SEDUCTION! Reaction to Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita

Two Old Dudes listen and react to Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello “Señorita” for the first time.

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Hi I'm a new subscriber and I love your channel so much.


You guys should react to Black Swan to BTS


"dated" sure they did.


Please react to BAM BAM by Camila Cabello ft. Ed Sheeran


If you think their voices work well together in this song you should deffo listen to “I know what you did Last Summer”, it’s a way earlier collab between them and they go back and forth so well in the song!!


Please react to Taylor Swift - willow!!!


Camila just came out with a new album and "Don't Go Yet" is SO AMAZING! Hope you guys can fit that one in!


you guys should react to Conan Gray (memories) it’s such a great song


That is not how Justin Bieber started in pretty sure. I think he was a Disney kid or something?




Can u react to the weekend 'out of time'


Please don't stop with your reactions. They are great!


React to the song "I don't wanna live forever" by ZAYN and Taylor swift


One of my all time favourite song


kid cudi plz


They sould react to ADORE YOU by HARRY STYLES!!


I loved how much you guys loved this song and video, it gave me the chance to revisit this and you’re absolutely right, Shawn especially has an incredible voice and I never really realized how amazing it was tbh. Camilla is killing it as ever, what a pairing


Pls react Lady Gaga - Bad Romance


React to more Shawn Mendes!! He’s amazing!


You should listen to "Bad Things" Camila Cabello's duet with Machine Gun Kelly. It's a "makeover" of the 1999 song Out of My Head by Fastball, that you may have heard before. Her vocals are amazing; it's also "seductive" in a way, lol!


Common man show is one of my favorites


8:22 My heart!!! I'm okay... I`m not Goes to cry


8:23 Lmao they just broke up


Please react to true love by wizkid ft tay Iwar and projexx


They have been Friends since their careers started in 2013/14 and dated for 2 years recently breaking up In November so they naturally have great chemistry. One of the songwriters said their voices not only compliment each other but they're meant to sing with each other. I have to agree because their voices together are my favorite. 😍


You should check them live they can Sang. Highly recommend Kpop it's a whole other world. BTS, Ateez, Stray Kids, and BLACKPINK are definitely worth checking out.


Please react to twenty one pilots


You guys should do Lil Wayne "let it all work out"


please react to “this is me trying” by taylor swift


She gets the Penelope Cruz comparison a lot


Please react to this song live. And yes, they officially started dating after this song was released and they broke up 3 or 4 months ago. They've known each other since 2014 and were best friends before they started dating. According to them, even though they broke up they are still best friends.


They indeed used to date


if you haven't you should check maggie lindemann's paranoia ep, also check out ariana grande live performances as well as her position album!


Michael has 100% said “far out man” unironically in his life and it’s awesome. Love the videos, keep it up


Pls react more of Camila, and Shawn, they're great at their live performances


Can you react to out of time or how do I make you love me by the weeknd


Camila Cabello is great!


I know what you did last summer by Camila and Shawn! Please do! You guys are so interesting to watch. Also, can you please react to Better Without You by Evanescence? They are a band with an amazing lead female singer.


please react to Nicki Minaj & Lil baby - do we have a problem? you havent reacted to anything from the queen of rap


You guys should react to more Shawn Mendes. You can react to some of his live preformances like “If I Can’t Have You” from the 2019 VMAs or “Treat You Better” from the 2021 global citizen.


React to Camila’s Don’t Go Yet video please


please react to ice boy by corbin!!!


How did I miss this earlier?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yay! New Video! So happy!😊


lol, they had a song collab of 'I know what you did last summer' when they were younger, stayed just friends for five years, hen fell in love during the time of making this song and video, dated for a couple of years, and just broke up months ago, now both doing breakup songs 💔


Camila does look a lot like Penelope Cruz lol Camila is cuban-mexican 💓


Please react to hollywood is bleeding


They did date for awhile. I’ll see Camilla next year in person!


There’s a new juice wrld single, “Sometimes”, y’all should give it a listen


Can u react to "teeth". It's a 5sos song


Am i the only one who think that Mike is like a James Mcvoy with long hair?


React to beyonce be alive oscars performance


React to justin bieber anyone pls


they pretty much started their relationship on stage with this song. they're really cute and talented but it was all PR.


Also, a great song by Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes is "I know what you did last summer"


Please do Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo or Doppelgänger by Joshua Basset they are both great songs!


You should react to more Shawn Mendes please


Please react to As the Crow Flies by Claire Bowen and Sam Palladio


Lol no you’re thinking of Justin bieber he got started on YouTube young

I also love how lee is feeling this song. I see he’s really enjoying the groove with his facial expressions. He didn’t even wanna pause the video to talk lol


Love the Common Man Show. Brings such joy to see people appreciate things we take for granted.


Sign of the times by harry styles


It would be shame if they didn't react to harry styles


You've got to listen to their breakup tracks especially bam bam by Camila


whats an airplane?


they just broke up in November 😂 Camila just realeased a song "Bam Bam" with Ed Sheeran which is directly about the breakup which I suggest you guys should listen to


I’m in your age group and I’m loving everything about your channel. Love music from the 50’s to present day. You give me a chance to catch up on some of the newer music bringing great commentary, videos and humour. I think your channel is going to take off! Thanks!


Please react to eminem without me, real slim shady


I loved the reaction. React to Shawn Mendes, react to in my blood by him.


Can you react to Olivia rodrigo good 4 you or hope ur ok


Nice reaction.. you guy’s should react to Conan Gray’s music…you guys will definitely love him 💜💜💜


I love your reactions


Please react to Joji's Slow Dancing In the Dark! The music video for that song is very interesting and there's a lot to interpret!


They ‘officially’ started dating few months after this music video but broke up in November last year. It might be interesting for you both to react to ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’, their first collaboration to hear the evolution of their voices!


please react to mitski or harry styles or rex orange county


Anitta - Envolver and Anitta - Boys Don't Cry pleeeeeease


They dated


Y’all need to do Go by juice wrld and the kid Lori basically where the kid Lori blew up in my opinion


Please do All Too Well the short film by Taylor Swift 🥺


can y'all please react to pride is the devil by J.Cole, it's a very nice song and i think you two would like it. also great video!


please do reactions to Drill


Please react to Pillowtalk by Zayn. Also love you guys! Keep reacting.


They met in 2014. And they fell in love but no one said anything. They made a song in 2015 called I Know What You Did Last Summer, after that they made songs about eachother but again they didnt figure it out. They officially started dating shortly after Senorita came out in 2019, but they broke up this year.


They were a couple, they split up recently.


Got addicted to this channel ...


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