SMASHED IT! Post Malone ft. Quavo – Congratulations

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Post Malone “Congratulations” from the album “Stoney”

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Capitalize G on God and don’t use Gods name in vain and know that God loves you all please spread the Gospel and know that I am not forcing but simply asking




React to takewhatyouwant by posty and ozzy osbourne pleaseeeeee




From a pretty young dude, to 2 old dudes. This was my class song when I graduated high school back in 2017! Feels so long ago, but like yesterday. Great nostalgia track!


You guys gotta react to the “Post Malone Goes Country” video where he covers two country songs and plays guitar for a Texas fundraising event back when Texas had massive power outages. Really displays post’s vocal talent. Great country voice


Do more post Malone


yall should react to Alright- Supaman feat. Neenah. it's native american rap,




Please react to "This is America" by Childish Gambino 🙏🙏


Y'all should check out "Tommy Lee" with post Malone! One of my favs


ok so i'm topropose smt new, I actually love a korean boy band and their songs are all amazing, i really love ur reactions so i want to ask if u could react to one their songs like Manic or Venom! And thank you keep it up (i love post malone)


Going to play this on July 18th, 2023 with them in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!


React to Post Malone Wow


You should check out Mac miller -funeral it was my favourite song off of his newest album 👍🏽


Love your channel and I just found it! You should listen to Soda Stereo someday, it's a band from my country Argentina. You can start with Música Ligera, their most famous song, I assure you tons of argentinians are going to hype you up in the comments. Keep the good content ♥


What you guys were saying at 7:20 was so true and also part of Post Malone’s message!!! I loved this video 👍


react bring me the horizon please (drown)


Do some Tame Impala!!


Random but a lot of the guys you see throughout the music video are actually the producers of the song, like Metro boomin. He’s produced successful songs for so many of today’s rappers.

Ric Flair drip- offset (quavo’s cousin and part of migos) ft. Metro boomin
Let it happen- tame impala
Them changes- thundercat
Middle child- j cole
A lot - 21 savage
National anthem - lana del Rey

Loving your reactions!


They should switch seats for one reaction lol. Throw us all off lmfao


React to life’s a mess by juice wrld featuring Halsey! Or wishing well by juice wrld. This song explains his drug use and depression/anxiety




Listen to Post Malone - Stay, the most underrated song ever


Harry styles


Come on


Please react to black swan by bts


Top 3 post Malone songs. Quavo did his thang on here too.


If you liked this you're gonna love take what you want by post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne


Couple of years ago Quavo was the go to man for a feature! He was on top of the game. He even made a million dollars one year just off features.


kid cudi please


You guys need to do more post malone


I almost forgot it was Tuesday. Love some Post Malone! Yay! Thank you for such a good song & such a great video.😊 Have great week everyone!
Korn - Freak on a Leash
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Please react to SAOKO or MALAMENTE by ROSALIA, and I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE or MAMMAMIA by MANESKIN <3 new subscriber here 🙂


please react to mitski


Please react to Summer Walker - No love (ft SZA)


Can you do “introvert” by little simz. It’s a bit longer of a song at 6 minuets but I think it’s worth it guys


Please react to 'Taylor Swift - All Too Well' music video!!! You will love it 🥲


You guys would really love Goodbyes by Post Malone, and you guys should listen to some Migos because that’s the rap trio Quavo is part of!


Please react to Post Malone - Take What You Want ft Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott. It’s an amazing song


Please do conan gray the story or memories


React to Dreaming of the Past by PushaT


Love your videos, Please react to up up and awey by juice wrld next ❤😁❤


Please react to Rihanna needed me


React to Nicki Minaj plss


Post is so good just a personality that shines.


Quavo is actually part of a rap trio called Migos, along with members Offset and Takeoff, they’ve got some really good songs and they became mainstream around 2016-2017


Can you do a reaction to aint sht doja cat


NF how could you leave next please


You should react to NF- How Could You Leave


Post Malone is great and can do so many genres- pop, rap, and even rock. He's collaborated with Halsey, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Ozzy Osbourne. He's such a great artist.


Congratulations- Post Malone ft. Queso.


the conversation in the begining feels really scripited


quavo, quick edit the title 🙂


All love guys


q u e v o


can you react to Pusha T- diet coke? i would love to see your reaction to this track


We’re gna need a reaction to the kid larois newest song dudes, the music vid is hilarious!


I really want y’all to do Nicki minajjjjj


It’s spelled Quavo not Quevo. Not that I care lol but just saying.


I love you guys!!


*I liked this 🙂




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