STRUGGLES! Reaction to Roddy Ricch – Down Below

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Roddy Ricch “Down Below” from the album “Feed Tha Streets II”.

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I am glad I found these two you can tell they know their music and in touch with it and their perspective of things is amazing love it


Love the open mind guys


That music is good but this channel is another universe bro trust 🧐🤪


React to his song the box or die young


Great reaction yall




Lil baby minute or right on next


I love Roddy Ricch. Y’all should react to Lonely Child by Youngboy


Check out Aston Martin music by Rick Ross


ROD Wave


Such a great song


PLEASE react to Kendrick's N95 song and music video!


This song is amazing!


You guys should definitely react to The Search by Nf


great reaction! please react to "2021 em uma música- lucas inutilismo" it's a retrospective of all 2021's songs, it's amazing! you're gonna like it




My brother was murdered last year. This was one of his favourite songs, its my favourite Roddy Ricch song too. After he found that out he used to facetime me just so we could sing it together. Now everytime I hear it I cry. RIP HBEEZY🕊


Scott Storch killed this mf beat🔥🔥 every time them snares come in I lose it 🤢


I’m new guys and I’m really hoping you could react to The New Abnormal - By the Strokes the whole album is incredible in my opinion it’s a 10/10 but the average rate is an 8/10


Can you please react to devil’s work-Joyner Lucas


Prayers to the trap god by roddy ricch is incredible


let them react to some good music wtf


React war baby by roddy richh


y’all should definitely do more Melanie Martinez


Guys You are amazing please react yo BTS Butter


more RODDY


watch Roddy Ricch's trap orchestra version of Down Below and Ballin and his Tip Toe music video featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie


Korn - Freak on a Leash

Machine Gun Kelly's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Thank goodness, new video. Have a great weekend.


yall should react to “this is america” by childish gambino,, very relevant


What the hell was waiting for someone hood to react to this such an underated song


React too The Weeknd “less than zero”


y'all should react to ''the box'' song!


Yall need to check out more Tyler the creator I suggest A BOY IS A GUN it has a music video and its from the Igor era which where he wears the wig yall love


React to more Ariana Grande songs ! She is so talented


Everybody’s probably annoyed with me by now bc I keep asking lol but PRETTY PLEASE react to Habit by Katie Noel


Sir with due respect , I would like to request u to react react to taylor swift's lover's album
(I am a big fan of taylor swift , although I m a teenager but I like slow paced songs with rich lyrics )


hey guys, would love to see you guys react to someone like polyphia, or dance gavin dance. Be cool to see you react to a band of these days. dance gavin dance released a new song called synergy which is real good, and polyphia released a new song called playing god. I think you guys will enjoy


loving the rap and hiphop reactions on fridays


I swear you guys are my favorite channel, no joke 😭❤️


You guys should do another lil peep song like nineteen or crybaby. But I love your stuff just found your channel and love it. Keep up the great work.


Glad you guys caught the Melodies. That’s his strong suit in his music


Finally your billies eilish and harry style era has passed,, reacting to real music once again!


My favorite Roddy Ricch song great reaction guys 🙏🏻


This is definitely in my Roddy top 3 with war baby and prayers to the trap god. Great reaction guys, as usual!


Nice reaction you guys quickly became my new favorite channel. From the joke to the respect and appreciation of the music you guys are creating great content. I recommend you guys listen to Lil Uzi Vert who is unique and a huge rap artists who is very influential to the upcoming generation.


Fire song and great reaction like usual. Can you react to Digits by young thug?!


React to Cooped up by post malone! Definitely one of the best recent songs


shout out from Brazil 🇧🇷 btw this song is great


Great video guys. You should react to lady of namek by Tory lanez next


I think this is easily one of his best songs




nice new vid


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