STONED! Reaction to Chloe Bailey – Have Mercy

First time hearing and reacting to Chloe Bailey “Have Mercy”

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chloe and halles vocals are actually insanely good u should listen to some other songs with them:) "Forgive me" is so cool


please react to urias tanto faz


Prior to releasing this song she was experiencing a TON of criticism from social media for her sensuality and free expression of her sexuality and she wanted to basically shit on those people and own the criticism. Turn it on its head.


She is amazing!


U guys are so funny lol


she's Medusa and the older woman is Beyonce's mother




Sir on the right has amazing hair!!


You Guys are great. Excellent video. I been trying to publish my commentary on a few music videos, but I keep getting them striked for copyright claim, any suggestions on how to publish my commentary on the videos without getting a copy right strike claim


Her sister is the new Ariel in live action. Chloe produced everything. Had hits with her sister.


Neurodivergent old dude, no way 😀 !! ADHD medication changed my life this year, so happy it's working for you and hope you didn't get to your diagnosis too late :)) I'm only 18, but man I wish I'd have known earlier.


4:05 -"That was a strategic stopping 😏😌"
-"No, it really was it 🤚🏻😩"


Please react to Doja Cat rules


I’m curious what made y’all start to do this channel, and what y’all do or did for careers. It seems like yall pay attention to details like you worked in music or film


You guys should react to chloe x halle, its the group she’s in with her younger sister. They are insanely talented, her sister halle is going to be ariel in the little mermaid.


please react to high school sweethearts by Melanie Martinez


OMG PLS REACT TO "Whole lotta money feat nicki " , "meet me at our spot" , "god is a women" , "big energy" and Planet her album by doja. I think Y'all will really like it , ik its alot but take ur time and no pressure , react to what y'all like.


Please react to Lose You To Love Me and Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez! Both are staples in her discography 🙏


This was a fun watch! You guys should give JoJo - Worst (I Assume)


Medusa is the theme


You should react to Chloe's sister Halle Bailey who sang " Can you feel the love" at the disney 50th aniversary celebration. She did a phenomenal performance.


Hi guys! Please check out and react to this global pop group Now United:They are people who come from different countries singing and dancing.They have lots of music videos and dance videos and tic toc videos:They are a talented group: please react to Now United (Wave your flag)(Fiesta)(Lean on me)(Dance like that)(Ikou)(Na Na Na ) ( Nu Party) and the have lots of videos Please react to Now United


Brilliant guys! Medusa showing the gen pop how its done 😆☺️


She's supposed to be Medusa.


Please view more view!! cardi B’s WAP


The story is she’s like a modern day Medusa (Greek mythology) She turns them into stone. Or maybe they just get hard as stone lol idk. If you notice the beginning of the video talked about the missing college students and then the end of the video when he looked at the mirror on the ceiling he turned to stone


Please react to God is gangsta by Kendrick!! You guys would love it


pleaseeee REACTION NORMANI tooooo


Shes medusa and guys get hard when they look


The older women is Tina Knowles- Lawson, Beyonce mother. I think the video is a Medusa themed. She's the reason the men are missing lol
Chloe & Halle are great singers.


i have so many suggestion hahaha mr. rager - kid cudi and happier than ever - Billie Eilish


you guys should react to billie eilish 'happier than ever'!


Please react lorde solar power


Love your channel. You should react to Normani's-Wildside🔥🔥🔥


This is Chloe Bailey her and her sister Halle are in a group signed by beyonce, her sister will be Ariel in the live action little mermaid movie ❤️ by the way she is portraying Medusa in this video turning men into stone.


can you react to bigbang? they are the king of Kpop


Medusa I think is what they were aiming for.


Awesome vid ! You guys should react to Kid Cudi - surfin


PLEASE react to god is a woman by ariana grande !


Y’all funny


Please react to Way 2 Sexy by Drake!


Please react to Way 2 Sexy by Drake!


Please react to f it I love you by Lana Del Rey!




React to some SZA!!! also I loved ur reaction😊😊


Yall should do so it goes by mac miller!


Here are some facts about her she’s in a duo group with her sister Halle called Chloexhalle they are talented as hell . They play instruments, write produce their music . They both act was on the series grownish been in movies . Chloe just finished filming a horror movie her sister is doing the live action the little mermaid. They are signed to Beyoncé label Beyoncé is their mentor. That is Beyoncé mother Tina in the video playing a detective investigating the missing men looking through the binoculars.she’s modern day Medusa . Could both react to chloexhalle do it music .


Pls react to Everybody by Mac miller !!!!


React to Harry Mack please!!


Fun fact, she (and her sister Halle) are both signed to Beyonce. Beyonce is their mentor. Beyoncé mum is featured in this as well as the nosy neighbor lol awesome reaction!


I’m waiting for a Kanye video 😤


React to Panic at the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Old song but might be right up your alley😊


please react to kanye west runaway


You should react to her group with her sister. Chloe x halle - the vocals are insane


Please more Doja Cat !


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