SHRINK RAP! Reaction to KSI and Lil Wayne – Lose

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to KSI “Lose” from the album “All over the Place”

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please react to ksi realy love. loving the reactions , cheers!


Wayne is a top 5-10 rapper ever


I hope you react to Don't play by ANNE-MARIE & KSI & DFA


Can't Take It by Autumn! Feat. Summrs


Love seeing people loving KSI! So sick JJ got Wayne to do a rock song.


Didn’t expect this reaction. But it was a great video! Just to let you guys know KSI is a famous youtuber from the UK, who blew up from playing games and making youtube videos. And he decided he wanted to make music aswell, and now he’s having a successful music career aswell. So him collabing with Lil Wayne, who is one of the GOATs of Rap, was something nobody would have expected. It just shows how far he’s come.


Definitely check out holiday by KSI


can you react to whole lotta money(remix) by Bia Feat Nicki Minaj


React to ksi holiday


React to more Ksi videos in the future his videos are always like movies always hidden messages and you never really know what to expect from him cause he is so versatile and Lil Wayne is just a GOAT in the rap game


React to BTS 🙌🙌🙌🙌


Could you react to Vampire Weekend’s Sunflower (Live at Austin City Limits)?


Hi! Please react to
Shakira - Objection (Tango)
Beyonce, Shakira - Beautiful Liar


With all this crazy music out, I know you two guys will appreciate Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak group Silksonic "Leave the Door Open and Skate.
I would love to see your reaction too good music of 2021.


I think you guys will like Chloe x Halle. Their song 'Cool People' is really good. Can't wait to see your reaction to their music😊


I'm an old chick who recently started to listen to popular music again after 35 plus years. I've been mainly a country music fan though I loved all kinds of music over the course of my lifetime. I'm a person who likes anything that is the best representative of the genre it's claiming to be. Even in movies, I like anything as long as it's good. Over the past 10 years or so, country music (what I've been into for many years) has morphed into something that isn't country music anymore. They've lost their way and have fallen away from what makes it country. Too bad. It's a messy fusion of other genres. I've officially had enough of that nonsense. I must say that what you guys have been reviewing has been certainly making the trip for me! I've got a lot of catching up to do!


its not a grill technically, lil wayne had diamonds implanted into his teeth by a dentist. they don't come off.


Can you guys react to Kanye West Ghost town


Wayne is the 🐐 of this spitting bars thing.


The band Ghost would be great to see too, very black sabbath and Allison cooper influenced but also super modern and catchy and nice videos. They wear masks and shit and play characters and go thru new iterations of their satanic pope lead singer each album


Any songs off kanye Kids See Ghosts album or Kendrick lamar album To Pimp a Butterfly would be great to see, extremely forward thinking hiphop. Kendrick has very cinematic music videos too, he just put out one with his cousin baby keem called family ties that has alot of people talking


Please react to more of JJ's music videos in the future


Didn’t expect this one! Good stuff 🥳


You guys have to do the song ‘I’m just a fan’ by teezo touchdown


Wrong thumbnail


Xxxtentacion look at me video pls


You guys need to react to JID’s skegee or Freddie Gibbs Deeper


I just found your channel last night watching you guys react to Kanye west. Your guys chemistry, and intelligence is so intriguing to watch. Please react to Kanye west- ‘Jesus Lord’ if you can please🙏🏽🙏🏽


starving for more kanye reactions


Awesome Reaction, fellas ❤👏👏👏 🤠


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