STILL ROCKIN’! – Reaction to Avril Lavigne – Bite Me

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Avril Lavigne “Bite Me” from the album “Love Sux”

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I love her❤ form Brazil 🇧🇷 I love you guys too great reaction.


Yes she is so good


I'd notice something in the video I first thought I was hallucinating...but it also appeared in every other Bite Me react video around.. At 1:14 min the cam is catching Travis Barker's face for one second when he is laughin. And you can hear him laughing, they left it in the video. And all the times I thought...I'm something.. Oo


She Just engaged to modsun and he has a song with her called flames..such an amazing guys do a very good job


Beautiful reaction


I'm subscribing - this was very entertaining.


"Mildly threatening!" A good laugh, right at the start.
Sicking her dogs on her boyfriend.
Girls have done it to me.
But I wasn't their boyfriend - just a guy who said something to them that they didn't like.
I was less aware of her than you guys until recently.
In that era, I was listening to the Black Crows, Dandy Warhals, Brian Jonestown massacre, Beady Eye, etc. I also listened mostly to my old favorites from the fifties through the seventies. I was almost completely unaware of top 40 pop music, and I never liked music videos. Her music videos are mostly preposterous, as music videos generally are.
But the music does rock a little.
My reactions to the video are just like yours.
She's a histrionic little volcano of a girl.


The crazy thing is that she looks exactly the same as she did almost two decades ago.


hey guys! reaction a new album by AVRIL LAVIGNE LOVE SUX! SUPER POP PUNK! <3


I love Avril!!! Thanks for the reaction!! From Italy 🇮🇹❤️


That is Avril Lavigne, still rocking!!!!


You oldies're the best reactors.....


Just like Eminem is the only rapper you don’t want beef with, Avril is the pop punk queen you also don’t want beef with lol


I loved this reaction ❤️ and I love Avril. This song is so good 🤘🏻


I love that you guys just have fun reacting to stuff, without judgement. Two dudes enjoying some good rock!

I'm currently listening to this song on repeat because I grew up with Avril Lavigne's music and it's been so long since she came out withthis sound, I'm beyond excited for her new album! Have a good one!


Avril, please come to Brazil!!!!


Also Lady Gaga Shallow


Would love to recommend james blundt monsters or Lorde's song Royals, or haha Billie Eilish Good Girls Go to Hell


Los amoooo


If you're up for metalcore music, a great rabbit hole to jump down is Eskimo Callboy, particularly their new music with new lead singer Niko. A great one to start with is Hypa Hypa!




I have followed her whole journey so excited for this musical chapter


I liked the "the drummer is killing it" even without recognizing who it was. That's Travis Barker, drummer for blink-182 and an absolute legend.


You guys are awesome! You should check out Antidote by Simple Plan and Midnight Memories by One Direction! The latter was labeled a boy band early on in their career but really evolved into a pop/rock group! Especially when they play live with their band they go hard!


She has worked with Travis in 2007 too
U guys should check her albums

(2002)Let Go(country/rock)
(2004)Under my skin(rock)
(2007)The best damn thing(pop punk/bubblegum pop I think)
(2011)Goodbye lullaby(pop/acoustic-ish sound)
(2013)Avril Lavigne(pop with a little little of rock influence in some songs but overall pop)
(2019)Head above water(pop)

Her next album in 2022 will be pop punk/rock n roll

if it isn’t obvious already I’m a little black Star(Avril Lavigne fan)


Man, she hasn't aged in the last 20 years.


I love this song so much! I’d love to see you guys react to Ghost by Krewella


"and we'll be together, Never! So , baby you can bite me." Brilliant!


Great reaction! These dudes are so funny. Greetings from 🇧🇷


IDK bout yall but i feel a MGK and Avril Lavigne song in the future


still hoping for more ariana grande reactions! loved ur videos. very funny and entertaining




Love Avril !!


You guys should react to Tory Lanez-Lady of's right up your alley.


Idk which album you have most likely the best damn thing that was in 2007 when avril was only 22 she's 37 now


Loved this reaction!!


That song is amazing


This is so wholesome! Loved both of your reactions to the song and reaction. Subscribed!!!!!! Brb binging on all ur videos now


What a great reaction! Please react "Smoking out the window - Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic" Its with the same style of ''Leave the door open".


please react to XS by Rina Sawayama!


I feel like you guys would love Frank Ocean. First song I’d recommend is Nights by him but his entire discography is legendary


I am once again requesting “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas.


shes back!!!


Hey guys amazing video! Could you react to Taylor Swifts All Too Well 10 minute version?


More Tyler the Creator 🐶


PLEASE, react to all too well the short film from Taylor swift


You guys should listen to Scientist or The Feels by TWICE<3


Can you react to hard out here by lily Allen


Loved your reaction!!! PLEASE react to Head above water. She wrote it a few years ago when she thought she was dying from Lyme disease. It's awesome and you won't be disappointed 👌👌🔥🔥


Hey two old dudes I would love to see your reaction to (as the world caves in by Matt Maltese Sarah Cothran cover)


Great reaction! Avril has returned to pop-punk which is what her fans wanted for so long now and fans of hers are very happy she did this for them and Avril also wanted to return to rock and roll. Plus Travis Barker who signed Avril on to his label played drums on this track and co-produced this track along with John Feldmann.
A new album from Avril is due to drop early 2022.


Listen to Stop Breathing - Playboi Carti


Great video! I really hope you guys check out Taylor Swift’s 10 minute version of All Too Well. It’s a masterpiece!


React to flames


Two old dudes 😆


The drummer is Travis Barker from Blink-182. Also, Avril is 37. She was young all of those years ago. Lol


Amazing reaction! The song rocks


Thank you for making videos. I wish there was a video every day.


It was rumored once that she was cloned, and that's why she didn't age lol. If you haven't heard "Head Above Water" you should check it out. She's bringing back those pop punk days with "Bite Me" and I'm living for it!! You guys were awesome as always. Hope y'all are doing well.


Fun fact: This is Avril’s first song under Travis Barker’s label, DTA Records. She is one of the few artists under his label. It’s the first single she has put out in quite a while. She has an entire album coming beginning of 2022.


it would be so fun if you wanted to check out spice bois they are just teenagers making fun songs


Can y’all react to willow smith ft Tyler cole - meet me at our spot live performance


React All Too Well - Short Film by Taylor Swift


Queen of pop punk is back 🤘🏽 Avril is amazing


You guys are so entertaing! Smiled through the whole thing!


Love your videos and yalls commentary to the videos! Pls react to Easy on me by Adele!!! cant wait to hear her album in 2 days♥


please react to all too well the short film by taylor swift also how old are you guys cause you age like fine wine 🙂


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