SHIVERS! Reaction to Tory Lanez – The Color Violet

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Tory Lanez “The Color Violet” from the album “Alone at Prom”.

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Free Tory




One thing I wanna see an Old dude react to is Tory 80's inspired album... I'm getting young people react to it but I wana see how someones rates it when they were in that era with music


react to his alone at prom original and deluxe ver. its in his channel


react to the deluxe album, it just came out


are you gonna react to the album since the delxue came out


bro got 2 seconds in on him singing...... WOWWWWWWWWWWW


yooo i love yall energy so wholesome


Im surprised to hear this from tory tbh. Great video keep it up


Audio version is nice ..


🔥🔥Tory is amazing


Such a great song. This stripped version is better than the original imo.


How can I submit content to you guys?


Wrong version


Free Tory Lanez


Tory best project ever


Please more Tory Lanez this guy is super versatille he can rap he can sing everything


Tory’s best project fosho 🔥


Do more from the “alone at prom” album


Oh my goodness, vacation starts w/ your video today. So greatful yinz are here. Great video. ❤️ I hope you all have a fun & safe Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful to yinz for being here! Bless yinz all!🤗


Haven't watched this channel in a while, why is he reacting solo now?


some recommendations:

Faouzia - Minefeilds
Daniel Caesar - get you
Steve lacy - bad habit
Joji - glimpse of us
LSD ft. Sia - thunderclouds
RAYE - Natalie Don't
Harry Styles - Adore You


not a fan of this version tbh, the original version is way faster, sounds like a Weeknd song tbh


Love the reaction please do more tory lanez!!


great reaction! u could also listen to the song on streaming that isn’t as slow, it’d be interesting to see wat u think of that version


You should react to something of JID. Great video as usual!


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