Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Polo G “Rapstar” from the album “Hall of Fame”

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I just subscribed and been watching back to back lol😂🔥 love yall channel yall should react to Post Malone "Love Hate Letter To Alcohol" live performance on SNL its a new song he's about to release on his next album


Polo G reactions brought me here. I think you guys should react to Polo G- THE GOAT documentary to understand him a little bit more. His story is amazing. Great video!




Polo G is my favorite artist thanks for reacting ❤️


YES! How did I miss this notification! I’m always super hype for the polo g reactions from all my favorite channels 🖤🖤🖤🖤


kid cudi please


Nice video!
I also recommend Wishing for a hero by Polo G. It's a beautiful song, using a 2pac sample.


Check out adele and lorde these two artists are on another level


Please listen to Selena Gomez selfish love 🥰🥰🥰.


Great reaction!!!!!


you guys should react to Every Summertime by NIKI


Can you please react to Joyner Lucas-devil’s work


Y’all gotta react to Chemtrails by Lana Del Rey and The Greatest/Fuck It I Love You by Lana! 🙂


Harry styles SIGN OF THE TIMES


R&B recommendation: Can you guys react tot Jazmine Sullivan pls either lost ones or girls like me honestly any song….love u guys reactions!💙


1300 represents his block he’s from


Please react to Megan thee stallion "plan B" it's fire you won't be disappointed 🔥 🙌


This isn't on topic to this genre at all, but if you want a good Ed Sheeran song, I would recommend "Castle on the Hill"


You guys should check out tee grizzly Robbery part 1,2 and 3


You two should listen to 21 by Polo g and flex by Polo g. He does not disappoint!


Y’all should do Zayn- River Road it’s such a great song lyrically and really shows his vocal ability


You guys should react to “Bad Man” by Polo G, you guys would absolutely love it


React to Polo G - Bad Man


The 1300 in his chain refers to the neighborhood he comes from, 1300 block.


1300 is a gang in chicago prob 1300 block


I just discovered you guys and have now been enjoying many of your videos while procrastinating my studies.
Could you react to Man’s World by MARINA? It’s a great song discussing important topics. Anything by MARINA is always interesting! She used to go by Marina and the Diamonds if you want to check out her earlier stuff.
Also, AURORA is an awesome, angelic Norwegian artist - check out her newer songs Cure For Me or Giving In To The Love


Barbie Dreams by Nicki !


J Cole wet dreams


guys please do Nicki Minaj - barbie dreams, its so hilarious you'll love the lyrics!


Please react to "Taylor Swift - All Too Well" music video!


Can u guys do a reaction to This Is America song


Plz do Lil dicky "profissional rapper"


Hate Me (Juice WRLD Ellie Goulding) Next plz


Can you please react to Scream by AViVA?


Zeze by kodak could be a fun one to react to


You guys have to do Dior by Pop Smoke too


you guys should pull up the lyrics as you listen so you dont miss anything!! love the reactions so far


This is a great way to end a crazy week. Eveyone, have a great & safe weekend. 😊🥰 Thank you to all that put this great video out. Sending love on Earth Day! 🌎

Korn - Freak on a Leash
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain
NF - Search


Wow I’m so early to this…
You guys should do Mick Jenkins - Jazz


You guys should react to J Cole Wet dreamz or Drake Gods plan
Both feel good/funny music videos 😊


1300 represents the street or block he’s from in Chicago, where he was born and raised, great video!


Great start to my favorite artist. Can’t wait to see your reactions to more of his songs in the future!!!


1300 is the street name that Polo G used to live in.


You Should React to more Polo G! Keep up with videos guys, we love them!


Keep them videos coming guys


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