SPITTIN’ RHYMES! Reaction to Machine Gun Kelly ft. blackbear – My Ex’s Best Friend

First time hearing and reacting to Machine Gun Kelly ft. blackbear “My Ex’s Best Friend”

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He made the AAA joke and I wheezed-laughed. Am I officially old?


Great reaction.!! I don't think there was a double used as I am almost positive this was filmed right in the midst of the pandemic lol.

I'm going to suggest a different song with MGK and Blackbear that is a little different from 10 years ago: "End of the Road".


So close. Usually a rap artist but this is from his pop punk album where he genre switched


Try glass house by mgk


I honestly love his punk rock better than his rap


One of my favs by him are glass house and I think I’m okay. Beautiful, heartbreaking songs.


For me, MGK's punk stuff is a lot better than his rap. He just seems to be having more fun.

Also, that was MGK on the car. Dude's nuts.


Machine gun Kelly - lonely
Song about the passing of his father that I think you guys would greatly appreciate and enjoy off of this same album. Not even a huge fan of his or anything but that song is incredible and can evoke certain emotion within anyone.


damn they got y’all reacting to some trash


These 2 so funny


The Weeknd, do the whole of trilogy


also miss the rage - trippie redd fr playboi carti


y’all are sick!!! just started watching 🙂


React to more mgk


Y’all know mgk used to be a rapper then he switched to punk rock


I was your 400th subscriber!!! Congrats!!


guys i mean this with my entire soul when i tell you that you have to listen to All Too Well by Taylor Swift!


“Well he had triple A” 😂


Hi can u guys plz react to Ariana grande 34+35 feat. Doja car and Megan thee stallion


damn this might be the weirdest first mgk song lol def give another one a listen


react to whole lotta money bia ft.nicki minaj


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