SMOKIN’! Reaction to Tyler The Creator – EARFQUAKE

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Tyler The Creator “EARFQUAKE” from the album “Igor”

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oh my god this is so pure


Bro when i heard his voice bro (not Tyler)


Yeah more Tyler


at 7:00 thats playboi carti rapping


Did you know that TYLER wrote this song last 2019. He offer this Song to Justin Bieber but JB didn't actually update Tyler, So he offer it to Rihanna, yet Rihanna's team didn't hit him back too. So He fina decided to Sing it himself.


Yonkers would give you a whole different perspective of Tyler😂


Tyler the Creator is one of the few artist who produces his own music and videos. He really is one of the best. Please react to New Magic Wand Grammy performance!


You guys are awesome


The beginning of the song is actually PLAYBOI CARTI


Fun fact .. The woman in. The video is Traci Ellis Ross who is Diana Ross’s daughter


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they have to listen to igor in full!!


Please do NEW MAGIC WAND or


They’re all good. Only one that has a video is CORSO


Please do Yonkers by Tyler the Creator, complete contrast to this and its from his earlier work


You guys really need to do Tyler again. I stumbled on this channel and really like the Tyler content. I recommend listening to 911/ Mr. Lonely, Running out of time, Cowboy, She, Tamale & Sweet / I thought you could dance.


Great video, love this song 🤟


The one that was rapping was Playboi Carti, actually Tyler decided to sing all the way threw it, plus got Charlie Wilson singing with him at the end


They should react to torn cat from tyler


React to R.I.P. by playboi carti pleas


I saw Tyler recently in Philly with my partner. He was amazing! Sadly we got COVID


Didn't watch it through yet but im excited for them to hear playboi


Just saw the name of the channel and subscribed immediately


Do “nights” by frank ocean


This video was hilarious thank gou


A little fun fact.....

The 'interviewer' at the beginning of this video is the daughter of the iconic Diana Ross.... Ms. Tracee Ellis-Ross. 🙂


So cooool


now i can imagine how those who say (big bang theory is funny) look like


fun fact that you guys might appreciate, the host is played by Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross' daughter! Also, the harmonies have Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band!


lmao now react to Yonkers


He is very versatile, please react to more songs of him 🥀✌🏻✨ suscribed 🙂


Btw guys her name is Tracee Ellis Ross and she is Diana Ross's daughter she's an actress.


react to Whole lotta red




Please react to "WASYANAME" by Tyler, The Creator!! 🙂


In the world of rapper buying lambo and Ferrari, Tyler out there rocking Lancia Delta, and BMW e30 M3, dude got taste fo sho


Yeah, do carti, that would be funny


Wait until they find out about Tyler’s old shit lol!!




That's so wierd that you ahve never seen or listened to him so far lol, he is genius


Pls react to the whole IGOR album by Tyler the Creator


omg please react to See You Again by Tyler the Creator next!!!! It’s probably his next hit or his number one hit song




You guys should listen to save me by xxx tentacion and news flock


you guys should deffff react to more tyler maybe react to colossus by tyler its one of his older songs


He really just said, "how we say it in the skreets" 🤣


Joji run,Will he


React to stop breathing by playboi carti


Frank ocean nights


Please react to corso by Tyler, very high energy


Yes more Tyler!! Boredom is a good one!


Juice wrld legends song please


Xxxtentacion please listen to xxxtentacion or juice wrld legend song


We need playboi Carti 😫


Would like to see more Tyler


New sub! Found you on Kendrick Lamar subReddit 🙂 kid cudi - pursuit of happiness? Or Anything Kanye 808 and before


Yeah Tyler is a nut. lol. Really goofy guy. He loves to have fun and play around with his music. But when he really gets serious, he’s one of the most talented artist in the game and has been for a long time now. He can pretty much do whatever in his music and people will love it.


React to some don toliver


Y'all definitely gotta go more Tyler


react to the whole igor album


Its interesting to see people see tyler for the first time. There is so much to know. For starters, he produces all his own music.


RIP by carti next?


do some more Tyler, this is just the tip of the iceberg, he is actually incredible.


Do more tyler


2:35 I forgot how genuinely funny it is to see Tyler in a straight blonde wig. Icon to the fullest. I've accepted that look for so long I have forgotten how objectively bizarre and hilarious it is


Haha love this reactionso much


Yall gonna fall in love with this man


The woman interviewing him in the music video is Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross’ daughter.


One of the best music videos I've seen


React to Sweet/I thought you wanted to dance by him


can yall consider reacting to rich brian sometimes


please do more tyler 😭


React to The Montero Show!


Yonkers would be a great next reaction to Tyler for a stark contrast


You should react to Corso or Yonkers by Tyler.


You guys should listen to the college dropout. It’s an album by Kanye west who was an inspiration to many current rappers. My personal favorite


Ya'll should do U say by Goldlink and Corso by Tyler, the creator


Please do more tyler!!


If you guys did some more Tyler even some of his old stuff like Yonkers would be great


React to Tyler The Creator’s - Grammy Performance


Do more Tyler 😭 do "I think"


you should check out his performance at the 2020 grammys!






Y’all should do the new silk sonic song “Smokin out the window”. It’s Bruno mars and Anderson .paak Supergroup


If you’re looking to do more of Tyler The Creator, “Sweet/I Thought You Wanted To Dance” is a great song


Yo this is epic love your channel


Tyler just wishes he could sing. He has a deep voice he's said he doesn't like. But lately he's been listening to artists from the past that have managed to sing amazingly with a deep voice. So he uses effects to achieve a high pitch. It doesn't sound super technical and clean but he's choosing to experiment with it


We need reactions to Tyler albums. Preferably igor


Yonkers next 🙏


Ok now you guys need to PLEASE PLEASE react to YONKERS. His breakout single from more than 10 years ago. The creative arc Tyler has gone thru over his entire career is nothing short of incredible. You’ll be shocked this is the same guy who made both of these songs.


Soooo good!!!! I think you guys should react some brazilian songs. I recommend Tim Maia. He was a great singer with an amazing voice.


hi. i just saw this and i love your reactions!!! i definitely recommend the artist jid!!! he is a lyricist and a fast paced rapper that has an unorthodox style. but i recommend ededdneddy, slick talk, off da zoinkys, or baptize because he tells stories thru those or raps about the title of the song or personal stories. he even has made songs with j cole and jid is signed to j coles record label Dreamville. Even made songs with Doja Cat who i see you checked out for one of your first reaction vids and it’s called Options. But i’d really like you guys to react to him and see what y’all think!!!! 🙂


also shock g was the creator of the humpty dance he recently passed away rip






One of the most influential, creative, and talented artists of my generation. This song/video is only scratching the surface


If you guys react to more Tyler, you will get more views, likes, and subscribers INSTANTLY!!!


Please react to any Silk Sonic song you will love it thank you 🙏


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