SMOOOOTH! Reaction to Silk Sonic – Leave The Door Open

First time hearing and reacting to Silk Sonic “Leave The Door Open”

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I don't know about you guys, but when Anderson looked directly in the cameras while singing, I think I got a little bit pregnant.


JUST recently discovered this gem....In my top twenty of all time songs


His drumming just wraps around the lyrics. It's just incredible.


70s soul was definitely the best!!


Modern singers who sing like this might be Will Downing and Keith Washington.


Okay now you're talkin my kind of music I'm a old girl and I've been around for almost 68 years and my two number ones of all time will always be hands down the legendary Al Green and the immortal Janis Joplin❤❤❤❤❤


There's a reason why this one song of the year in 2022. Putting these old early 70's soul, Motown, funk, etc and Anderson and Bruno makes it work.


They won 4 Grammys with that one. Good job guys.


Bet El Debarge would be able to pull it off just as good!






I'm 28 and I've always enjoyed talking to older people since I was a kid because they always seemed to have so much more depth and substance behind their opinions. You two old dudes are no different. Quality reaction/analysis that is so delightful to watch 🙂


Hi guys, I enjoyed your reaction video to silk sonic? Bruno mats and Anderson paak. They did make an album containing more songs such as Smokin out the window, skate, and 3 more other great songs as well. Please review them all. You'll love it. Also, there's the grammys where they performed leave the door open Live and that version, was even better than the studio version. Look it up and do a reaction. I.promise you will enjoy it.


Tiny Desk - Anderson Paak
You. Will. Love. It + LIVE


I don't know if you guys have done any other Anderson Paak stuff, but you definitely need to check him out. I know you guys would dig him. He;s the guy on the drums in this video. There are SO MANY great songs, but the most famous one is called "Come Down". You've GOT TO do it!


You guys make my day. I'm right there with you. Life was so cool, and I love to hear your take on modern music. I listed to pop music too.


Did you react to the Silk Sonic Album?


Where's your reaction video for Smoking Out The Window gone? I wanted to watch it again!


i just love leave the door open so so much


Watching you all watch this left me in joyful tears. Thanks


Please do more Silk Sonic!!!


Wish u would do the live version on the grammys


Best thing out there in decades. As a kid who grew up in the 70s with r&B, funk and soul - Silk Sonic is doing them proud in a new way. Harmonies, instruments, great vocals, great songwriting and producing. We’ve got so much crap out there and this is a breath of fresh air.


Great video 💖




Please react to Masego - Mystery Lady.. he’s so underrated! Or Masego - TaDow


Anybody see a Soul Train around here??


You guys should react to Versace on the floor by Bruno Mars similar vibes but heavy 80s groove sultry music


Since you like 70’s soul you need to listen to Leon bridges beyond or river


You guys are so damn cute to watch.


React to more Silk sonic guys!


Roomie official and boyinaband when they are old




Dirty Loops - Breakdown. You'll love it.


Smoking out the window will blow y'all away!!


Everyone didn’t realize they wanted the music from the 70’s back. But we did. Everyone also forgot how amazing harmonizing sounds when it’s done right. A really genius song and arrangement.


Not like the craps we have now,


Yes! you guys are old enough to remember and appreciate ol' skool soul! When choreography was super smooth and vocals were super soulful.


You guys will flip out over, Smokin' Out The Window


IM W/ THE GUY ON THE LEFT😭, THE GUY ON THE RIGHT😳… But the guy on the left w/ the glasses kudos to him( even tho he was off beat most of the video😭💀⚰️ god bless his soul)






thé wh album is fantastic


When you said seventies soul is your favorite genre, I’m a new fan. Because musically, lyrically, harmony, etc, the seventies was superior.


Hoping you react to smokin out the window and skate this song is so cool i think you're gonna love it too.


Hi, I'm responding much later,but give a listen to Anderson . Paak's Free National, that his talent, he's excellent


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Best reaction lol


I loved this reaction I studied Music and politics and the main module was on the Philadelphia bands...the Ojays, Harold melvin and the Blue notes. I love the Dramatics from Detroit 💚


Can you both react to smokeing out the window


Love the song and your reactions💞


Love this reaction


please react to SMOKIN OUT THE WINDOW! you'll love silk sonic's album


Make us three!!


Nice Reaction!!! next Please! do a react to another talent male singer from Indonesia Gamaliel "Forever More" i bet you like it!


Nice Reaction!!! next Please! do a react to another talent male singer from Indonesia Gamaliel "Forever More" i bet you like it!


It helps to know the wonderful Bootsy Collins helped produce Silk Sonic's album!


Just came across your sight
Love it
Love it
Love it

Love you both and your react
Bruno’s vocals are just so melodic and wonderful
Powerful Singer
Anderson Paak is brilliant too
Cant wait to see them in Vegas
Have a blessed nite guys ✅


Is there any chance that you can react to Kelly Clarkson covering this song?


I love the album, it’s called an evening with silk sonic, it’s amazing and the latest song which is a cover song they did and surprised the fans called loves train originally by con Funk Shun… it’s butter!!


Please react to their other singles! You’d love “Smoking out the window”!


I subscribed to your channel before you all even listened to the song. Simply because you made me laugh just from what you were talking about. I just turned 56 so I can relate!


The album is fantastic 💕 it’s on in my car everyday 🇬🇧😉


Yes the have an album 💿 I listen to it every morning…THE WHOLE ALBUM IS 🔥


I agree with him on the 70s soul !!! They know music 🥰🥰🥰


2:39 smooth


Love your review, please review their latest release which is a COVER of a Con Funk Shun song Love’s Train.


Props on the production of this video, including clips of the other artists you mention. Well done.


Definitely check out the album if you haven't already 🐻🙏🏿


I really recommend you to watch some Tiny Desk Concert, these are some (not to be redundant) concerts organized by a radio show, they have very little public and the artist often play different versions of their songs, Anderson Paak has one that's really good, also Billie Eillish, Olivia Rodrigo(she is absolutely amazing in this show), Masego does one that sounds spectacular, please check them out because they are great !!!


There is an album out called An Evening w Silk Sonic. You guys would love it!


Silk sonic is ART🙌🏼


Love ya reactions!!!
Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak new album!!🎤🎤❤️❤️


You guys MUST listen to the album An Evening with Silk Sonic. It will blow you away.


Bruno was starting to sound a little like El DeBarge in this song.


I've seen them react to a few rappers, so I hope they'll eventually listen to xxxtentacion


Bootsie Collins have their collab the name Silk Sonic. They have 2 additional videos and a whole album. They are great individually but together is magic.


Love the gray highlight streak in your hair!


It reminded me of the 70s music too which is why I loved it the first time I heard it and I was surprised when they told me it was Bruno Mars


this definitely makes me smile 😀 aww


You guys should do the whole album it would be great to see. I think you'd enjoy it immensely.


Guys, more of this! React to the entire album 😀


Smoking out of the window GUYSSS you will love it


What these old dudes know about The dramatics, Harold Melvin and the Blue notes.


A love of your own Average White Band, Me and Mrs. Jones Billy Paul


See him in concert! He’s great!


What a groove!🤗🤗🤗🤗


Hope they do react to the whole album


There is an Album.
And it's all good songs.
70's vibes all the way through.


From one old dude to two others , this album is undoubtedly the album of the year probably as important as Off the wall or Songs in the Key of Life , it’s an incredible work that transports you to 1974, everything within this masterpiece is top drawer , the musicianship, the melodies, the production, the vibe, the humour the list goes on and on there are not enough superlatives to describe it 🎶❤️ utter genius


now you gotta react to the entire album!


Please do Smokin’ Out the Window!


react to Skate by these 2


Hello me in the future


Have to do the full album!! .Paak and Bruno are amazing and they have Bootsy Collins on most of the tracks!! There is a lot of inspiration from the 70s and honestly there is so much to unpack and every listen sounds unique!




The Sulk Sonic Album should have dropped last week! Bruno Mars and Anderson Pak collaborating creates the group Silk Sonic! The most sought after feel good group of the year! Straight up fire!




‘I guess the drummer is uh, Anderson peek?’ 😂 Ya’ll funny. You’re obviously musicians. I feel like I know you guys, like cats I would run into in the studio over the years. . Out of the many I’ve watched react to these guys, I think you’re the 1st to mention Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, which truly reflects being there during that era. The fact you also mention jazz makes me think back to that ‘70’s era simultaneously being where jazz fusion & what’s now called ‘smooth jazz’ really took flight, even with some artists connected to tradition, like CTI label mates, Freddie Hubbard, Stanley Turpentine, Milt Jackson, Hubert Laws, & George Benson, who eventually became the most successful through his singing career. Anyway, great reaction!


Really informative reaction! Also nothing wrong with being old, lol🙆‍♀️


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