SULTRY! Reaction to Taylor Swift – Cardigan

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Taylor Swift “Cardigan” off the album “Folklore”

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Hey! We just posted a reaction to Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do"​


Surprised you don’t have more TS reaction videos.


Taylor recorded and released this album during the pandemic.
Folklore and Evermore.


She’s singing about how she got fucked by her former recording studio.


Taylor is first and foremost a


I tell anybody who will listen that Taylor Swift is the Joni Mitchell of her time. I feel the same listening to her Evermore album that I feel listening to Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. They touch the same exact nerve for me.


react to more of taylors stuff pls


Still waiting for you yo react to ALL TOO WELL 1O MINUTE VERSION


all too well!!!!!!!


Cardigan is a song that is a part of Taylor swift's folklore trilogy there are 3 songs in this trilogy Cardigan, August and Betty. Each song is based on a relationship with the guy cheating on her. The guy's name is james, His girlfriend's name is Betty, and the girl whom he cheated Betty with is named Augustine.
Each of the 3 songs represents their point of view of their relationship with Cardigan being by Betty's point of view, Betty by jame's point of view and August being augustine's point of view.


i reallyyy wish they reacted to willow


You guys want Taylor Swift and sultry? Watch her SNL performance of False God and then you have to listen to "All too well" and "Epiphany"


omg you guys react to folklore


react to ALL TOO WELL 10 MV


This song is fiction.


You need to hear entire Folklore and Evermore albums. There is a reason Folklore won Album of the Year and Evermore was nominated for AOTY the next year. You will be glad you did.

Someone here has to have explained the love triangle storyline of which cardigan is one of 3 songs/one point of view. Cardigan is told from view of Betty the girlfriend of James who cheated on her with another girl over the summer. August is told from the ‘other girl’ point of view at end of summer when she realizes James is going back to his girlfriend Betty; and Betty is told from James point of view apologizing and using that he is young and as such ‘knows nothing’ (compared to Betty who says when you are you g you know everything.


You need to hear entire Folklore and Evermore albums. There is a reason Folklore won Album of the Year and Evermore was nominated for AOTY the next year. You will be glad you did.

Someone here has to have explained the love triangle storyline of which cardigan is one of 3 songs/one point of view. Cardigan is told from view of Betty the girlfriend of James who cheated on her with another girl over the summer. August is told from the ‘other girl’ point of view at end of summer when she realizes James is going back to his girlfriend Betty; and Betty is told from James point of view apologizing and using that he is young and as such ‘knows nothing’ (compared to Betty who says when you are you g you know everything.


Pls do a reaction to "august" and "betty" off of folklore! They are the two other songs that complete the fictional folklore love triangle.


please react to all too well 10 minutes version


Taylor knows no limits. He is constantly growing and amazes us. That is her unique weapon and her greatest strength. Composing and writing lyrics, especially, I think Taylor has a natural ability to write. It's amazing. 'How did you come up with such a word?' 'Do you even use such a word?!' It's so beautiful. But now to the supervisory area, wow, she keeps making me look forward to it.👏👏


React to Willow by TS


Please more Taylor!!! Ahe is the best writer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The whole album is that greate!


Please react to more music from her this is literally nothing.
The entire folklore/evermore era is just so beautiful!!!!!!


You two just made me so happy. The girl has indeed grown up. Young Taylor was always undoubtedly great but being 15 years older than her, it took her latest two albums to win me over completely. You posting up Joni and Carole truly warmed my heart because Taylor is also a serious force to be reckoned with and her stuff will 100% pass the test of time. She's a lyrical genius.


I enjoying your reaction so much! Your opinion for the scenes and those metaphors is everything! Please do more Taylor reaction (especially red, folklore, evermore album) it’s incredible! Can’t wait! 🤩


Even years ago she had great music but those songs are not the ones you hear on the radio. She is a lyrical genius and has been since she was 12 or 13. She has also written many songs for other artists that became hits. Check out this live performance (& playing piano) of "All Too Well" at the 2014 Grammys: I'm an "old lady" who's been loving you old dudes reactions, and I just subscribed!


Also. Good catch on music saving her. This song is actually rumored to be a love song to her fans.... if you think of the context of the media shit storm she went through and the amount of 1st album fans who turned on her due to it. She came back with Reputation and she was bigger than ever. "And when I felt like I was an old cardigan.." when she thought everyone abandoned her "you put me on and said I was your favorite" she sold out an all stadium tour with Rep... she also says, "I knew you'd come back to me" because even when people didn't "like" her, you still heard her music everywhere and like you said, how can you not enjoy a fun pop song like shake it off? Literally. A genius. She is thanking us as fans for always loving her. ❤️


Taylor actually knows Joni, and sang at her induction to the rock and roll hall of fame!! She really is a classic artist and credits both of them as influences. Joni calls her a musical daughter! It's the best 👌


I agree with everyone!! You should react to Betty and August after this!! Taylor is a STORYTELLING MASTER. The layers and personal details she puts into her music, production, background, arrangements, visuals, and marketing? She is a genius. A quiet genius.


You interpreted this song very well and this was from the "Forest" album that you mentioned , Folklore . She also directed this video which shows how artistic and talented she is. Champagne Problem from the sister album Evermore is highly recommended, please.


please react to “champagne problems” by taylor swift. it’s one of her best songs


react to champagne problems


React to Exile ft. Bon Iver!


Please react to "All too well" by Taylor Swift! The 10- minute version, the film!


Please do more Taylor reaction!! I promise you guys won't regret if you dive right into her deepest songs and leave the pop-y ones for later on... Highly recommend the folklore + evermore album experiences (though i love all of them). As some said, she usually picks tracks that are catchy and commercial and radio friendly to be her singles, and that's why ppl tend to underestimate her talent. She's truly a genius at storytelling and her lyricism is impactful on most of her not-so-popular/not bop-y tracks


i would love for you guys to react to the singer aurora!!


You guys should check out willow. It starts with the last shot from this one and picks up where it left off to finish the story




PLEASE react to All too Well short film by Taylor Swift


You need to react to song called "willow" its like continuation of this music video


Please, you will really enjoy the whole album (folklore) and the next one (evermore)


Oh my gosh. I am moved again from your reaction. I am the guy from cologne. Let me add something
to your view. The team around her consists of Aaron Dessner, who did the production, the woman who did
the engeneering is fantastic too, and there is also Bryce Dessner who has arranged the strings. And precisely, they are so hidden in the whole soundpicture. This music


All too well (Taylor's version) is the best break up song ever written. I said it.


taylor reminds me so much of joni! have never heard anyone else make the comparison


Please react to her newly re-recorded song: All too well (10 minute version), the storytelling is incredible x


Yes, she has matured but this is not the first album she is being a songwriter on. The album where she became an unparalleled songwriter was speak now


FYI there’s a song taylor wrote in 2011/2012 about a female artist who gave up her fame that’s rumored to be about Joni Mitchell.

And you’re very perceptive! The theory that Taylor has pretty much confirmed is this video was a symbol of her going through the toughest time in her career in 2026 when she thought everything was over after petty drama, lies and rumors almost destroyed everything she’d built. In the opening scene she’s home and safe, with her music just writing, then fate appears and brings with it opportunity for fame and success beckons and she follows it into the world so evergreen representing her career at its peak. Once there she lingers for a bit, basking in the moment she’d waited her entire life for. Then fate reappears and she finds herself lost and drowning, feeling as if all hope is lost, when she spots her lifeline the music. The piano leads her back home to safety, and if you watch the continuation of this in the video for willow, it not only bri gs her home, but it brings her life partner.

The majority of Taylor’s music is this. It’s captivating, descriptive, and wonderful. The reason I personally dislike her album 1989 is because it’s filled with repetitive generic overproduced radio pop like shake it off. But it’s really the only album of hers that does, and it still has some good lyricism sewn throughout certain parts. I’ll give a list here of my favorite taylor songs based solely on her songwriting, in no particular order.

From speak now, Enchanted, last kiss, haunted, dear John.

From RED, All too well( her fan bases favorite song because her writing is top notch here, and she just released the original erosion which was 10 minutes long that she had to cut down for appropriate time constraints at the original release of the song in 2012) sad beautiful tragic, state of grace, the moment I knew., come back…be here.

From Reputation, getaway car, New Year’s Day, dancing with our hands tied, Dress.

From her debut album, cold as you, tied together with a smile, Mary’s song.

From 1989, out of the woods, wildest dreams, I know places, you are in love, blank space.

From lover, Cornelia street, afterglow, daylight, miss Americana and the heartbreak prince, Lover.

From folklore, Cardigan, Betty, the last great American dynasty, exile, epiphany, peace, hoax, the lakes, my tears ricochet.

From Evermore, (this one is hard for me to cut down because I genuinely think this album in whole is her best writing to date, and I’d suggest a play through of the entire thing) champagne problems, gold rush, tolerate it, happiness, it’s the damn season,Coney Island, Ivy, cowboy like me, evermore.


Please react to the All too Well short film it’s so good!


You guys absolutely have to react to the ten minute version of all too well


Go for the All Too Well 10 min version that just came out. Arguably her best song ever. Try it with the short film too!


Wait until you listen to Taylor’s Version of “All too well” . 10 minutes of a journey


More Taylor please!


Would love to see more Taylor Reactions, maybe to the All Too Well 10 minute version (and/or the accompanying short film!)


That one dislike is from Scooter rat


please react to RED (Taylor's Version) and the All too well 10 minutes version


Please reach to #alltoowell Taylor's Version


Taylor just dropped a (Taylor’s version) of her album Red. Should definitely give you a lot to react to. Should also listen to the rest of her Music.


Willow is the second part to this


Hi, I'll bet you'll gonna like "No body, No Crime" by Taylor Swift


This song is about her listeners and fans always coming back to her and being the reason why she keeps making music. "I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone's bed" being that the music industry and celebrity drama causing the public to discard her and defame her (the kim/kanye drama) then when she released new music "you put me on and said I was your favorite" being the listeners. Another good example of this metaphor is seen in Mirrorball where its about how she is still trying her best to give a show to her fans during the pandemmie.


This was such a nice reaction, can't wait for another one so.. More Taylor Swift please!!! (My songs suggestions are champagne problems, seven and the last great American dynasty)


I came for Taylor and stayed for two old dudes. More Taylor!!!


wait until you here champagne problems and Betty


Pls react to T Swift's No Body No Crime and exile


You should NOT be surprised. As a musician myself (rock guitarist in my mid 40s) I can tell you thatTaylor Swift is a fantastic musician and one of the best songwriters of all time. NOT because of her lyricism (as many say here) but because of her sense of melody and harmony. You should listen to her music BEFORE the 1989 album (which contained Shake It Off). Also, Shake It Off is atypical of the 1989 album, which is a Masterpiece. I implore you to listen to Story Of Us, Enchanted, State Of Grace, Red, Trouble, Wildest Dreams, How You Get The Girl, Getaway Car, Me, Lover, Christmas Tree Farm and Cardigan to get an impression of her melodic genius and versatility. Also listen to the City of Lover live show in Paris (on Youtube) and watch the three Acoustic numbers she plays (on guitar and piano). She is a class act.


Taylor recently performed at Carole King's inauguration ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


I don't know if you will react to whole album or not.. regardless I'm excited for it. All of the songs are similar to this song in this album..they are similar but not same..and lyricism is masterpiece.


And we will be waiting for your willow reaction then


Please react to betty and august so you can understand cardigan. Also, react to all too well, no body no crime, champagne problems, my tears ricochet, this is me trying.
And so many more hahahaha


definitely listen to more of her stuff!! most of the time the singles she releases and the songs that get popular aren’t even the best in the album. she’s got so many layers to her music❤️


My tears ricochet is the one about her „stolen“ records. 😊 very powerful 💪🏼




Her pop singles are more chart based or radio friendly but her albums (even the pop ones) are actually amazing!!


Ashnikko is an artist I’d be interested in y’all’s reaction to; some good ones from her IMO are Slumber Party, Daisy, and Panic Attacks in Paradise.


Can you guys react to lana del rey? My favorite album is “ultraviolence”.. i think itd be a great album review video bc the whole album is perfect lol




You should react Taylor more. We swifties like that


You should react to "Willow" Is like the continuatión of cárdigan


check out her music video for “willow” !!!


So interesting to see you two react to her song!! "Champagne Problems", "Marjorie", "It's time to go", and "My tears ricochet" are also great, great songs with such deep meaning but various possible interpretations!


Taylor's songwriting js honestly the best out there IMO, and she has a song for every emotion lol, and every album has their own personality and sound to it.


You should react more to her


Recomendations: Willow, Champagne Problems, No body no crime, Exile, Evermore


song of the year.


Please react to Willow! It's a song from the album (evermore) after the one cardigan is from (folklore). But the willow music video continues exactly where the cardigan music video lefts on.


Haha please more!!! “This is me trying” would be a nice try!!


WATCH WILLOW!! It’s a must after this.


You’re doing yourself a massive disservice if you don’t listen to this poetic lyricist/vocalist/etc ☺️💗✌🏼 Her POP HITS are not a representation of Ms. Swift.


In 6:05 they mention the chair where you keep music sheets, and I just realized, what if Taylor used that as a representation for her old masters? 🤔 it makes sense?


You should listen to folklore or evermore whole album not just the single cause swear to god it is amazing!




You need to listen to the others in the trio!!!! Betty and august


Honestly, Taylor's always been this deep, on every one of her albums there are songs this deep, but as she matures she's definitely honing her talent. She's amazingly talented.


we need more Taylor Swift content, i feel like you will like all the songs from Folklore and Evermore


You should react more to Taylor. Her last two albums are majestically written


On the topic of Carole king and Joni, Taylor helped induct Carole into the rock and roll hall of fame and called Carole the greatest songwriter of all time and Carole said if she’s around in a decade when Taylor is eligible, she’d love to induct her. Also Taylor was supposed to play Joni in a biopic but Joni, who by the way had never heard any of her music at this point, refused because she thought Taylor was just a girl with high cheekbones. I love Joni but I hated that she judged her without even listening to a single song.


Need some Harry styles!! Falling, Adore You, sign of the times, & lights up are some of my favs❤️


You should react to Betty and August as well (from the same album) to get full context of the story line


Kepp react to taylor please


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