SIN CITY! Reaction to The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to The Weeknd “Blinding Lights” from the album “After Hours”

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Blood on his mouth like he ate someone.... F in old dudes


This video was an extension from the lead song Heartless video where he licks a toad and hallucinates.... my thoughts were always that most of this he's not really doing. The driving, the club with the woman are all an hallucination.


80s are back with this kind of music 😉


His music and videos are awesome but if you have the chance to to see him love, that’s so incredible! I’ve seen him last year twice in Europe.. and I’m of your age! Abel is such an amazing artist, his creativity goes beyond❤️‍🔥


Idk why but why do the two old men remind me of joel and tommy in the last of us


Don't Jump😂


That car is a Mercedes-AMG GT C roadster, aka my dream supercar.


He knew it from the start


It's a freaking Mercedes SL, not a hard guess


Most of the film location was in DTLA


The slomo part looks like a scene from fear and loathing in las vegas


The live performance of this song was maybe the best one i’ve ever saw


How these old guys looks cooler than me 😂😂🔥


can you react to big ole freak by megan thee stallion


I love the weeknd, his songs and videos follow a story 😍😍😍


Mercedes Benz AMG GT I think.


I just learned about this guy at universal for Halloween horror nights this year never heard of him but heard bits and pieces of this song, I at first thought it was an 89e but was surprised to learn it wasn’t, it was my first scary haunted house in my life and my first Halloween horror nights house it was such an honor to go into this one first and now this is one of my most fav songs of all time.


You are two very cool guys. Love your reactions.


The third E was redacted because a Torontoan band named The Weekend already existed when he debuted his new name as The Weeknd.


It’s a Mercedes AMG GTC If u was wondering


This song makes drive 100mph in a 30


This song makes drive 100mph in a 30


If you're wondering why the car was such a big part of the video, it's because the alternate music video served as the launch for mercedes' new electric suv


90s vibe


Idk if anyone said the car or not but it's a 2020 Mercedes AMG GT 🔥


Gotta watch all the vids from this album to understand the story. Yes he is mad and you guessed right on a lot that you do not yet know.




The car is a Mercedes AMG GT roadster


Modern Michael Jackson, but they can‘t replace MJ ❤️


that scene when he gets beat up it remindes me of the batman interrogation scene with heath leger cuz he was laughing about getting hurt


gta 6


Mercedes amg gt cabrio 😛


Good reaction!!!❤️❤️


Fun fact. He spent 18 hours in the Mercedes sports coup filming this music video and he fell i n love with the car and ended up purchasing it at the end of the MV shoot. So he actually ownes this car now


“This is coming off as a villain” you hit it right on the head bro. Legit right on the head. He’s fighting between trying to be the good guy like he has been, or become the villain The Weeknd all over again and let his fantasies consume him. To himself. He is the villain


His music makes me think of the 80’s his voice just reminds me of Michael Jackson. Michael would totally do a song with the weekend if he was still here. King of Pop RIP.


They say this song got those 80s 90s bop feels to them all over the comments of the original video.

And you guys are just the exact people to refute or agree with that statement (I think it's not the same)... What do y'all think? Lol, great reaction btw guys love yall


The car is a Mercedes AMG GT


Very genuine.


Pretty cool reaction!


React to The Weeknd - Out of Time!


I need to know where you got your glasses from!?!?!


What happened was that he licked a frog in the previous video and is currently under it's psychedelic influence.


Mercedes AMG GT was the car


U guys react to an awesome mix of songs 😊


Miami Vice vibes.


5:25 took him back to his lsd days


Cocaine rush vibes


Should really react to the whole album or the trailer of the album


Please reaction to The Weeknd Sacrifice or Take my breath


React to Dawn Fm by The Weeknd


This video was sponsored by Mercedes Bens. They used also the song for their advertisement.


i think main point is about drugs and reckless driving, main theme of this video, knowing weeknd views on that, its clear


You guys should totally check out The Weeknd’s newest music videos: Sacrifice and Gasoline.


Took the e out because there was a band called the weekend, he didn't want to be confused for them


I loved your reaction, really got good laughs from me! thanks a lot.


Please, please, react to "Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times". The fact that he's not on your channel is surprising to me. I feel like you absolutely HAVE TO react to him unless you did and the video was blocked, in which case I'm sorry about it.
But he's quite good, you might be surprised 🙂


No way you haven't heard that song before 😂


The slowed down bit was a slowed version someone posted on YouTube he liked so much he included in the video


Could you guys react to Ludacris ft Mary J. Blige, Runaway Love. I feel like this song and the topic of this song is not talked about enough, and I would love to see you guys react and talk about it. If anyone else agrees please like and request as well!


Nice reaction. The album that this video comes from tells a story of self-destructive behavior that is very personal to The Weeknd. The COVID pandemic is a total coincidence as far as I know.

The lyrics can be about a woman that he's longing for, but they can also be about drugs. He's trying to quit but feels cold and empty without them. When he's high, it feels like he's the only person in the world, and the crazy driving is a metaphor for his emotional state until he makes enough trouble that the bouncers kick him out, a metaphor for the crash that comes after the high. At least that's the interpretation that I heard.


Also he just dropped his new album “Dawn FM” 🌅


Oooh, ya should do Heartless by The Weeknd 🤩


that was a Mercedes AMG GT Roadster


React to Dawn FM!!!!!!


Shoreline mafia




About the thing "everything is empty", it was actually cleared out for the music video. They began producing this music video in late 2019 or at the start of 2020 just sometime before the virus spread towards the United States
And about the lyric line "Sin city's cold and empty" I think it would mean he predicted that the Covid-19 would cause lockdowns and make most cities and towns cold and empty, looks like it.


would love if you react to more of the weeknd. as some other comments mention, his song 'heartless', 'after hours' and 'in your eyes' are very fascinating to listen to and interpret, and the music videos are overall linked- making it fun to try to understand the sequence of events. 'in your eyes' definitely has an 80s vibe, similar to blinding lights, and there's also a remixed version featuring doja cat


From what I've heard, this song is about drunk driving, portraying alcoholism as a love affair with the drink that blinds him.


old time subscriber here, I'm back?

great content!


He's an ♒ should I say more


These two dudes look like fun people to hang out with like any topic can be turned to deep conversations whether serious or funny ones.


React to Dua Lipa - Physical!! It's fantastic!


I don't know how I missed this video. So happy to see it & the 2 of you. Have a great day.


The Weeknd - The Hills


Please react to "All too well" by Taylor Swift! The 10- minute version, the film!


the weeknd is a very cinematic artist, all his videos draw inspiration from many great films and their respective directors


I love you guys! You both seem so kind and understanding, and I really enjoy the insight you sometimes share from your youth or historical references. You should react to bands like Palaye Royale, Maneskin or 5 Seconds of Summer!


What happened to the other E 🤣🤣😂😂 . Love this channel. Found you guys today


If y’all knew cars you’d immediately know it’s a Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster! 😄


One of the greats. And his videos are so intense. Gives me goosebumps every single time.


I think you guys would love his other hits too! This is from his album “After Hours”. He released a few music videos for this album and they are all connected to each other. You should listen to “Heartless” by The Weeknd next because that music video is supposed to precede “Blinding Lights” as far as the story line


Ah yes. Everyone's favorite actor, Keith Ledger.
Love you guys


that dance on the bridge is like a michael jackson joker


You guys should really listen to his old stuff, like House Of Balloons


Please react to save your tear by the Weeknd and in your eyes by the Weeknd!


Great reaction. This song was a massive success and dominated the charts in 2020. It broke the all time record for the longest charting single on the Billboard Hot 100 with 90 weeks. You should definitely react to more Weeknd. He’s super talented.


I’m not positive but I think the order of his single releases and their videos tell a story.


The car is a Mercedes Benz Amg gt


Ohhh please do more Weeknd !!!!


Love it, please react to Tears in the rain next ❤️❤️




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