mostly acting. They basically have a script to go along with the show.


His name is pronounce as "Joe Shen", "en" as in "end". Dalabengba is def one of my favorites and really hope you can react to it.


Many people feel that Hua Chenyu is the greatest artist in the world today due to his genius in merging genres into one song, re-composing covers, and his emotion on stage.
I hope you accept these suggestions into the layers of who and what Hua Chenyu is. Many begin their journey with "Nunchucks"
and then they move on to "Fake Monk" for something completely different. Fake Monk
To see how he delivers emotion into an audience take a look at either "I am what I am", and/or " Dear Friend". I Am (He only sings this song once a year) Dear Friend
To see him mentor a contestant in which they only have 24 hours to recompose a song, take a look at "Nanping Evening Bell" (a classic folk Chinese song) Begin at 7:05
In this competition, his competitor gets to choose the song that Hua Hua must reconstruct in 24 hours before his performance. The song chosen is the opening music to a famous Chinese TV show/movie "Journey to the West" or better known as Monkey King. The difficulty level of this project is that the opening music of Monkey King has no lyrics.
Hua Chenyu English Subs華晨宇海外翻譯推廣
Other recommendations you might enjoy:
Zhou Shen: Dalabangba
Zhou Shen: Ring the Doorbell
SoHyang: Bridge over Trouble Waters
Mongolian Boy: Mother in Heaven
Super Vocal Boys: The Sound of Silence
Marcelito Pomoy: The Prayer Live on the Wish Bus
Tengri: Heaven
Jim Nabors: Impossible Dream


Zhou Shen is absolutely amazing!


ShenShen didn´t change his voice range in puberty and got bullied and when studying in Ukraine he changed from his original studies to music and what a blast! He´s an amazing young man, he always has this angelic OR a little naughty smile on his face and sings as an just have to love him!

"Big Fish", the duet with Doris Guo is fantastic, they complete each other so well and the song is beautiful, my absolute fav. "Dalabengba", fun and showing his vocal range. Also check the duet with Sa DingDing out; "Upwards to the moon".


Intense competition in 2014 saw Zhou Shen eliminated by his singing companion in the song "贝加尔湖畔" (Lake Baikal) -- mostly because his mentor decided that Zhou Shen did not have the "look" of a superstar. Six years later when both became famed singers in their respective fields the duo came back together for another duet of the same song. Even though they both have very polished voice controls during their reunion singing, most people prefer the raw intensity of their first duet 6 years prior. Listen to both and take your pick:
1. Zhou Shen & Li Wei - Competition in 2014:
2. Zhou Shen & Li Wei - Reunion in 2020:


The name of this terrific singer is Zhou Shen, pronounced JOE shun. He is fabulous! This was his debut performance (in front of the camera) at the 2014 The Voice in China show. He was 22 years old. The first man (in the white tee shirt) who sat up, Chyi Chin, is the younger brother of the original singer, Chyi Yu, a female. Zhou Shen, also called Charlie Zhou, was a competitor at the 2018 singing competition Supervocal, with 36, yes 36 male singers, ages 18-38, the 2019 singing competition called Chinese Idol Our Song, and 2020 Singer. Dynamite! Enjoy!


U should react to his other songs, U’ll be amaze


You do choose the right one, thanks for reacting to Shen Shen's stage debut.

Thank you your reaction to this amazing talented Zhou Zhen

Famous song <<BIG FISH>> Zhou Shen


His name, Zhou Shen should be pronounced like "Joe Shun", "en" is pronounced like "under". He is a top singer in China now.


Big fish reaction! Plis tanks


So glad to see your reaction to this amazing talented Zhou Zhen. Since you are new to him, I strongly recommend you should check out "Big Fish" which this song has really made him big. There's many version of this song and they are all great, but I personally find the version which he duet with Guo is the best one. Hope to see your next reaction to Zhou Zhen soon. Cheers ✌️


Thank you for your reaction! You’ve find a treasure.pls keep going! His DA La BENG Ba has 24M watching on YouTube. Looking forward to your reactions!


love shenshen💗💗💗


Yo conocí la voz de Zhou Shen ♥️ hace unos meses y quedé Enamorada de El
Reacción a más videos de El .
En Asia hay mucho talento.


React his songs such as “ dalabengba”, memory, time to say good bye , and so many ❤️❤️❤️


Love zhoushen so much


try any of his recent songs, they are ALL great, amazing and absolutely beautiful.


Thank you for reacting to Zhou Shen's Huan Yan. This was his first performance on TV some 8 years ago. Thoughout these years, he has been working very, very hard emerging to become one of the (if not "the") most popular Singer/Artist. His skills and techniques have been improving. 42 new songs and more than a hundred performances this year alone. Out of which many have taken up Top Spot/s in Hit Charts in China, Malaysia and Taiwan. Continue to dig out more of his great performances (hundreds of them) in different genres and classes. Enjoy the journey ahead.


this show it's quite some years d. the first judge turns it's because the song was his sister's song and no one had done that song as it's not easy to sing. he did not win the competition as he was out during the battle between team member, he was not chosen. But now he's very famous in china, a lot of variety shows have him. the silky smooth of his voice is so angelic, there are many songs that he covered in variety shows that you should definitely must check them out,
1) Time to Say Goodbye
2) Memory (CATS)
3) Monsters
4) Dalabengba
5) Paradise Island Song
The list can go on and on and on... im sure other Zhou Shen fans will definitely recommend you more songs to react to. So glad that you found this rare treasure. Im looking forward to more zhou shen reactions.


Thanks for your reaction to zhou Shen. I highly recommend this song by zhou shen
Time to say goodbye


Welcome to the wonderful world of our angel voice Zhou Shen. He's amazing. Check out his duets with Sa Dingding "Upwards to the moon" and "Flower walking freely", also "The Song of Heaven Island", "Baby Goodbye", "Big Fish" (his siganture song) and "Memory" (from the muscial Cats).
To suggest someone new for your channel: Forestella. They are a crossover male vocal quartet form South Korea and the kings of beautiful harmonies. Their cover of Scarborough Fair would be a good start.


His voice is great. He likes to add Opera in his singing. I would recommend his "Time to say goodbye" , "Memory" ,"Think of me", "Star Fish" and "Big Fish" to you.


Iove Zhou shen 🥰


Now Zhou Shen is famous in china,Try he and Sha dindin sang "up to the moon"voice totally different.




Zhou Shen is a talented & great vocalist who able to sing in many voices & languages. I would like to recommend his "Time to Say Goodbye", "Memory", "Dalabengba", "My Only", "This is Me", "Think of Me", "Monster" & "Big Fish" for your reaction ❤❤❤


there is sooooo much more!!! this is quite a long time ago lol~ he is one of the biggest star in China rite now~~ Upwards to the Moon is quite shocking and also Ring the doorbell 😆


There are a lot more for you to explore about Zhou Shen, search on youtube


Thanks for your reaction. Zhou Shen's performance is amazing. He is the best👍👍


深深is amazing singer not only in China, but also in the world ! I love his songs so much! ❤❤❤


Zhou is pronounced like “joe”. This performance was one of his earliest. His voice keeps getting better and he isn’t afraid to sing virtually any style of music. You have to check out his other live performances- you won’t be disappointed!


他唱 memory 也非常好聽!




Zhou Shen is the BEST


I like your reaction video, thank you for making Zhou Shen's reaction video, Zhou Shen's singing is really like a dream, like fantasy, like reality, I hope you can enjoy other songs of Zhou Shen again


Really enjoying your channel and all the different kinds of music you react to, I'm being introduced to so many great new artists, including this video! Would love for you to check out some music from the band twenty one pilots, they're very unique, you might enjoy their song Stressed Out or Chlorine


You have a gold/diamond mine - hope you react and listen to as many of his songs as you can for all are beautiful - he has become even more phenominal. When singing duets he adjusts to the other singer and does not drown them out, he manages to showcase both voices through the song.


Very good reaction. That was Zhou When's TV debut in 2014. He is a super star in China.

Zhou Shen speaking voice sounds like a 11-13 years old boy although his singing voice naturally sounds like a soprano. His voice is soft, crystal clear and angelic.

I'd like to recommend few songs by Zhou Shen:
Time to Say Goodbye, (in Italian and English, beautiful and powerful), see ;

The Lonely Goatherd, from The Sound of Music, (versatile, fun and enjoyable), see ;

Memory (from the famous Musical Cats, in English and Chinese, soothing and emotional/touching), ;

20190622 "Think of Me" (in English) live fancam, see ;

For the new year's of 2021, "This Is Me"(in English), see

Monsters" (in English) at the TV show of: Singer 2020, see ;

"My Heart Will Go On", live streaming on the new year's celebration party(12-31-2020), see

Big Fish-大鱼, in Chinese, (beautiful and touching),, MV see ,

Duet version with Guo Qin, see ,

Solo version in Singer 2020, see ;

People in Love-天下有情人, Duet by Zhou Shen and Hacken Lee, in Chinese, (soothing and touching) see ;

Let It Go, in 9 languages, see , ,
(MV version made by Zhou Shen in Feb. 2014 before his TV debut),
(live stage performance from fancams, Jan. 4th of 2020) ;

Unravel, a Japanese anamie song, cover version by Zhou Shen, (strong and powerful), see ;

周深/木馬樂隊 - 她是黯淡星,Zhou Shen & Muma Band, "She Is A Bleak Atar", in Chinese, (enjoyable light rock style), see ;

Over the Rainbow-跨越彩虹,Trio by Zhou Shen, Wang Xi and Cai Rao, in English, (beautiful harmony), see ;

《达拉崩吧》(Da-La-Beng-Ba) at the Singer 2020, using 5 different voices, fun and enjoyable, see

"Upwards To The Moon" by Zhou Shen & Sa Dingding at The 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, see ;

《夕焼けの歌》-夕陽之歌-千千阙歌,Zhou Shen's version, 3 languages:Mandarin, Contonese and Japanese, see , ;

《画绢》, Painting on Silk, by Zhou Shen, in Chinese, (soothing, traditional Chinese style), from China Music TV, see ;

天堂島之歌 Welcome to Paradise Lost (LIVE),(in Chinese, but Gothic drama style),see;

"My Only", an English OST by Zhou Shen for a very hot Chinese TV drama 開端(RESET) OST, see
MV on YouTube ;

周深 《鲛人之歌》(Mermaids Song by Zhou Shen), in Chinese, see ;

"I See Us", an OST in English by Zhou Shen, see



Happy Veterans Day to all the brave men & women who fight for all of us. You're appreciated! 💙

Thank you for another great video! Yinz are the best! I hope you all have a great & safe weekend. ☺️


he also sang the mandarin promotion track for the Oscar winning del Toro movie The Shape of Water. prepare your Kleenex and feel the emotion


He’s classically trained as a tenor at the Lviv Conservatory in Ukraine. But he is naturally singing into the range of a countertenor.


His first stage appearance truly talented ! Super star in China now !


Thank you for your reaction to Zhoushen🥰You may like his song“Dalabengba”,which shows an interesting way to perform a song. Here is the link~Hope you enjoy it.


That was Zhou Shen 's first appearance on stage back in 2014 when he was 21 years old while studying Bel Canto at Lviv National Musical Academy in Ukraine (graduated in 2016).He wasn't systematically trained , that is his natural tone. It took alot of courage for him to come (producer's third attempt after hearing him on Bilibili) He was ridiculed when younger as his voice didn't change during puberty . Also just before he sang this song on this program he heard someone said that with his look can he sing? Even during the first few years of his career he still suffered as people say that his voice and looks isn't deem mainstream ; but he proved everyone were wrong with his hard work and perseverance because singing is his passion.


I believe that all other judges were waiting for the elder one to turn first and finally he did as the first judge to turn. They did so because the song Zhou Shen was singing was actually originally sung by the elder judge's sister, who was also a legendary singer in China several decades ago. I think he was struggled at the beginning since everybody knew that song and his sister. He made his turn only after he confirmed more details from Zhou's singing.


多謝係react 周深,他的歌聲能冶愈人的心靈👍他2014 年參賽唱的就是這歌,有空可多react 周深❤thanks


This was Zhou Shen’s beginning. He has so many amazing performances!! Please check out more from him!! Thank you for sharing!!


Welcome to Zhou Shen's family. FYI, all of Zhou Shen's performances have not been autotuned whatsoever and he always sings with a full open mic which not so many artists will do nowadays because of their abilities. By the way, you only listen to 1% of Zhou Shen's talents based on this video.
He can sing at least 12 different languages which included Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Russian, Ukraine, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, French, Italian, Thai, Spanish, etc........ He can even sing 6 different voices in one song. His music has so many different genres.
To tell you a bit about Zhou Shen's background. He is from China. He got bullied when he was young just because his voice didn't change when puberty came but that was not his choice and people called him names like a sissy or he sounded like a woman etc..... because of that he didn't sing in front of people for a long time and he even tried to tone down his voice when he speaks. It takes a long time for him to accept his own voice again and gets where he is now all around the world.
He studied Dentistry in Ukraine when he was young but because of the language barriers, he changed to study Classical music there instead. His goal is to combine Classical and Pop music to introduce them to those who didn't know what Classical music is. His vocal range is extremely wide and his breath control is extremely good. He is a polite, funny, and humble guy.
If you are willing to dig into his performances, you will be amazed by his talents. A lot of music can heal people's bodies but not many can heal people,'s, souls. Zhou Shen's music is one of them that can heal your soul. Even with his high note, it will not hurt your ears, unlike so many artists out there. Thank you again for reacting to Zhou Shen's performance.


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